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Discussion in 'In the News' started by Chuck, Nov 7, 2011.

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    Just saying pickups look good and some people get enjoyment from a "driving experience" I dont care if its 6.00 gal ill still pay to drive it unloaded where ever i please. What do you mean by bygone era? Some people need trucks. Probably will for a long time to come
  2. zeke38

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    Not sure about a dmax being greener but aparently their not that green

  3. msirach

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    Everyone has different priorities. In the past I drove fast cars, 4x4, trucks etc. With a 100 mile daily commute, I choose to spend about $2,000 or less in a fuel efficient car rather than $7000 driving 35,000 miles a year. I can have a lot of fun for the $5k savings. 80% of those miles is with only me in the car.

    In the past 2 months I have hauled over 6000 lbs of stone, 15 cubic yards of mulch and various other construction materials for a personal project. For that task, I have a 96 Mazda B4000 4x4 that is used for task specific purposes. Also, it is used for my commute in case of inclement weather. I work in a position that is necessary to get to work regardless of weather conditions.

    As previously stated, just remember where the majority of your fuel dollars go. It's not for stimulating the economy in the USA. :(
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    i know its not stimulating the usa but its what i like to do and theres no alternative to petroleum.
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    i agree and it's one of the reasons i love sportbikes and go to the track. can have some fun for next to nothing (compared to taking a regular sports car - i imagine i will get into those eventually when i can't throw a leg over a bike - :(:(:(:(:( ) and then get 50-60mpg on the street without even trying. i love having fun and nothing will change that mentally.

    for other folks...
    oh and i bought my car to save money. environment wasn't even in my top 10 reasons. it's just a side benefit. if a new prius would have been at the same level financially as the elantra, then i would have had that. but alas, Elantra met all my requirements and thensome. and hopefully, i'll drive it til it rusts away. (or one of my daughters thrashes it. LOL)

    anyways, sorry to sidejack, back to the normal threadFlaming. ;)
  6. I would like to get my tuned, modified duramax emission tested. Anyone know where I can get it done and how much it costs?
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    Come on man, 35 mpg in an ecoboost towing? Not ****in likely and if you can find ANY hd pickup getting the kind of mileage you posted, I'll buy one for everybody here.
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  8. FSUspectra

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    Remember, you're the one that came here looking to troll. The majority of us, as you have seen, think the Prius lady is wacko, and know she could have been better about it, and it may have been a more respectable conversation. And we've already mentioned, we're about "running what ya brung" for the best efficiency possible. We are an experienced and seasoned group, with different expertise. I know I don't know a lot about diesels, other than the ones I helped service on the fire apparatus at my former volunteer fire department.

    And here is an entire thread on the F-150 Ecoboost Challenge, for your perusing pleasure. http://www.cleanmpg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39079

    Thanks for playing.
  9. Chuck

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    What makes you and your buddies think you are any less of a clown than that screaming Prius woman? You came to have a "discussion" at a site who's values you hate? :biglol:

    You guys are done. Even if you can intellectually understand the concept of saving fuel, you have other issues as severe as that Prius woman that makes you act stupid.

    For instance, jake38 in post #99, pretends to be utterly clueless that long ideling in the parking lot and racing waste fuel, or that BiodieselDuramax trolling here while serving in Afghanistan is a disgrace to all in the armed forces. He goes on to say in post #102 he does not care if gas is $6.00 a gallon. Man, does he give a damn about when it was $4.00 a gallon in 2008?

    Six recessions since 1973, ALL of them preceded by a spike in the cost of oil. When you chart all post-WWII recessions by the length and extent of unemployment, this one easily is the worst. And jake38 doesn't care if the price at the pump is $6.00 - he burns it, then blames socialists when the economy tanks. He and his buddies are also clueless about supply and demand. Not saying oil prices are the only factor in a recession, but it can't be ignored like our guzzlerhead friends do.

    We have always needed trucks to haul stuff, but lately about one third of them are empty with not a spot of mud on their chrome jacked up - Tonka toys.

    Two days ago, I posted a video. Everybody piled on the Prius woman - the diesel truck driver largely got a pass, YET some truckers get really defensive and trolled here even though they were getting some sympathy here. Like that woman, they come back in the middle of the night to whine after the first round - what a man!
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  10. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

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    He didn't write 35mpg towing. He wrote 35mpg driving. He got 26.5mpg with the F150 loaded to 9klbs and towing the Fiesta. Read towards the end of the thread posted above.

    "Gay" cars. I find that both funny and sad. I'd bet there are gay marketing executives who particularly enjoy creating a masculine image that makes straight men pay a premium for products.

    You don't have to post here, but I'd hope you'd find the information on efficient driving techniques useful. There's plenty of savings out there available even if you don't want to give up any time to do it. Although biodiesel is an excellent fuel source, both because of reduced carcinogenic pollution and the energy-positive production from soy or canola, burning it still pollutes and there are still limitations on supply. Even for those running on B100, anything that increases efficiency is beneficial for both the environment and the economy.
  11. Hey wait a minute. Don't go banning all the diesel guys yet. I just found this place. I drive over 100,000 miles a year and would like to lurk for a while and see if I find anything good, maybe ask some stupid questions too. Once I start ticking everyone off, feel free to ban me.:smilingface (52):
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  12. Chuck

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    ^ When I embarrass myself, I have the sense to stop it.

    Sorry some n00bs don't have enough sense to, but we will continue to enjoy the entertainment.

    We have always had diesel heads here.

    Maybe a couple of the n00bs will have an honest discussion on turbo cool down, but it was hard while a few of the Tonka toy guys were trying to rationalize anything they did.
  13. booferama

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    Wait, there are gay cars? Talk about your tailpipe emissions. . .
  14. ALS

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    TheStepChild if you coming here to hang out and have a nice conversations with like minded people for the betterment of your fuel economy you'll have a great time here. If people come here to flame or troll we will get our dander up and be less civil than normal. That attitude comes with any board you join.
  15. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

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    More than that, as a rule the membership is supportive of diesels and are excited about the future arrival of the Cruze and the Mazdas with SkyActiv-D.

    I think if diesel-heads wanted to pick a fight over this they'd have been better off trolling the fanbois at PriusChat.
  16. Chuck

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    The irony of the sensitive "men" and their Tonka toys taking offence of that video while we were going after the Prius woman instead!
  17. wick1ert

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    Ha, that's funny right there. And there are indeed some of those there. I personally love my Prius, but that doesn't mean it's a perfect automobile. When people ask what I think of it, I give them an honest opinion and try to give why I feel that way. I tell them what I like and what I dislike. Although, the likes outnumber the dislikes but that's been true with almost every vehicle I owned. Otherwise, I wouldn't own it :)
  18. The amount of miles I put on, even a 1/2 a mpg better would put some $ back in my pocket quick. O T for this thread (i'll do an intro thread .later or something) but, I'm running a tune, intake, exhaust, try to keep it under 70mph, blah blah blah, and spraying water or water/meth in winter to help with mpgs. Just drove to Quebec and back, started with full fuel tanks and water tanks. Didn't top off the fuel yet, but I do know I burnt off about 30 + gallons of water on the trip. That's why I asked about emission testing, I'd like to see what the difference is in the exhaust running stock vs spraying water...
  19. Chuck

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  20. seftonm

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    What does spraying water do? My understanding is that it's mainly to lower intake temperature to make more power? Lower intake temperature generally isn't conducive to better mpg. Quite a few members are instead using a warm air intake setup to increase mpg. And I have read that blocking off the intercooler on a TDI in winter may help with fuel economy too. The flip side is, the intercooler will heat soak much faster under sustained heavy load, dropping power output after a while.

    A wild guess, but lowering intake temperature probably lowers combustion temperature. Which I think would mean less NOx but more particulates.

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