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  1. Read the book, and searched a little.

    If I'm understanding this right, calibrating it with the step-by-step listed at each fill up, is just for a more accurate distance till empty/range/etc readings?

    Next, I bought this mainly to use in the van, but winter is dead slow and i'll be using it in the truck for a few months too. So another fill up calibration question, I'm guessing I should enter in total fuel tank capacity of 149 gallons to get good idea of each trip and days use rather than entering in the factory tank size of 34 gallons?
  2. PaleMelanesian

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    Setting the tank size will only affect the distance and miles and gallons to empty readings. It has no effect on mpg and gallons used. Don't fret too much about this one.

    Calibrating is needed for accurate gallons used and mpg readings. It's close out of the box, but there are always variations. Sadly, it's often optimistic at first and has to be revised downward to calibrate. (that's mpg down, fuel offset up) On both my vehicles I just use a larger engine size to calibrate it instead. 1.8 vs my actual 1.6, and the Ody gets 3.7 vs actual 3.5.

    If you're swapping vehicles you should note the calibration before you move it, so when you swap it back you can go straight to the right numbers.

    You may or may not get good numbers from the Duramax. The SG and other OBD readers don't do very well with variable fuel-air mixes like on a diesel. There's just not enough information on the OBD stream to calculate it (air flow is reported, and fuel is back-calculated from that, assuming a "standard" fuel ratio). Some cases are better than others, though.
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    The SG's fuel consumption on the diesel is calculated in part from the LOD value reported by the ECU. In the old days, that worked alright, but it seems now that this doesn't work with newer engines. My LOD pretty much hovers between 60 and 80 the entire time. My guess is that the ECU is reporting LOD as a percentage of maximum output for that particular point in the engine map (certain EGR level, RPM, coolant temp, etc), and not LOD as a percentage of overall maximum engine output. EGR settings change drastically when my car does a regen and I see LOD drop to 40-50 instead of the usual 60-80.
  4. Ok, thanks both of you.

    I was planning on writing down where I have the calibration before switching vehicles so I wouldnt have to start from scrach each time.

    The Dmax trucks with steering wheel buttons can have a fuel used and mpg reading on the dash, and yea most report that it is a little optimistic. Mine didnt come with the buttons on the steering wheel. I wanted to add it, but was looking at $4-500 So I gave up.
    It'll be nice to have a fuel used reading on long trips, even if it is a little off.
  5. tried to calibrate it on the truck. filled the tank, drove 100 ish miles topped off again. Thought all was good. Hooked onto 6000+lbs. Haha said I was getting 20mpgs most of the trip. Once I unhooked it seemed back to normal for the 400+ mile ride home.

    I can see me ordering another and leaving it in the truck. Thanks, Just what I needed, more gauges in the truck :)
  6. Crap.

    Pulled the scan gauge out because I have a friends Toyota tacoma for a couple weeks and the check engine light was on.

    The Agent wanted to go out to dinner. After the 3rd time asking what the little black box was for I figured I better fess up.

    She hi-jacked it for the regal!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. PaleMelanesian

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    That sounds like WIN to me! Not all spouses are interested in such things.
  8. lxmike

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    And that a bad thing? Nooooo show her how to set it up and what the different gauges you have setup show. Find out what the regal is rated for mileage wise and see how she does, then start giving her tips.
  9. If she uses it and it helps, I'm happy. I've been, ever so politely, :) giving her tips to help mpgs for the 10 years we've been married.

    She's doing better, but maybe it'll help.

    At 2500 ish miles so far on her regal the Onstar ap on my phone says she's avg 26 mpg so far. I'll watch where it goes. Probably won't set it up and show her how to use it till this weekend.

    This tacoma isn't doing nearly as good as I'd hoped. SG showed 16.5 mpg for the same ride into Jackson,Michigan that I was getting 14/15 in the van. It's a 2000 4wd auto 4 cyl, regular cab. One of the CEL codes was o2 sensor, hasn't come back on in 50 miles or so. Only going to have this a couple weeks before I give it back. I'LL check tire psi today
  10. Yea, I'm going to have to buy one or two more of these. Get my mad money fund restocked first, tires drained that real good.

    Every truck I drove before I bought mine had buttons in the steering wheel. So I didnt realize it was an option when I picked my truck out. (they dealer traded for it from a couple hundred miles away) The buttons on the wheel get you info on the dash like fuel economy, fuel used, etc.

    I had bought a steering wheel with the button hoping to change mine, but then the dealer was talking a few hundred for a clock spring, and more $ to reprogram the computer to recognize it had the buttons now, forget it.

    Drove this trip this week:

    I left full of fuel, and didnt get any along the way. Looks like the scan gauge was pretty accurate for fuel used. But I didnt fill up yet. I loved having the cost per day and trip features too.

    Now I did notice that at some point in the trip the cost per tank switched from a positive number to a negative cost?!?! So I dont have something exactly right in the calabration yet...
  11. Anyone else have a scangauge that randomly resets? It was doing it with the cord plugged into the back port, so I remounted it to use the side port.
    Twice this week it has reset with the cord in the side port so Idk.

    By reset I mean I have to go thru the whole setup again, and its a bummer holding down the button to get to 149 gallon capacity.
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    Thread of my dumb questions about ScanGauge - Looks like the best place as to where this question should be posted.

    A question just because I am curious. Can you modify the preset gauge parameters? Has anyone used a provisional power supply to activate the ScanGauge II and then run a CAT5 to the computer and try to peak inside? Always wondering 'How does it do that'? Would it work just plugging in the second slot or would that be reading what is coming from the OBD? Well if it does then I guess there is software out there that will let me make seance out of what the computer is seeing.
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  13. I got another one too.

    Is the scangauge ICE OFF coasting friendly? I've noticed the dash on the xB will count mileage, but not change the FE reading while coasting. Havent put the Scan gauge in the xB yet.
  14. lxmike

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    when you set it up and get to fuel type set that to Hybrid and will continue to keep track when engine is off and key is on.
  15. Thanks for that.
  16. for the 99 van, What option do I want here?

    am I iso or vpw or cansf or kwp or pwm?

    I would like to add
    Trans Fluid Temperature (Exc Allison) 6C10F1221940(01) 046205190640 3008 00090005FFD8 TFT Degrees Fahrenheit

    and maybe another.

    Is there an easy how-to somewhere? tried search and got lost
  17. CarlD

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    Your 99 is more than likely VPW but you can make sure by hitting MORE> MORE> and seeing what it displays for the MODE.
  18. missed that reply, thanks.

    Also, thinking out loud here but if anyone knows:

    SG gets all its readings from ECM.

    van odometer & speedo are pretty close to accurate with 245/75/16.

    Just switched to 265/75/16 for winter and I know the speedo/odo will be off, as will MPG readings on SG.

    So, if I reprogram the ecm for the correct tire size the SG will be back to calibrated?

    Finally going to get off my wallet and buy the vin license so I can reprogram ecm in van. Hopefully this weekend.

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