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Discussion in 'ScanGauge' started by EdwinTheMagnificent, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    I'm not real happy with my ScanGauge right now. After 225 miles of a 250 mile trip yesterday , the instant MPG started to read 9999 ALL the time , except during acceleration when it appeared to display correctly. The last 25 miles (separate trip) was on a road that should have netted about 48 MPG , but TRIP showed 409 MPG when I got home ! While I would love to believe that , I'm suspecting that My SGII has some issues.
    TRIP MPG for the day read 52.X. I also want to believe that, but it may be closer to 49-50.
    My question now is : how long is the warranty ? It was purchased last August , I think.
  2. Right Lane Cruiser

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    Sounds like your fuel cut-off level got set to something incorrect? I wouldn't be too upset -- try a reset and adding in your configurations again.
  3. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Thanks , Sean. I didn't drive yesterday , so I didn't look at the SG either. I will try it today.
  4. VietVet'67

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    Had put this on it's own separate thread but saw at the top 'ScanGauge Anything ScanGauge related is open for discussion here.

    I know that owners of the ScanGauge II love it - but couldn't it be even much more useful if a small change were made?

    I would venture to say most have 'Gauges' set to come on when you start up. Love the 'Gauges' and can't get enough of them. I own a 2005 FEH AWD there are only four slots on the gauges page now, and trying to figure out which gauge I will have on start-up each time is a conundrum. I have a suggestion I think that would make a great leap forward especially for Hybrid owners - that suggestion is have a second set of four gauges that could be anything, RPM, MPH, GPH, SOC, TBV (traction battery voltage) - - - either or both ICE or EV gauges.

    Really - how many times do you need or use the upper left button on the home screen 'Scan'? It takes up a lot but gives very little in return to be taking up a hard button where it could be a soft one under 'More'?. Why not copy the code for 'Gauges' over to that button and call it 'Gauges 1' and change 'Gauge' to 'Gauges 2' and move the 'Scan' function under 'More'? You could have one screen set up for ICE related gauges and the other for EV or both for ICE or EV. Re-program the 'Home' button to be a toggle between the two when you are on one of the 'Gauge' pages and if you really wanted to go 'Home' then hold it for two seconds or so to go to the 'Home' screen.

    To me the 'Scan' function is not a highly of a used feature and if you did need it - well it would be under 'More'.

    What do you think and if you like it do like me and go to the 'Contact Us' and choose 'Comments or Suggestions' under 'Subject' - maybe if enough ask for the change and told how it would really help and that the 'Scan' function would not be any trouble finding under 'More'

    Just a thought - Phillip
  5. VietVet'67

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    I purchased my 2005 FEH back in 2005 and have loved it ever since - even though there may be a others out there with ICEs that might rival it on MPG.
    Was a very active member of CleanMPG (and GreenHybrid when it first came online) from the start but got away for a couple of years. I had read the early post about the ScanGauge from its inception and knew I had to have one - but it took a long time to talk little wife into letting me get one.

    Found a big problem with the XGauges in that the codes online now do not apply to the '05 AWD - so I have been looking high and low for ones that will work and now have most of the ones that I would like to use.
    So if you are like me and have a '05 through I think '08 when they went to a touch screen, don't think that this thing doesn't work, don't despair, it just needs different coding. I will try and get a list of working codes for the major functions and put them in PDF and then post to here.

    (Just looked up at the number of post and it says 35 - more like 350)
  6. lwp

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    Phillip, I think you have some good ideas on the usefulness of more gauges being offered to be readily available at a push of a button. I too would like more gauges to be available at a glance so I emailed the folks at scangauge and suggested perhaps consider offering a unit with a larger screen to show several gauges at the same time. Maybe the same width but deep enough to show perhaps ten gauges or so. The service tech said she would pass the suggestion on to them. The only downside I can see to that other than a redesign is the size and the placing of the unit. Perhaps something similar to GPS type mounting??? Anyway, just a thought...
  7. xcel

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    Hi LWP:

    LinearLogic is not one to shy away from changes for SG-III and some of these will be incorporated within the next few years.

  8. pickler

    pickler Well-Known Member

    i noticed that my scangauge 2 gets better the more i drive my car with it. In the first couple months the consumption rates were all over the place. now its almost exactly right. 1-2% off maybe at most. Im having trouble beliving my engine load accuracy though. with about 1/3 throttle my load maxes out below 3000 rpm? not sure if that's correct because according to my BSFC map 80% load is about 150ft-lbs of torque. im sure im not getting that much torque at such small throttle.
  9. CRT1

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    Floor it and see if the car accelerates any faster. If not, then the LOD is right.

    At 3000 RPM and 100% LOD the engine needs 1/2 the air as it does at 6000 RPM and 100% LOD. Probably wide open throttle is only 70-80% to the floor or less, so 100% LOD at 3000 RPM is probably only 30-40% depressed.

    My Fit seems to be calibrated so all the action happens in the first 1-2 inches of travel.
  10. pickler

    pickler Well-Known Member

    you mean floor it holding the gear right? because sometimes when im accelerating off the line at slow-moderate (1/4 throttle) speed the LOD jumps to 99 and im like WTF? i have so much reserve power when this happens. even at say 2500-3000rpm. hmm half the air. i think at 6000rpm WOT my car's MAF sensor reports 260g/s. ill have to monitor maf at 2500rpm then and compare to lod.
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