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Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by Chuck, Apr 8, 2007.

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    Welcome PapaMile!

    We are a site to help drivers that want to go as farther on a tank of gas.

    We also address enviromental issues.

    Hope you enjoy CleanMPG!
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    Re: Wellcome PapaMile!

    Thank you, Thank you !:)

    Hello dear community. I'am a new and very proud owner of a Honda civic Hybrid 2007. I bought it at the beginning of march and I'am at my 3th tanks. I have learned so many things in a month, most coming from the Tarabell's article on this site. My average is not that good for the moment, however, I already have expericenced some ride at 50MPG, making me very happy. For me, this purchase is much more a message to the society than an economic decision. So, don't expect from me discussion about my wipers and defrosting mirrors, that does not interest me at all. But I might have some comments about other subjects from time to time.

    As I'am learning how to reduce fuel consumtion, I am fine tuning the type of message I am sending to everyone. I will read a few topics here before to start on that way.:rolleyes:

    This said, I am very happy to join your community and share all king of things with you.

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    you will get better real quick. Best of luck and congrats on joining this site.

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