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Discussion in 'Volkswagen' started by Apabob, Apr 17, 2012.

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    Cant help noticing that 99% of the vw specific threads are pretty much advertisments for the brand, all posted by the same person. If i want to look at that crap, ill go to volkswagens website.

    Heres a novel idea, maybe there could be some threads pertaining to the actual use of a VW in hypermileing?

    Maybe stuff bout VW specific maintenance and mods?

    I know, im just being stupid.
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    Re: And now, a message fro

    Well, problem is, there aren't many VW enthusiasts on the site. seftonm is our resident VW guru, but he's running a newer VW, so mods and such haven't been as much of a concern, I guess? It's mostly about technique. The only experience I have is tooling around on my friend's 03 New Beetle GLS with the 2.slow to help him with repairs, but that is all. You may be able to make this section your own though. Experiment, share your thought and experience, any failures and whatnot, and help build this section of the site for the next newbie. ;)

    We do press information as this is an informational site as well as a fuel saving site. If you look in every section, there's bound to be press info there as well. The difference between us and the VW site is we'll help you save money and gas. ;)
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  3. Apabob

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    Re: And now, a message fro

    Thanks, man. Guess im just a little disapointed. Youd think all the tree hugging hippies associated with VWs would be all over hypermileing.

    But then again, from what ive seen so far, folks on this site are a bit more the pocket protecter types. Myself included. And, lets face it, hippies aint too bright.
  4. seftonm

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    Re: And now, a message fro

    Yes, there are very few VW owners on this site. Most newer TDI owners seem happy with 35mpg and don't seek out ways to get better numbers.

    And yes, I haven't done a whole lot of fuel saving mods. I've done some other stuff to my car, which I try to keep track of in a blog at
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    Re: And now, a message fro

    its not an advertisement if you dont get paid for it :)
  6. xcel

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    Hi Apabob:

    You could check the US and World VW Media site, VWs Facebook page, follow their twitter feed and perform a daily Google search or you can read it here and usually first?

    Ever see a Passat with A/C driving the mountains of TN get 60 +? Read the review. Or you can read about 34 mpg combined of the Passat TDI on their consumer site. Ever seen the details on the laser welded side and top panels? Read the review. Ever see an almost 0 radius crease? Read about non-uniform door blanks that when machined as door skins do not need reinforcements at the handles like most others? Ever see the door seals up close and personal? Do you know the Chattanooga plant is a LEED Platinum certified plant, the only one in the world? You can read about some of this on Bloomberg, NY Times or WSJ only days to weeks later if ever. Did you know they recently hired another 800 for plant output expansion? Or you can read it in the LA Times, Chicago Tribune or Miami Herald but days later. Did you know the Fender Audi System is one of the best sounding audio systems in any car available today? You might be able to find some of this online or maybe not?

    Or you can check out all of their consumer and media sites on a daily basis, visit the Passat manufacturing facility on your own and send a number of E-Mails out to the engineers that designed it? VW provides tours and I highly recommend that all VW enthusiasts drive to Chattanooga to see what a World Class manufacturer VW truly is.

  7. I was so excited with our 2009 VW TDI that we filed a lemon law suit on it and got rid of it. Theres some real world feedback :)
  8. xcel

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    Hi James:

    You sure did douse that fire quickly.

    While we have not seen hide nor hair of Apabob in over 6-months, he probably missed the Passat TDI with a stick drive to find "Elvis" ... Ok it was a bit more involved than finding Elvis but most know where it went ;) And the Jetta Hybrid and Beetle Convertible first drive.

    He could have been such an asset :(

  9. Loved the engine and car, we had the wagon. And even The Agent could get 40 mpgs without trying too hard. But after spending over a month out of its first year and a half of life in for transmission related service, we had enough.

    Would have been fine if it were a MT, but she doesn't want a MT.

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