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    Hello to Drive$mart Wisconsin members and friends,

    As we experience a little bit of winter this weekend, I see that our mild weather will be with us next week. As Ken and Wayne continue to install electric block heaters for our members, I think everyone else is experiencing the better than average winter fuel economy due to the mild weather. Let’s hope this trend continues as we embrace spring for real.

    Our last Meet at Andrew Toyota on Saturday Dec. 17th was a huge success. We had 43 members in attendance as they experienced the expertise of James Hahn and Steve Butcher of Andrew and got to see and test drive the new 2012 PriusV and Toyota Camry Hybrid. We all enjoyed our traditional Round Robin, great food and of course great questions and answers on Drive$mart and other transportation issues. We want to thank Steve and Andrew Toyota for their hospitality and enjoy the article by Charlie Rosenberg of the Milwaukee Examiner;

    Our unique group has been around for 7 years and during that time we all have gone through a lot of changes. With the help of the 6 members of our Planning Team, we have experienced growth, new educational opportunities, great outreach experiences and most important we’ve developed a community of members, very much like a family. As in all families, priorities and interests change and that’s the case with our Planning Team. Two of our Planning Team members have decided to devote their time to other interests which opens up the opportunity to our D$W membership to join our Planning Team. If you have enjoyed the Meets and other activities of our group, please drop me an email if you think you could help plan, organize and give direction to our D$W in the future because we could use your help. If you can give us a little of your time but more important your enthusiasm to spread the word about who and what Drive$mart Wisconsin is to the public.

    One last note, which will effect our D$W overall, is that I need to have knee revision surgery on my most recent knee replacement. Knee replacements should last 15-20 years and mine has prematurely failed at just 6 years, so it’s out with the old and in with the new. Because of my upcoming surgery and with our Planning Team in transition, all D$W activities such as Meets, the Milwaukee Auto Show, Earth Day events will be on hold until I’m able to recover and focus once again on our D$W. This may mean only 2 or 3 Meets for 2012, however I would still like to hold at least 1 or 2 Pump Your Ride to $avings events with several corporate sponsors in 2012.

    I’m sorry for that we’ll not be meeting for several months but there is a great alternative; our sister group, the Madison Hybrid Group. Our friends Eric Powers and Linda Weidemann would more than welcome your stopping by and participating in their Meets. For more details:

    I thank you for all your support, encouragement and participation over these 7 years and I now I appreciate your patience and anticipation for the year 2012. Please drop me an email if you would consider joining our D$W Planning Team and I plan on talking with you in April, if not before.

    Bradlee Fons
    Drive$mart Wisconsin

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