Low & Slow's Ninja 250 project

Discussion in 'Street and Performance Bikes' started by low&slow, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. phoebeisis

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    Hey,I thought " they say it never rains in southern California"- or is Livermore up by San Francisco??

    Maybe 20-25 or more years ago one of the motorcycle mags used to run an economy run.
    Seems like Vetter might have been involved-BUT they rode VERY SLOWLY-I think.
    Maybe 30 mph or so- but there must have been some time limit. I think a little 125 Honda single usually won-about 105mpg or so.
    Maybe it was as far back as 1980 when the 1st-1973-and 2nd 1979- oil embargoes were still in our minds.
    The 2nd embargo-1979-was a HUGE deal-gasoline went from 35 cents to close to $1 in just a couple of months.Some places had gas lines-every other day fillups- it was an eye opener for the USA.
    All the muscle cars became instantly worthless(not that they were worth much since they averaged 8-10 years old- but even Corvettes went way down in price.
    In about 1985 oil PLUNGED in price-under $10/barrel after peaking at $30 barrel 5 years earlier.From 1979-1985 very economical cars RULED- Japanese cars went for 25% over MSRP(Honda Nissan Toyota mainly)
    Somehow over the next 16 years-until the 2nd Iraq war- we forgot all about those
    embargoes and how vulnerable we were to foreign energy.
    Good luck-curious to see if you can get 100 mpg at 60 mph.
  2. low&slow

    low&slow Well-Known Member

    During the rainy weather, I took advantage of some down time to do some work on the Ninja. I added some small "wings" to the windscreen/fairing and a right side mirror. I also spray painted my additions so it looks somewhat better. I went ahead and extended the tailsection to a full boattail and added sidepanels over the rear wheel. I still haven't done enough miles to merit a fillup but I will use the Ninja tomorrow to run some errands and may top it off to see how the new 15/41 sprocket combo is working.

    Next steps: smaller rear sprocket , possibly a 39 tooth and check with Craig about starting work on another Vetter tail.

    CHarlie, Those were Vetter sponsored Fuel economy competition in the 80s and they got as high 472 mpg. however the speed limit was 55mph and the winning bikes were tiny .
    Last week aws the 49ers' turn to choke. Oh well , maybe next year.
  3. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    I remember them getting maybe 125 mpg with a 125 Honda
    I suspect the moto mags didn't publish the "all out FE" results because no one would have been interested in buying a 50cc bike
    Had no idea anything got 400+mpg!

    I was happy to see the 49's lose-now we have some bragging rights if the Giants win,
    since we killed the Giants!! Cold comfort- but bettter than nothing!!
    Next Year!!
  4. low&slow

    low&slow Well-Known Member

    I filled up this afternoon after running some errands and the results are ....
    78.47 mpg ( 2.35 gal for 184.4 miles) So close to 80 mpg. The taller gearing is working great, still very good acceleration and I think some room to go taller. I have GreenJoe's 33 tooth rear sprocket but I think that might be too much, plus I would have to shorten my chain or get a new one. I may see if about testing Alan's 39T. I need to talk to Craig about getting the 3 rd Vetter tail. Things are looking up. :thumbup:
  5. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

  6. Right Lane Cruiser

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    Good progress -- I'm looking forward to updated photos. :)
  7. alvaro84

    alvaro84 Homura-chan's selfishness

    And your mileage log :)
  8. low&slow

    low&slow Well-Known Member

    Very close indeed, hopefully break into the 80's my next tankfill.

    Sean, I posted new pix of my Ninja in the Gallery. I'd post them here but I'm technically challenged.

    Alavaro, I also post on Ecomodders and Gassavers and keep fuel logs there. I could start one here if you guys would like.
    Thanks again for all the support and great suggestions.
    L&S, ( Vic )
  9. alvaro84

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    I see. I'll go have a look!
  10. Right Lane Cruiser

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    Here's your gallery in a window:


    The one in the middle is dated from the 9th and I can see the garbage can. :D
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    That link just shows me the forum home page.


    I think the easy way is to open a Photobucket account and upload images from you're hard drive to it. To share them on a forum, just mouse over the image. There will be a dropdown box. One of the options is an "image link". Click where it says image link and it will say "copied". Now you can paste that link into your text in a forum post and the image will appear when you post. The only downside is, that if you delete the photo from Photobucket it will be deleted from the forum also, leaving a dead link.

    Hope that helps,
  12. Right Lane Cruiser

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  13. low&slow

    low&slow Well-Known Member

    Kirk, thanks for the tutuorial! I always wondered how people posted the photo in the text body. I'll try it shortly and hopefully get pictures of modifications.
  14. Right Lane Cruiser

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  15. low&slow

    low&slow Well-Known Member

    I refilled the Ninja today and the results are .... 104.35 mpg!!!!!:D
    Needless to say , I'm very happy with this and am suprised that I was able to break the 100 mpg barrier so quickly. I was hoping for a tankfill in the 80mpg range and now this. I have mentioned in previous posts I was impressed with how easily the bike was running with the 15/41 sprocket combo and I was looking to bump it up some more. I thought I would need to do this to break into the 100mpg range. What a pleasant surprise.

    Thanks to you all for your support, advice and encouragement. It means a great to me and I truly appreciate it.
    Low&Slow ( Vic)
  16. alvaro84

    alvaro84 Homura-chan's selfishness

    What speed/style did this 100+ mpg need?
  17. low&slow

    low&slow Well-Known Member

    Hi Alvaro, this tankfill was a mix of city and freeway driving with two ~ 50 mile trips in the 194.1 miles traveled. On the freeways I cruise at 65 to 70 mph. I normally use DWL and DWB as my primary driivng techniques. The only EOC I do is cosasting the last ~300 meters to my home. There seems to a synergy between the aero mods and the taller gearing that is definitely working.
    all the best , L&S
  18. phoebeisis

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    Would never have guessed it could break 100 mpg- not with 60+ mph speeds!!
  19. alvaro84

    alvaro84 Homura-chan's selfishness

    Yeah, it was quick :)

    I'm a bit jealous, I can P&G with even the pulses never exceeding that 65-70 mph and cruising under 50 mph, coasting wherever I can yet I could never reach 100 mpg.

    OK, a Ninjette with proper gearing seems to be better at FE. Or I have to learn something I don't yet know.
  20. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Vic : Great job.

    Alvaro84 : I think BMW needs to make a 400cc FI version of your bike.

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