Taking an Elantra out for a 2-day Cruze ;)

Discussion in 'Hyundai' started by xcel, Mar 24, 2012.

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    great review, wayne & chris would love to be there instead at this nuclear plant! i am on a 100 day outage almost half way through! wayne knows what im talking about! wayne, chris,what is your overall view of both vehicles?
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    I already made my choice last year - the Elantra. The Cruze Eco is a very competent car and for someone who has a lot of earnings on a GM Card, it's one of the best fuel efficient choices available in the bowtie showroom.

    What I find interesting is that you can get the Elantra Limited (heated leather seating, moonroof, boom-boom radio, etc) for about the same $$$ as a typically equipped Cruze Eco.
    2013 Elantra Limited, with floor mats and D&H - $21,815
    2012 Cruze Eco 6AT w/spare tire & conv pkg - $21,900
    Go for the Elantra GLS w/Preferred Pkg, floormats and D&H for $19,315 and you have an extra $2600 leftover.

    I find the ride is comparable between the two, and for seat comfort as hundreds of miles go by, the Elantra has the edge in my opinion.

    Drivers under six feet tall ignore this paragraph... One Cruze annoyance - for me - is that the front door apparently isn't as long as that of the Elantra. When the seat is all the way back (long legs), your shoulder rests against and is pushed inward by the B pillar. In the Elantra, the pillar is further back because the door is longer front to rear. It may seem like a small thing, but it gets to be a nuisance as the miles accumulate, and the blind spot it causes (your peripheral vision sees only the pillar) causes you to have to lean forward to do a simple shoulder-check.
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    chris, thanks i value your opinion very much! ill probably take my chances with a new sonata when i trade my van in! probably within the next year
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    Hi All:

    While this drive was completed long ago, the location we went through, namely Death Valley, is having some interesting additions to its rules. No pics in a National Park unless and only if its news or personal, no editorial or anything else.

    In addition there is even more stupidity going on as posted by Brenda Priddy earlier today.

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