Earliest battery Recalibration?

Discussion in 'Honda Hybrids' started by RichXKU, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. RichXKU

    RichXKU Mr. Forced Regen

    When was the soonest anyone has seen IMA do a recalibration?
    A couple weeks ago I started out on a drive with the usual 6-7 bars (of 8 in the CRZ). After about 2 miles of low speed driving around town, I noticed regen, but the battery kept dropping. It finally stopped at 1 bar of battery (right before the hill climb out of town no less).
    I climbed the 3 mile hill and by the top I had 8/8 bars again. Over the next 5 miles it fell to 3 bars then finally stabilized at 7 again.
    Overall mileage for the trip wound up above average, but I've never seen this behavior before (or again). I have about 5000 miles.

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