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  1. There's a small nozzle that sprays during low boost, highway cruising. I picked up an instant 2-3 mpgs on my truck when I installed it. It's been on the truck for over 200,000 miles now.

    And yes, adds power too. My truck dynoed at 360hp at the wheels without meth, and
    462 with the water meth mixed at 50%
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    i imagine the torgue went way up too. i sooo want a Cummins down the road (to go camping and hauling track stuff - :) )
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    TheStepChild if you're putting on a lot of highway miles, have you thought about dropping to a higher gear set. I don't know what you have now but say you have 4.10's go to 3.73's and if you have 3.73's go to a set of 3.55's. You can score a used set for a few bucks out of a salvage yard. Also I know you don't want to hear it but limiting your highway speed to say 100kph or 61.2 mph will help greatly with your fuel mileage.

    You know speed kills fuel mileage quickly especially with larger boxy vehicles.
  4. 230 more tq

    Truck has 3.73. Would like to run 3.42 but probably won't change it.
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    Hi Authorunknown:
    You certainly can and that is what we attempt to teach here. Most HD P/U's are not loaded 100% of the time and when not, be gentle with them and they will pay you back by skipping the pump again and again and again. Load them up and they will still return excellent mileage.

    Here is my 23 mpg rated Ranger. When towing more than the truck weighs, it provided around 30 mpg. When unloaded, it was a lot higher ;)


    I have a story around here on a DOT study and forgive me if the details are not as accurate as they should be but I could not find it just now. Over a 20 mile commute, those driving 65 on the Interstate portion saved at most 3-minutes over those driving 55 mph. I remember the 3-minutes and the 10 mph differential but the rest may be off.

    Anyone that says they average 60 or 70 mph has a hole in the back of their garage as they came in way to hot!

    Adding to that discussion, when speaking of time being money, sitting at the gas station twice as often for a 30-gallon fill of diesel B is the biggest productivity waster I can think of.

    Great job when towing with the DuraMax at 27 mpgUS +!!! If only more would do the same, the world would be a much better place.

    Zeke38, keep that daily driver and continue to pull decent numbers from it. One of the best non-hybrids for telling OPEC to “screw themselves” that we have available here in the US. When you are ready to trade-up, the all-new 2012 Passat TDI is by far the best turbo diesel available in the US today.

    CleanMPG Previews the All-New 2012 VW Passat TDI

    While we had a very good time in the 09 Sportwagen TDI, the all-new 12 Passat is a big step up in FE, comfort, amenities (especially with that Fender system) and FE! I would be embarrassed to link the 07 Honda Civic Turbo Diesel review we drove as that car was ridiculously good!

    Regarding pretty unrealistic MPG number, what is unrealistic about it? Authorunknown achieved it and so could you. Unless you like spending more time and money at the pump…

    Running with a trailer at 65 + makes for one extremely unsafe scenario for you and those around you in a panic stop. Wal-Mart is teaching their Big Rig drivers the 7-second rule because once you add your perception and reaction time, 2-seconds is gone. Hauling a load down from 65 to 0 in a fully laydened P/U even if it is only 2,000 pounds in the bed and/or especially from a lightweight trailer is a sure way to take out the back seat of the minivan in front of you. Pray to god it does not have little ones in their car seats if it were to ever happen.

    Whenever I am towing, it is in the far right lane and between the PSL’s for many of the reasons above. Not only do impact energies climb at the square of the speed creating one hell of a hit if you do in fact hit something, you can be a rolling hazard yourself when “going with the flow”. Keep in the right hand lane like the Wal-Mart big rigs and you will not only save a ton of fuel but be a much safer driver in the process.

    A chance meeting while in the Super Duty with a Wal-Mart Tractor trailer rig at a rest stop in MO. Great guy too.​
    Zeke, hopefully you are well to do because an 18 mpgUS P/U driving 12K miles per year at $6 per is $4,000 USD/year or $333/month in fuel alone.

    That is after tax $’s you are talking about. In other words, $2.00/hour of your daily wage is spent just on the fuel for your truck. That can put a hurt on your retirement or social and recreational activities. If you have it, it is most certainly your right to use it but unfortunately the diesel B going into your truck is not yours. It is not ours either. On average, quite a bit of that $4 to $6 go to people that have killed fellow American’s in the past and continue to preach that they will do so again in the future.

    Why give them more $’s to do the same? Adding to the Carbon and Smog emissions sink called the air we breathe is not a healthy attitude either.

    The Bygone era is because older trucks emissions profiles are completely out of whack compared to the new trucks today. We are talking 10 to 100X’s the pollutants depending on the age of the truck and what “some” have done to them to bypass the OEM emissions equipment.

    The StepChild, possibly a large Dyno shop near you would have equipment to do that possibly. If not, they should know who to contact if they are a knowledgeable place of business.
    As Colin posted, that was not towing, just deadheading on a RT to a Midwest Automobile Media Association Meet and back (RT) here in Chicago. While towing the Fiesta and a few extra K’s of cargo in the bed with the EcoBoost from Atlanta, Georgia to Dearborn, it provided 26.5.

    Between the two, the EcoBoost would probably eek out a few more mpg’s towing up to probably 5,000 pounds and when dead heading. Once beyond 5,000 pounds, the Super Duty with the Power Stroke would run away from it.

    Here is the jist of the entire thread minus the nutty Prius lady of course…

    This is a well respected CleanMPG member and big rig driver who saw this guy idling away for "at least" 30-minutes while his own trailer was being loaded. The vid was taken in August in Westfield, MA. What a total waste :(


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    I think im gonna wait til the chevy cruze diesel comes out in 2013 to trade up as im pretty excited for that finally an american diesel car. And the zl1 comes out this spring and i kinda want a new toy first lol. And yes i know racing wastes fuel like parking lot ideling but its a hobby not something i do on a daily basis.
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    Hi Zeke38:

    Read the diesel story I wrote up last month. There are over 15 all-new turbo diesels headed to US shores by 2013 and the Cruze diesel is but one of the highlights. We cannot wait to do a FE World Record setting drive in that one as it is almost guaranteed to surprise!

    I still hold out hope for the Euro Civic and the 2.2L iDTEC but that wish has been dashed so many times I have lost faith in the big H to do the right thing wrt their fantastic European Super Diesel. There is talk in the Honda camp about a 1.5L turbo diesel and when it comes to engine efficiency for a given displacement (in cars, not trucks), nobody can touch the H.

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    sometimes i wish i had waited, but alas.... now if Hyundai comes over with the diesel wagon/sedan, i'm all over it and will have to work my butt off to get the wife's decision over to the dark side.
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    Hi 2RRNV:

    The 2013 Elantra refresh is going to provide even more FE from its SI-DI 1.8L mill (rumored of course) to best that of all but the 12 Passsat TDI, Prius and HCH-III on the highway and have a few more ponies to play with to boot. And it will surely arrive in a PZEV format just like the current MPFI 1.8L.

    I was invited out to Hyundai’s Tech campus this coming Friday for an NDA based presentation on their next gen ICE’s and platforms but have a flight to Inchon for some Kia work the following morning. A 600-mile RT drive plus the tech presentations on all of these new engines and platforms would be cutting it to close for the early flight the following morning.

    And as long as you do not idle your current or future ride for no apparent reason, all is good ;)

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    As Wayne wrote, the diesels are coming!

    Euro 6 goes into force in 2014 and manufacturers already selling cars that are ready for it. With Euro 6 the EU emissions levels will be the same or lower than the USA in all but NOx, and even on that the difference to Tier 2 Bin 5 has been reduced. I don't know whether the generosity of the NEDC test cycles will affect things, but if NOx is truly the only difference left it should mean either no or low-cost modifications to meet EPA standards. That would, hopefully, not only mean more diesels, but a lower diesel price premium.
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    I hope prices go down again. I got rear ended in the tdi and had to drive the truck for a few weeks and 2 115$ a tank per week was getting old compared to my usual one 50$ fill up with the tdi.
    Also the 2012 passat does not offer a manual trans correct? I like the dsg too just wondering
  12. Good luck with the DSG. We just filed a lemon law suit and got rid of our 2009 jetta tdi wagon with the dsg. That trans is a piece of crap
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    Passat can be had with a manual transmission.
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    Hi Zeke38:

    The 2012 Passat TDI can be purchased with a 6-speed stick and it is 10% taller geared than that DCT so if you consider one, oh boy are you going to like it. Especially if you have a family as that rear seat is really large! Not quite limo like but lots of leg room and very out of the ordinary for the D-segment class of automobiles. I should be careful here as it is not quite as wide as the Accord/Sonata but that rear leg room, its 31/43 mpgUS city/highway (6-speed MT only) and excellent ride and handling make it a true competitor in every sense. The only negative I can think of is the 2.0L still uses that darn belt drive to the valvetrain. And that the SE TDI costs $6K more than the base 12 Passat 2.5L S and it cannot be ordered with the Fender sound system (MT) IIRC.

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    well, about the only time it gets to idle is goin thru the base gate, and i time it fairly well, where i don't spend too much time waiting in line. sometimes, i'm the only one goin thru, so not much time at all. and then stop/lights. no choice about those. about the only thing that helps is the actual time i go to work. i've got a 5min window on certain days that will get me thru great, but if i'm outside that window, i'm screwed. regardless, i'll stick with elantra til i can tally up a financial plan with a different vehicle that betters than what i got now. doubt that'll happen. Elantra just flat out smokes!

    on a sidenote, are they gonna improve the HSH any more than it already is? we are really interested in a highway bruiser to possibly replace the minivan (in about 3-4 years)

    apologize for diverting the thread.....
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    Pretty young so familys a little ways off. I was consedering also getting a 10' tdi cup edition soley for the gli suspension. Yea i really dont wanna change that belt at 100k miles. it was a pain. I wasnt aware of any dsg problems. The thing shifts really quickly and tiptronics pretty neat feature.

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