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Discussion in 'Street and Performance Bikes' started by billy, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. billy

    billy Well-Known Member

    A few months ago I pulled the trigger and purchased a brand new Suzuki DR200 SE. I did this only after a very long, thorough study and evaluation that included many factors. Finally it was narrowed down to this Suzuki and the Honda CRF230L. I chose the Suzuki for 3 reasons: the fuel tank is MUCH larger (nearly 3.5 gallon tank), the compression ratio is 9.4 compared to 9.0 on the Honda, and the price was only $3480 instead of about $4800 for the Honda.

    Immediately I made one modification, and its the only one ive done so far. The stock sprocket tooth count is 15/45 front/rear. To get the cruise rpm's down a bit, I installed a 16 tooth front sprocket, it only cost $26 and I easily put it on myself. I did not have to put a link or modify the chain at all; just adjusted the chain tightening feature. In future, if desired, I can reduce revs even further by getting a smaller count rear sprocket.....

    After about 1400 miles I am truly enjoying the ride! I've been off-road (trails) and gravel roads several times, but mostly I do cruising on city and country roads. The bike handles so nicely and is a joy to drive! Even with no aftermarket exhaust, she seems to have plenty of acceleration right up to my 78 mph highest speed I have attempted. Of course, being such a lightweight small bike, it feels best between 28 and 50 mph.

    I have discovered, as Wayne cautioned, that these types of bikes don't coast real far compared to my Honda Insight. Also I used this motorcycle to take my 2 day safety course; that was very worthwhile I feel. Being brand new and all waxed & polished, I think some of the other class participants were a little jealous!

    Fuel economy has been great, and the speedo is right on according 2 my GPS. In normal country road cruising I am averaging 116.22 mpg. And 3 times I have done 40 mile runs where I really tried my very best to maximize, including head down, slow acceleration, short shifting, and just a bit of coasting. On these I averaged 173.54 mpg - - - - - and I tease the scooter guys, telling them I can beat their economy, and do it on a real dual-sport motorcycle!
  2. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Great to see you here again, Billy!!

    Sounds like you have another keeper, but that Insight sure is hard to beat for top numbers, isn't it? :D
  3. southerncannuck

    southerncannuck Well-Known Member

    “I tease the scooter guys, telling them I can beat their economy, and do it on a real dual-sport motorcycle!”

    Yes, but can you bring home a case of beer and a bag of ice without any bungies? Kidding aside enjoy your bike. It seems to be a great choice with incredible FUN potential.
  4. southerncannuck

    southerncannuck Well-Known Member

    Billy, could you please start a mileage log. Im interested in what the bike is capable of.
  5. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Darn it ! It looks like Suzuki no longer sells that bike here. Maybe dealers still have a few 2011 or even 2010 bikes sitting around. I am going to quietly check on this tomorrow.
  6. billy

    billy Well-Known Member

    ......This Suzuki model is not manufactured anymore....likely waiting for a new generation version with fuel injection and other electronic updates. Although mine was brand new when I bought it in June, it is a 2009 model. I would advise you to phone Suzuki of N American in Anaheim, CA, and inquire which dealers still have a brand new one on the sales floor....

    Hi SouthernCanuck..... Here in Eastern Washington state, the cold weather is coming on, so I will ride the machine occasionally but not often. Besides the numbers in my post, all i can add is that I just filled the tank yesterday. After several hill-climb runs, a couple of 20 mile trails, some gravel roads, and the rest city and country roads, I travelled 374 miles on this tank and it took 3.21 gals to fill it. I will keep a log starting in March when I am using the bike regularly. Kind of wish I was down in south Florida!
  7. beatr911

    beatr911 Tightwad

    Wow Billy, great numbers!
    Congratulations on riding a motorcycle and keep up the great riding! Motorcycles are the best way to commute and explore IMHO. Good choice on the DR200 as it appears to meet your power requirements.

    FYI Q-Link sells two well-made copies based on the DR200. One is a motard style, the other dual sport. Parts (iffen you need them) may be cheaper through Q-link. Also, the Q-link bikes may be the reason why the DR200 is no longer sold in the US.

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