Expected MPG for maxima?

Discussion in 'Nissan' started by Deep, Mar 18, 2012.

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    Hello everyone, I am very new to CleanMPG. I was wondering how many MPG I can get out of my 99 Maxima 5 SPD, 3.0L. I have not bough SG2 yet. Currently I am getting around 22 City and abt 28 Hwy.

    Anyone know good shifting points, RPM, or Speed, etc... to achieve the best MPG for Maxima?

    Thanks everyone
  2. SentraSE-R

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    Re: Expted MPG for maxima?

    In my experience, 30% above EPA estimates is pretty easily attainable with a manual transmission car. That would be about 27.3 mpg with your 21 mpg combined estimate for your Maxima. You can get an Ultra-gauge for ~1/2 the price of the SGII.

    Shifting at 2500 rpm and starting in the next gear at about 1500 rpm works for most of us with 4-bangers. IDK what's best w/the 6 cylinder Maxima.
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    Re: Expted MPG for maxima?

    Most cars will give about 20% better than HY EPA by just putting the cruise control at 62 mpg in pure hy driving-level hy.
    Usually I can get about 20-25% above city mpg by just pulsing up to the 35mph speed limit(which will carry you to 37mph)- lifting off the accel and putting it in N- gliding down to 28mph-maybe a 30 second 1/4 mile glide.
    Nissan makes good motors-should respond pretty well to P&G and slight increase in tire pressure-maybe 40 psi or so.

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