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Discussion in 'Honda' started by tomster906, Apr 26, 2012.

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    Hello I am new to this site I bought a 03 hch-I in Aug of last year for $4,000 with 143,000 miles its white and 5 Speed. a couple of questions does anyone beat on their car and get more then 35 mpg is there a fuel filter, has anyone done a rear disk brake swap.

    there are many things i would like to do to my hch including building the engine and turboing it threw bismoto.
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    AATG is correct -- the clutch mod switch will work in the 2003-2004 model years of the MT HCH. I highly recommend that one. No other mods to the car need to be done in order to exceed 70mpg regularly if you are willing to work on your driving style and routes (longer is better than shorter), traffic (stop and go is TERRIBLE!), and vehicle condition (does it go into lean burn properly?) allow you to wring the max out of the vehicle.

    Where are you located? What is your typical driving like in terms of distance, terrain, and traffic?

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