My First 100 gallons

Discussion in 'Street and Performance Bikes' started by southerncannuck, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. southerncannuck

    southerncannuck Well-Known Member

    My Scooter broke the 100 gallon mark. All told, it took 2 ½ years, and covered 9657 miles for an average of 96.1 MPGs.

    At $4,300 it’s a fairly expensive scooter as far as scooters go, but I’ve never regretted the purchase. I first heard about this bike on this web site, so I figure Honda owes cleanmpg some thanks.

    The motorcycle sized wheels give it the handling of a full sized motorcycle, with a much lower weight, 300 lbs. The step thru is a practical place to put the purchases for the ride home, and has handled some rather large items such as bags of cement, soil, and the ever popular case of beer.


    A CVT further enhances the ease of operation, and combined with the 15.5 horsepower gives me speeds in excess of 60 mph.

    I have very few disappointments. It should have come with a more audible turn signal, and the tires wear quickly. The rear only lasted 7,500 miles.

    Otherwise, as Wiley E Coyote like to say, it make me feel like a super genius.
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  2. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

    ItsNotAboutTheMoney Super Moderator Staff Member

    How do the tires hold up?
  3. alvaro84

    alvaro84 Homura-chan's selfishness

    It's refreshing to see another motorcycle log which is updated in January (or, better, updated regularly). What kind of weather is there in FL now?

    Edit that rear tire must be very soft to wear off in 7500 miles on a 15hp scooter. Are these the factory tires? I have a rear that wears even faster (the first one lived 10250km~6370 mi, this second one should last a bit longer, exactly like yours), but it's on a 50hp 650 single. And I'll switch to something else as soon as I can feed the front with Teresa too. That'll take ~3 rears, it seems... the Metzeler Z6 pairs, on the other hand, wore evenly and could be replaced together. After 28000km (17.5k miles).

    edit. and I like the FE you get with the sh150!
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  4. southerncannuck

    southerncannuck Well-Known Member

    The rear lasted 7,500 miles and I'm projecting that the front will go about 12,000. On the other hand, they only cost $50.
  5. alvaro84

    alvaro84 Homura-chan's selfishness

    At least the price is good then.
  6. herm

    herm Well-Known Member

    I hear that a common procedures for these scooters is to illegally increase engine displacement from 50cc to 80cc.. and it can be done very quickly and cheaply without removing the engine from the scooter.. then you can cruise at 55mph :)

    Then you can get some biker tats!
  7. alvaro84

    alvaro84 Homura-chan's selfishness

    I think his scooter is 150cc already.
  8. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    I think Herm was trying to make a funny.
  9. alvaro84

    alvaro84 Homura-chan's selfishness

    It was almost a success :D
  10. herm

    herm Well-Known Member

    almost, thats a big scooter
  11. Harold

    Harold Well-Known Member

    Your not running high enough pressures in that rear tire, southerncannuck?
  12. southerncannuck

    southerncannuck Well-Known Member

    Harold, I run the factory spec numbers in the tires. It's kinda disappointing given the 298 lbs weight. Nevertheless, I enjoy the SH150I more than my other 2 bikes.


  13. Harold

    Harold Well-Known Member

    Hopefully the replacement will do better. It seams like all original tires for auto's as well as bikes are substandard. I think they make tires with softer compounds to help with the ride and feel of new machines? I new you would be running max pressures!!! H
  14. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    That is pretty low mileage...I got about 9500 on the factory rear on my Harley (replaced not because of wear but because of a razor blade!), though my front will be due for a replacement soon. Bummer, thought I'd get another 7k or so out of a front. Rule of thumb is you'll replace two rear tires for every front!
  15. alvaro84

    alvaro84 Homura-chan's selfishness

    I always bugger it up somehow. I replaced 1 rear for 1 front with the Metzelers and with this Heidenau it looks that the front can easily outlive this second rear :confused: :D
  16. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Southerncannuck:

    96 + mpg must make it feel like you are not paying anything at all during your local Florida rides! And you have the advantage of a full sunroof every time you head out too :D


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