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Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by k_redball92, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Alright guys, I've got some results. The first night, I drove 143 miles and I filled up with the same pumps when I started and when I returned. The conditions for driving were kind of miserable, pouring rain, I had to have lights on, windshield wipers going, strong crosswinds, cold weather, and driving in western PA can be hilly at times. Anyways, I figured I wouldn't get very good results considering the conditions, but I ended with 22.5 MPG!!!! I am VERY impressed that my MPGs improved that much. I am well over the EPA estimate and I'm very happy. I just cant wait to see what it can do in the daylight, with warmer weather and no rain and wind!!
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    Thanks for the instructions for creating that signature. Also, I did some more driving, 243 miles to be exact, and I ended up with a little lower MPG, but I was still pretty happy about it. I did have to drive a bit faster because I was late, and the winds and rains continues. I also had alot more city driving in this tank. I ended up 18.2, which is still pretty good considering all the conditions.
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    Sorry if I'm derailing your thread, but could someone explain to me why some logs are links and some are just images? Mine comes up as a link but K_Redball92's is and image.

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    Because some people have put a url tag around their image tag.
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    So they need it to look like this [u rl="http://www.clea"]http://www.c ng[/im g][/u rl] minus the extra spaces.

    I don't know how I got mine right, I'm a bit of a dummy about this stuff.

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    Awesome..I didnt realize I could link it to my summary page...all I did to get it right was insert image URL...then highlight the code it Create link...and then paste in the summary page URL
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    Redball we also need some pictures or it did not happen.. try to find a nice looking lady to pose with the car :)
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    Herm, pictures of what? lol...I dont have a scanguage, I just have the receipts and I fill the tank till full each time, and I also write down the mileage on the back of the receipt
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    I think it's just an excuse for this. ;)
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    haha that really would make it a hundred times better lol..I would ask my girlfriend, but she's annoyed with hypermilling already...darn..
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    my pos would make any chick 100x hotter
  13. Welcome man! So glad to finally see another Ranger almost identical to mine! Based off what I've read the only difference between our Rangers is you have the 4x4. It will be nice to have someone to compare/compete if you'd like. Looks like you are off to a great start. I haven't posted in a while mainly because I'd lost the incentive but I am still practicing the techniques every day. How many miles you got on that thing?
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    There are a few of us Ranger owners in the mix, including Wayne. I was chatting with my brother over the holiday - he has a 2003 Ranger Edge with the 3.0 and RWD. He can get some decent MPGs on the highway, but in stop-n-go traffic in the Atlanta area, he struggles with city FE. We drove around a bit doing some visiting over the holiday so he enjoyed seeing the data stream from the Ultragauge I got for Christmas. He thinks that he'll get one for his work commuting. I recommend that getting a Scangauge/Ultragauge is the way to go to learn more about your driving habits and how you Vulcans perform.

    Good luck!

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    Hey guys, sorry for not replying to this in a while, I've been pretty busy and I havent checked this lately...but yeah!! bassplyer, looks like our vehicles are very similar...The cold weather here has kept most of my MPG below 20, but back when the temps were above freezing I could get over 20 with 23 being my best. I cant wait till the summer when the temperature rise.
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    Welcome to the forums! We appreciate having you here!
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