Free lance writer "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful" gets flamed

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Chuck, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

  2. herm

    herm Well-Known Member

    I dont think that article is serious :)
  3. JusBringIt

    JusBringIt Be Inspired

    eh, I'm not one to judge...but she's about average...(only one person I know is above average :D)
  4. booferama

    booferama He who posts articles

    I'm flattered but taken. :)
  5. I clicked on one of those news articles about her hoping to see some hottie pics instead I barfed a little its not fair to tease with a title like that.
  6. ILAveo

    ILAveo Well-Known Member

    She is a woman who has trouble getting along with other women, but misunderstands why. The sense I got from her article is that she is needy and emotionally manipulative which people usually tolerate better in the opposite sex than in their own.

    Besides, there's no way she's as pretty as the average CMPG reader :) .
  7. FXSTi

    FXSTi Well-Known Member

    Have you ever met a woman who gets along with other women? Seriously, every woman will tell you that she gets along better with men than women.
  8. ILAveo

    ILAveo Well-Known Member

    Or at least that's what the women who are willing to talk to me tell me. :p.

    I used to live next door to a "Women's Studies" sociology prof, so I've met a bunches of 50ish women going to cronings a few times. A different group than what you're thinking of , I think.
  9. JusBringIt

    JusBringIt Be Inspired

    LMAO If I didn't know better I'd say you and the author should take a class together :D
  10. booferama

    booferama He who posts articles

    Well, I was being facetious. On a good day, I look like this: :Banane18:
  11. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Maybe so , but a good sense of humour and a good brain are very attractive to a man.
    And that's why I am Tina Fey's #1 stalker.

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