Ford Toureno Custom Concept Van

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  1. [​IMG]Could this be another future replacement for the Econolines in the US along with the Transit?

    [fimg=left][/fimg]James Davis - CleanMPG - March 10, 2012

    2013 Ford Toureno Concept Van.

    Previewing the introduction of a completely new range of people movers, with commercial vehicles to follow, the Tourneo Custom Concept showcases a dramatic new look that will appeal to customers seeking style, functionality and space.

    New Design

    The Tourneo Custom Concept is a dramatic new design direction for Ford's commercial vehicle range, which will be introduced later in 2012.

    With its streamlined appearance, the concept vehicle takes on the dynamic character of Ford’s Kinetic Design passenger cars.

    Ford’s signature Kinetic design features helps give the Tourneo Custom Concept its unique character, including the trapezoidal grille, muscular shoulder line, prominent wheel lips and window lines with the distinctive “kick” at the rear.

    The concept also incorporates a number of stylish details from the chrome grille surround and LED lighting up front, to the 18 in alloys.

    Luxurious car-like interior


    A car-like style to the personal use segment, the Tourneo Custom Concept features an all-new interior design.

    The instrument panel is orientated around the driver, and features technologies which are closely-related to those in Ford’s car range. Like the exterior, the interior follows the same Kinetic Design approach including the taut wing-like section of the upper instrument panel.

    Occupants in the rear are afforded space and luxury, with a fully-trimmed cabin.

    The rear seats themselves are a completely new design, which can be easily folded into multiple configurations, or removed completely. This enables the interior to be easily tailored to suit business or leisure pursuits.

    In the concept vehicle, the luxurious and spacious feel of the interior is further enhanced by an exclusive two-tone color scheme, featuring hand-stitched leather seats with attractive cloth inserts.

    Smart New Features

    The Tourneo Custom Concept shows that customers in the personal use market receive the same high levels of technology which are enjoyed by Ford car drivers.

    Among the smart, innovative features included on the concept are:
    • ECOnetic Technologies – Ford’s advanced low-CO2 features including Auto-Start-Stop and Smart Regenerative Charging.
    • SYNC voice-activated, in-car connectivity system – enables mobile phones and music players to be connected to the vehicle, and controlled using voice control.
    • Emergency Assistance – enabled by SYNC, this new feature is designed to assist occupants to contact the Emergency Services in the event of an accident, providing vehicle location information.
    • Advanced restraint system – including driver, passenger, side and side curtain airbags.
    • Rear-view camera – integrated into the rear view mirror.
    • Lane Departure Warning and Driver Alert – latest driver assistance features to alert the driver if the system detects the vehicle is inadvertently drifting out of the lane, or the driver is becoming tired behind the wheel.
    To ensure that this enhanced specification is complemented by outstanding performance and fuel economy, the concept is powered by a further improved 155 PS version of Ford’s 2.2L TDCi turbo diesel engine family.

    The Tourneo Custom Concept is based on a new Ford global platform which has been engineered to deliver car-like dynamics, including agile, responsive handling, enhanced ride comfort and reduced noise-levels.

    Next Generation of Ford Commercial Vehicles

    The debut of the Tourneo Custom Concept has added significance to a completely new generation of Ford commercial vehicles. The full range of models will be revealed throughout the rest of 2012.

    Kicking off this major series of introductions, the Tourneo Custom Concept one-ton van will be launched in Europe and other global markets, but will not be sold in North America.

    This new range will be powered by enhanced versions of the new 2.2L TDCi turbo diesel engine, which was initially introduced in 2011; with Auto-Start/Stop technology as standard equipment.

    Three power ratings will be available: 99HP, 123 HP and 153 HP. All versions are paired with a six speed manual transmission :cool: and feature front-wheel drive.

    The range will include a wide choice of body styles and two wheelbases (SWB and LWB) allowing for extra luggage or goods capability where required.

    Ford will be presenting larger and higher payload Transits later in 2012. These models will be sold globally, including North America, :woot: and will also feature rear-wheel-drive.

    I can't wait to hear more. Will the MT be available in the US? Along with a diesel option ;)

    Stephen Odell, chairman and CEO, Ford of Europe:
    2012 may be a great year to be in the market for a new van :Banane04:
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  2. herm

    herm Well-Known Member

    another variation on a box with 4 wheels :)
  3. I want to know why they can have one ton van with front wheel drive overseas, and has to be rear wheel drive here?

    Lighter ton?

    Less people tow?
  4. calculus

    calculus Member

    That luxurious car-like cabin in the picture looks identical to the cabin in my work van, Transit Connect 2011, and that is far from luxurious. Everything in the dash is made of hard plastic and all the panels feel very cheap. I have to say, though, that nothing rattles after a year and a half of hard use, so maybe it's quite well put together. :-/

    Ok, this is a concept, and if it enters production, I'm confident that they'll make it better...
  5. Good to hear.

    I was going to get a newer work van this year, but I'm holding out a little longer to see if Ford + Dodge come out with anything good.
  6. I saw a van that looked a lot like this today. Headlights were a bit rounder . Every stinking time I see one its going the opposite direction as me on I94 and I can't spot a name plate. Ugg.
  7. aca2983

    aca2983 Well-Known Member

    I thought I posted this before, but the above images are incorrect. The interior image is of the current Transit Connect. The Torneau and the TC are not related, and the Torneau interior is the current Ford design theme and looks similar to the Focus, Fiesta, new Escape, etc.
  8. image said it was a torneau. does look a bit narrow
  9. FSUspectra

    FSUspectra Practicing true conservatism!

    That image in the OP is for the Tourneo Connect, not the Custom. This is the interior of the Custom, according to The Motor Report

  10. Finally spotted one of these with a badge. Ford full size with a high roof and Windows all around. Front grille and lights didn't look as nice and 'classy' or 'smooth' as the UK version. Looked more like a us transit.
  11. 50 mpg by 2012

    50 mpg by 2012 Well-Known Member

    Any clue why FORD finds it necessary to develop unique configurations of roughly the same function for the US versus the rest of the world?

    It seems to me that this would simply significantly increase the DEVELOPMENT COSTS that must be amortized against the lower volume of the unique US product completely eliminating all opportunities for economies of scale associated with a worldwide design?

    Can anyone please explain?
  12. I'm still curious why no front wheel drive for the US full size versions. Is the one ton here a heavier duty or something?
    I was liking the looks of the UK version too. But the transit looks like casper the ghost ate too many marshmallows. Just doesn't do it for me.
  13. aca2983

    aca2983 Well-Known Member

    I thought this is what they're doing? Phasing out the Econoline and introducing the Transit. The Tournea is just a passenger version of the Transit.

  14. [​IMG]



    Score!!!!! Had the Agent with me and spotted a new full size transit with manufacturer plates. Diesel, with the DEF tank on pass side. Wonder if he hood pins are standard or optional
  15. Spotted this guy again, parked. Flipped a u turn and talked to him and looked around the van

    He says he is getting 38 mpg combined with 19,000 miles on the van. They are still fine tuning the DEF usage on it.

    He also told me the ranger I saw was a European version.
  16. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    Hole-eee-cow! 38 mpg in a commercial van!
  17. WriConsult

    WriConsult Super Moderator

    One aspect of this vehicle that I am sure will NOT make it to North America:
  18. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    James, that's a nice pic. For some reason, I pictured you as being a little taller and older.
  19. It's an old pic. Height is about right, just add a few pounds.

    Here's a today pic:

    I hear from a guy I know at Ford that this is either 9200 or 10320 gvwr. Door tag was removed. The driver didn't know engine size

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