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Discussion in 'General' started by EdwinTheMagnificent, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Okay , guys. I'm a slow learner , but I eventually do learn. After suffering a crash in 2009 in which I briefly lost consciousness and then being hit by a car in 2010 , I think I'm ready to start wearing a helmet. But here's my situation. When I ride , I ride far and HARD. I tend to sweat a lot on my head. The helmet designs I see are mostly like cages , appearing to be well-ventilated. I'm not sure that will work for me. I have mostly been wearing a baseball hat when I ride. Partly to keep the sun off my face , but mostly to keep the sweat out of my eyes. I need something that has ventilation AND some sort of absorbent band. I quite often will read user reviews on amazon before buying a product,but the ones I've read on bike helmets don't seem to mention this.
    Does anyone know which helmet offers these features ?
  2. abcdpeterson

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    My thoughts on helmets…

    I just purchased my 3rd new motorcycle helmet (I’m on my 2nd bicycle helmet). I only wear full-face motorcycle helmets. I shop for helmets like I shop for shoes; I would never buy one without trying it on. Go to a few cycle shops and try them on.

    I would recommend buying the best ventilated helmet you can that fits well and is comfortable. Although you won’t find much info on it, Sweat absorbents is something most helmet manufactures plan for. Helmet padding will fit across your forehead like a sweat band. I have sweated in my helmet and never had it run down into my eyes.

    I also wear jacked, pants, gloves and good shoes when riding. Obviously the more you wear the greater chance for sweat (mostly an issue when coming to a stop). I am willing to give up some comfort for increased personal safety. The better (comfortable and ventlated) the equipment will cost more. Be prepared, the better the equipment the higher the price.
  3. southerncannuck

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    For a bicycle I favor mountain bike helmets. They have a brim that works well for blocking the sun.
  4. lightfoot

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    You can just wear a sweatband under your helmet. That's what I do when bicycling in Guatemala. You'll probably have to adjust the fit a bit.
    I like Giro. They come in sizes, so I can get one big enough to fit my big fat head. Yes, try before you buy.
    I think you can get clip-on visors for them.
  5. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Thanks for all the good advice, gentlemen. I will go to my favorite bike shop (Koslow,in Lombard IL) and try some on.
  6. msirach

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    I wear one with a removable visor. I have tried several things such as different sweatbands, but I leak profusely. I keep a kitchen towel run through a slot in my handlebar tree to wipe the sweat.

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