What's wrong with this picture?

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Chuck, Nov 7, 2011.

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    How was that ever in question? :biglol:
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    ^ We have plenty of commentary of corn-ethanol that benefits farmer, Archer-Daniels Midland and no one else.

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    I'm not even going to touch that subject, as I feel many here have preconceived notions of the agriculture industry which will not be easily swayed :rolleyes:

    However, like I said, how is that even relevant to the topic at hand?
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    Here in Washington DC - I come across plenty of rude, angry, and unpleasant people all the time. In fact, I can't seem to remember when civility was the norm. A recent insurance (State Farm) Study recently fingered the Washington DC Metro Area as having the most aggressive, rudest, and angriest drivers in the nation. I'm not sure if that's true but I don't believe that owning or driving a particular vehicle necessarily makes one dysfunctional or mean spirited. Here in the DC Metro Area over 2/3 of all vehicles are trucks/SUVs while less than 1/7 of all vehicles are alternative fuel or hybrids - so you wont hear or see anyone rant about pickup trucks here (even if they personally don't like them) - it would be just too overwhelming.

    I bought a Prius because I was impressed with how many helpful and kind people there were in the Prius online community. I knew that if I was to learn about new technologies and how to hypermile - I needed a supportive community behind the vehicle that I had purchased. I am happy to say that I have not been disappointed. I didn't buy a Prius to change the world (or others) - I bought a Prius to make a change for myself.

    I don't own or work on a Farm but if I did I probably would have a pickup truck.

    The choice of owning a vehicle is a personal one - but we all share the air we breath so I support upgrading the vehicle emissions standards to reduce air pollution. I remember how bad air pollution was in Washington DC before the Clean Air Act so I know its for the public good that we keep a lid on vehicle emissions which is the biggest known causes of childhood allergies and othe respiratory diseases. If the kid in the video does have allergies, the child should not be allowed to stick his head out of the window. it would habe been better for the child if the father had stepped out of the truck (to do the video) and kept the truck's windows/doors closed (so it would be easier for the AC to filter the air).
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    ^ so much for my attempt to reach out to the dieselheads.

    To answer your question, I injected ethanol for the same reason the woman ranted about ideling - not very sustainable.

    Biofuels is OK if it's not taking from a food crop like corn and uses another crop that either has more energy or not part of the food supply.
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    What temperatures are needed for a regen in these trucks? It's around 650C for the TDI.

    I believe it is calculated from fuel pressure, injector pulse width, and feedback from the cylinder pressure sensors.
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    Hey BiodieselDuramax,

    Post #14 has your autograph all over it >

    Go ahead and explain that one away.

    Are we the Taliban? Please fight them instead.

    We were not born yesterday.
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    Seems like you tried intimidation with verbiage from the beginning, but now that you've been called on it you're crying about being bullied.

    I sort of doubt the army story, but I guess I've known a few clerks like you who could dish it out but not take it. Most of the crying here is yours.
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    Eh, may as well just close this thread. The diesel boys are just here for the fireworks anyway, based on their thread.
  10. Chuck

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    I move to let them continue to embarrass themselves - they stand a chance of doing a one-up on the Prius woman in the video.
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    Chuck, after reading that thread over on dura max, that was one of those I can't believe they could get that many guys with such limited insight, maturity and intelligence in one place with out massive amounts of alcohol.
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    Hi All:

    BiodieselDuramax must have thought the internet was a place he could play while throwing around insults. And maybe he forgot how to be civil in somebody else’s house? In any case, he is banned here.

    Not at all as I can post the differences between Tier II/Bin 5 and Euro III/IV/V and VI if you really need it?
    Not sure if you have ever measured the fuel consumed during a DPF regen in a current gen 6.7L Power Stroke but I have. And on a number of occasions...
    In the US, if DEF does not flow after a very short period of time, you will be crawling home at idle. It is built into the emissions system as a prerequisite for EPA certification. And it is in use in far colder temps than -12 degrees F at this very moment. The heaters really do work fortunately.
    It is in g/mi and it is not a 30% reduction in FE. While we can debate about the European’s Euro V and VI targets for NOx and PM, the fact remains that diesels can now reach Tier II Bin V and with the upcoming Tier III standards, the manufacturers can now meet them without issue. At least that is what Lars Ullrich, the director of Marketing for Bosch Diesel Systems North America told me last month?

    2012 May Be the End of Mankind But 2013 Will Be the Year of the Diesel
    You may not know who we are and what we do here at CleanMPG? I drove this exact truck across the country from the Ford Super Duty Press Launch in AZ back to Chicago at close to 29 mpgUS on B20 I was mixing along the way. This was measured both by the OEM aFCD and from miles traveled/gallons consumed. We also take into account actual miles traveled vs. the OEM Odo’s because they are usually off a few percentage points. When the 6.7L Power Stroke was let loose locally, 35 mpgUS on a RT drive into and out of Chicago proper was the result in pretty lousy conditions. Cold and raining. On a 75 degree dry day, that monster is going to pop though 37.5 mpgUS like a hot knife through warm butter with someone that knows how to drive it. Many that you are reading replies from in this very thread qualify.

    2011 Ford Super Duty Press Launch

    The same can be said of the F-150’s aFCD. It was very near dead on as most of the mods you are speaking with in this very thread were along for a little jaunt in which we consumed just two and a sixth tanks to cross from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

    2011 Ford F150 EcoBoost Fuel Economy Adventure Challenge

    If you would like to learn more about Ford’s Super Duty and the 6.7L Power Stroke that makes it great, feel free to look over the many write-ups linked within the following thread:

    Ford’s Super Duty “Owns Work”

    And of course a little fun… What happens when you chain up the most fuel efficient HD Truck to the most fuel efficient car? I was fortunate to be able to drive the 4x4 monster for 2,000 miles in a single week in order that it be placed in the Chicago Press Fleet. The STI guys that drove this and over 25 others out were pulling < 20 mpgUS overall while dead heading and driving well beyond the PSL :ccry:

    And a few more I really enjoyed…

    My now passed pup loved the F-250 Super Duty :)

    Jill C., a good friend of many CleanMPG members at the MAMA
    meet in Oak Brook Terrace the day it provided 35 mpg.

    Taking the monster off-road for a few AZ high plateau pics.​

    I am not CDL licensed so I could not drive with the 25K load but drove the 10K load up and down the following “hill” of > 6% grade a number of times…

    An F-450 with 25K on the fifth wheel up a 6% grade and back down again.​

    $1.5 Million USD worth of brand new 2011 Ford Super Duty’s being marshaled by none other than Ford’s now retired Anne Marie Gattari.


    The Super Duty Press Launch may have been the most fun long lead I have ever been too!

    Not to diss the 6.6L DuraMAX, I have posted a few of its excellent achievements for that monster engine in the Silverado HD as well.

    All said, most here are on the same page with regards to HD diesels when used for what they are supposed to be used for. When it comes to a simple daily commuter or chipping for more HP/Torque/FE with the resultant massive increase in both NOx and especially PM however, our paths diverge.

    And back to the topic at hand. The lady Prius owner's ideas were FUBAR but she had her heart in the right place. An idling liquid fueled vehicle for any lengthy period of time is not good for anyone. It does not matter if its a CI or SI ICE, HEV or PHEV. Wasting fuel is wasting fuel no matter if its an ounce, gallon or a pipeline full of liquid gold.

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    -Done here. Tried having a decent conversation, and while I admit I got a little ahead of myself at some points, the majority of responses have been the stereotypical smug 'Prius' crowd. Not all of you have been this way, but as they say, a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch.

    Wayne, anyone who buys that truck for its true use simply cannot drive it as you did, you did a great job eeking out every last bit of efficiency, but put a load on that thing and the turbo starts working and it will start sucking the fuel. Even while dead heading, time is money.

    Cheers to those who attempted civilized conversation.

    To the rest:
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    BTW, one last tidbit:

    I've "hypermiled" my Duramax through city traffic, freeway driving, and mountain roads, 400+ miles round trip. All while towing a 2000lb load. Albeit a very light load relative to the tow vehicle, I still got 27mpg hand calculated. But then again, I'm just a dieselhead in an outdated truck...
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    This is just a case of not everybody likes the same thing. As you can tell XCEL is very passionate and involved with emissions and fuel econ. and from his posts appears to be a very smart person and i can understand thier view. I can only imagine the reception one of them would get on a diesel forum lol so im not surprised by their reaction to us joining them. Im not the greenest person in the world but building fast cars and trucks is my hobby. im not gonna knock anyone for driving a prius (although the ones that just sit in the left lane are pretty irritating) because it means theres more fuel which means its cheaper for me. If I wanna walk everywhere for the rest of my life thats my choice and if i wanna sit in a parking lot for 3 years idling i can. The beauty of the U.S.A. I love driving and feeling power its in my blood. but that dosent mean im a complete redneck retard who hates saving the enviorment. It has to happen. My dd is a 09 tdi and i love it. well until i get an itch for speed.
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    no offense but this is a pretty unrealistic mpg number unless that duramax got put in a halfton or s10.
  17. zeke38

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    See comments like this is what i expected. Look at other threads. a lot of us tune and rebuild are own stuff.
  18. authorunknown

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    Trust me, I know how unrealistic it is, better than you can believe I bet. I had to hand calc it 3 times. DIC said 28.3. You know the "eggshell" method everyone has talked about, made the drive suck and may have made a few people mad at lights, just wanted to see what I could do. Was it worth it? Absolutely not. Possible? On 245s with the right tune, yeup. That trailer doesn't affect my mileage much, just a double jet ski trailer, so hardly any wind/rolling resistance.
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    I suppose with an LB7 id believe it! lol
  20. authorunknown

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    lol LBZ actually. I still can't believe it, must've filled up with Jet A that day or something :woot:

    Believe me, I am usually one to call BS on people's mileage claims with a diesel, but this is just one drive when all the circumstances were perfect I guess. Or maybe I used quite a bit of wiper fluid that day lol.

    Regardless, that's what I got, and I'll never get it again. Not when I can drive safer with the flow of traffic and still manage 17-18 with that trailer.

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