List of most dangerous US cities to drive in

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    [​IMG] The worst driving cities: (1) St. Louis, MO, (2) Dallas, TX, (3) Charleston, WV, (4) Houston, TX, (5) Billings, MT, (6) Providence, RI, (7) Columbia, SC, (8) Durham, NC, (9) Orlando, FL, (10)

    [FIMG=LEFT][/FIMG] Nicholas Hunt - MENSHEALTH - Feb 29, 2012

    Note three Texas cities in the worst list: Dallas, Houston, Austin. NYC and Boston are listed among the ten SAFEST cities. --Ed.

    When President Eisenhower funded our interstate highway system in 1956, Missouri became the first state to break ground. As a I result, one of the nation's oldest interstates, I-70, runs right through St. Louis. Now here's what's important about driving this stretch of I-70: There will be locals in the other lanes, which means you'd better pay attention or you'll be the next historical footnote.... [RM][/RM]
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    Does not seem very accurate. We live in Renton, WA, just outside of Seattle. We used to live in Boise, ID about two months ago.

    If you look at the list, Boise is 11th, while Seattle is 14th. WAY off. The margin of difference between the safety of the two is in actuality much more than that. Also, Portland, OR is listed as 18th. More dangerous than Seattle... Absolutely not. I have driven in all three of these areas, and Portland is by far safer than most of the places that are rated higher than it.
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    I heard this on the radio here in the DFW area the other day. They said it was mostly to do with the number of fatal accidents and # of people texting and driving. I'm wondering how you measure the # of people texting and driving. It can't be a very scientific sort of method.

    But, I don't disagree with the observation. I've called 911 a few times while on I-20 because of crazy stupid people. But, what do I know I'm the ONE guy driving the speed limit with a Ron Paul sticker in the window...
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    Amazing how Raleigh is 39th and Durham is 93rd. Separated by a thin line. No question, Durham is a little more dangerous in every way than Raleigh but both are pretty safe. No difference in laws.

    Now there is nothing particularly safe about driving in Charlotte, home of Nascar for a reason. Despite that it gets a 31st. And San Fran rated even better....

    Men's Health just makes these things up sometimes....
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    Portland, ME being on there is interesting. It's only problem, it seems to me are the short, shared entrance/exit ramps on I295. Other than that it's a simple grid system. Fortunately, though, I don't work there so I don't have to deal with it at the busiest periods.

    "List of most dangerous cities to drive in" really is a bad description since some accidents are more dangerous than others and it's just about chances of an accident.
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    There isn't a single source of safety, but it is interesting to note that on this list locations that have a good bit of snowy winter driving generally are safer than those that don't. It could be a case of highway designers planning bigger safety margins due to winter conditions or over confident drivers learning humility on slick roads.
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    Texas is "truck country". That makes it more dangerous to drive here - the same events are more deadly with bigger vehicles.

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