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Discussion in 'Fuel' started by GaryG, Dec 9, 2011.

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    About one week out of a few months, the supermarket I use offers a $50 Gas Card for $40 if you purchase $25 from them. I take advantage of it and sometimes get 3 $50 gas cards during that week. This time of year, many people get these gas cards for gifts. Well, today I stopped at a Hess station to use my $50 gas card, and it had a $0 balance. The station manager said this has happen three times to people in the last two weeks there.

    I went back to the supermarket thinking they didn't put $50 on the card, but the manager found the credit was processed and the card was used two times to buy gas. It appears someone is hacking the credit card numbers purchased and buying gas without the card. Another scam unfolds! Thanks to my gas log here, those purchases where proof they were not from me or my family. I'm calling Hess Corporate tomorrow and demand my $50 worth of gas.

  2. Good luck. I got scammed out of $100 with Mobil pre paid. Never use them again.

    I use Speedway pre paid A LOT with no issues in years of doing it
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    Gary, I know which store you're speaking about, and I get those same gas deals. Haven't had a bad one yet, although we don't have any Hess stations here, so I primarily buy Shell and BP (although the last BP station close to me changed to a Kangaroo, so I guessI won't be getting any more of those!)

    I don't understand how that can be... unless either the gas station clerk hand-keyed in the card number for someone, or the card you got had a duplicate that someone else bought and beat you to it? I can't think of any other way, but I don't know too much about these things. Hope you can work it out!

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