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Discussion in 'General' started by TheStepChild, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Anyone know where I could look to get a public charging station put in on my parking lot? Or to offer up my lot as available for one?

    I've got 3/4 acre parking lot, city streets on 3 sides with power lines and poles on all 3 streets.

    Wouldnt mind seeing a charging station show up. Then if I get an electric van or car down the road, I'm ready:cool:
  2. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    I will get back to you on that. I am going to be digging up some info for a proposal for college to install stations.
  3. herm

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    James, do you have solar panels or a donkey powered generator?.. donkey must only eat organic feed, none of that transgenetic stuff.
  4. One r v type solar panel on roof

    No farm animals.
  5. herm

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    how about a greyhound on a threadmill?
  6. EVuser

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    You need to define Public. Do you mean public as in someone else (usually taxpayers) pays for it or public as in you pay for it and let others us it?

    From my experience:
    For the first type there usually needs to be a need for it. As in a park and ride or large public use area. Sounds like you might have that. There also needs to be a alternative fuel interest. No active EV owners no need.

    The second type can get permits waived and pricing breaks via some city assistance around here. A few private/public EV charge stations were put in with owner cooperation but it was few and far between.

    When EV's weren't mainstream "you" knew who would let you charge at private locations.

    Let the local "planners" in your area know that you are interested, local differences are going to be large. Contact your closest EAA chapter, we are always working on this topic.

  7. Public, meaning similar to the one at the college in town - free use for a year, then you swipe your cc and pay for what you use.

    Don't really know much about them. Other than some nut came out screaming at me for pulling up to the charging station at the college to look at it.

    Edit, i'll check the link. Thanks.

    I want to keep this out of the city hall right now, until I do some research. City has harassed me on every step of buying a building, and especially this one.
  8. EVuser

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    Public around here is free, no strings attached from a user perspective. If the EV fits use it.:)

    I'll bet our City Hall building dept can out harass your's. Somethings CA just does better. ;)
    This isn't very updated but it gives you some idea. LPI AVC OC&Zoom=9

    EAA is your best bet for getting in contact with the right agency.

    When a fsp parks in a EV charging station spot it is call "icing" as in the spot has been ICED. Many of the charge location here in town are really sweet locations and usually empty. When it first came out Prius owners liked to ICE the spots. Somewhere in their mind they thought the car was electric. Seemed to stop with a few warning tickets.

    Hope you are able to put in charge station.
  9. Bump. Need to look into this now, over a year later.:eek:
  10. 08EscapeHybrid

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    I'll vouch for that. When I opened my business, California started harassing me because I had hired some FORMER California residents. California saw the SSN#'s being used, and they weren't receiving the payroll taxes, and assessing me for penalties because I wasn't paying the taxes. I'd get a letter in the mail, I'd call and explain. Person answering the phone would apologize, and say they'll "Take care of it", then a year later the same thing. Letter in the mail billing me for fees, penalties, and interest...

    After about 5 years of this I called and got this guy on the phone. Really trying to put the squeeze on me. I tried to explain that my business is in Virginia, and I don't employ any California residents... He didn't want to hear that. He then started yelling at me, and threatening to pull my business licence. I reminded him that I was not in California, but he kept at it. I finally told him he was welcome to fly to Richmond and try to pull my business licence. Never heard from them again.
  11. msirach

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    I'm in Charlottesville this weekend and was surprised to find only a couple of charge stations here and only one that I could have charged at if I was in the Volt. Charlottesville, VA was named a couple of years ago for having the most hybrid concentration per capita. They are really behind on the EV scene.
  12. CarlD

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    I remember back in '96 when the EV-1 came out most of the McDonald's in Phoenix had chargers installed, as did some other businesses. Four years later all the EV-1s were gone and they had to uninstall the chargers. Once bitten, twice shy perhaps the reason they don't have them now with all the EVs and PHEVs that are out.
  13. xcel

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    Hi All:

    A bit OT… With the charging rates from public charging what they are, they continue to be very uneconomical compared to a local gas station $4.00 per. Until these "rates' are brought into a economical range, what is the point? Free is great of course but $5 or more for a short charge is ridiculous. Most PHEV/BEV owners are savvy enough to skip those that make no sense and they should.

    Charging Station Rates Hinder the Electric Cars Potential

    Home charging or free from work if offered is the only method that makes sense in most cases right now.

  14. I found one station that charges, about 45 minutes away from me. $0.20/hr. Not too bad.
    So far almost all my charging has been at free stations. Only a few dollars of electricity from my house.

    Did verify the city is putting in 2 charge stations downtown sometime this year. So, the one free charge station in town rarely gets used by anyone but me and there are 2 more coming. I will enjoy, and use them to the fullest extent possible as long as I can. :D.
    Don't see a need to add another public station at my shop right now
  15. A couple steps closer to this happening.

    Finally got the electric company to verify I wouldn't need to buy them a transformer to put electric in my shop.
    Contacted a couple electricians for an estimate to put up the mast, meter socket, panel, and a 240 outlet.
    Should be an easy install. Where they want to drop the line from he pole is less than 10 ft from my building. Steel building and unfinished inside so, easy on the ground too.
  16. !!!!

    Electricity going in Thursday! Commercial rate plan, cheaper than my off peak TOU plan at home. Van will be heated down there all winter and Volt charged! All I need now is a fridge for beer and I can move in!
  17. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Don''t forget the high-speed Internet !
  18. DaveinOlyWA

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    Try SemaConnect. they are actively recruiting site hosts. they require more upfront but you collect all the revenue and they have a stellar track record for reliability and ease of use.

    If a "no money" option is desired there is also "adopt a charger" that is gaining steam here.
  19. xcel

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    Hi Dave:

    Good info and thanks!


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