Technical manual for the BMW ActiveE

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    Just uploaded the manual to the files section:

    282 pages of geek heaven :)

    Some notes:

    The battery is liquid cooled, divided into 3 parts, 32kWh capacity and weighs 1124lbs.. the standard gas tank normally used weighs 132lbs full.

    The motor is liquid cooled, and uses rare earth permanent magnets.. weighs 128lbs and replaces a 353lb ICE .. capable of 60kW of continuous power, 125kW and 184ft-lbs torque for a maximum of 30 seconds.

    The gas pedal is hinged on the bottom, and is used to control regen.. I believe the conventional friction brake pedal does not engage regen.
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    total weight of the battery is 1058lbs, 243lbs is the housing.

    The high voltage safety disconnect is in the trunk, on the right side near the 12V battery.

    Each battery has an overpressure safety vent.. expensive if you ever need to use it.

    Coolant level in the batteries is not measured directly. The Volt recently had issues with this.

    Maximum power for the AC compressor is 4500W, and it operates at 6750 rpm, the speed is infinitely variable. The electric heater is also 4500W. That AC compressor is very large, 1200W of cooling power can be diverted to the batteries.
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    I saw one of these plugged in at my work on Monday. I had no idea. The lease terms are in my price range too! I would have loved to have one instead of a CODA, but the 700 test vehicles are all spoken for :( .

    I read in a review somewhere (NYT?) that the plan is for the release model (2013, with just a few thousand and then many more in 2014) to have a smaller battery but a lighter carbon composite body (pricey, probably?) to get the same range. The review said they driver was getting around 100 miles with 10% left in the charge. Maybe I will hang onto my TDI a while longer. . . .
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    Just read from an article that BMW have recalled 162 of its 1-Series based ActiveE electric car. Some 2012 BMW Z4s are affected, as well. According to the automaker, the problem is about the “variations in electrical current” that could lead to a sudden loss of the power assistance within the steering system. If that were to happen, motorists could find it difficult to steer, which could precipitate a crash. BMW ActiveE recall
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    Edmunds tests the urban range of the ActiveE, rated at 94 and it gets 114.5 miles, Leaf 83 miles, Focus BEV 99.8 miles, Fit EV 101.2 miles and much more..

    Course is around the periphery of Orange County, no hwys and limited to 50mph in spots.. lots of stops and lights. The lap runs until there are 5 miles remaining in the range estimator, a test of the Leaf is handicapped by this since at that time there is still about 25% remaining capacity in the battery.. Nissan does not want to see you stranded waiting for a tow truck since they pay for it :)

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