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    Psy and his 06 Civic EX named “Papa’s Express”.

    [xfloat=right]http://www.cleanmpg.com/photos/data/546/Jeff_Townsley_-_07_Civic_5-speed_-_My_Ride.jpg[/xfloat]Jeff Townsley - CleanMPG.com - April 7, 2006

    Here I am with the Civic in rural Oklahoma. Maybe 20 miles from the house. Yep that is a small oil tank battery behind us.

    I purchased the Civic in December 2005 the Thursday before Christmas. I received a great deal at just $400 over invoice at the time given it was within weeks of the 8th gen Civics release. It’s not been as trouble free as I would have hoped for however.

    She is a 06 Civic EX Sedan, 5MT, w/ Navi. I made an engine belly pan for her to reduce Aero drag slightly. She now has an Infinity Bass Link in the trunk. I had the windows tinted with 3M cs 35% on the side and back windows. The strip across the top of the windshield is 20% 3M cs. The sun roof is 30% Huber Optics. I run varying degrees of warm are intake. Dead of winter I run a hose from the exhaust manifold area to the air filter box. Spring and fall I let it breath from under the hood. Come summer the OEM cool air intake goes back in. I run the tires at 50 psi. Also keep Mobil One 0w-20 or 5w-20 in it with Mobil oil filter or PureOne. It also has Mobil One 5w-20 in the gear box.

    I’ve driven this car from WOT to Hypermiling nirvana. It’s not as easy of a car to drive as I thought it would be. Like all Honda's. It would much rather float the tach around redline. It’s very comfortable up there and comes into its own. But … racking the tack isn't good for mpg. (Darn it ;)) With that in mind, I try to focus on its other attributes. The R-18 that powers this car is a work of industrial art. The semi Atkins style valve control is interesting. I refer to it as my cough back intake system. It has fairly good aerodynamic attributes. With those things going for it and the 5MT one can rip some pretty good mpg out of it.

    My daily grind can be seen at the following: Psy’s daily grind. As you can see it’s almost all hwy driving, which I prefer.

    The tools I use for getting the mpg up are mainly keeping the speed down. On a 65 mph Four or Two lane. hwy., I try and run 55 mph. On the turnpikes with speed limits at 70 to 75 mph I run around 60 mph. On surface streets in towns and city's, I stay at the speed limit or under. My target is 5 mph under the posted speed limit if possible. I coast the car a lot w/ engine off. I keep the engine off at stop lights. I try to keep my shift points between off idle to 2000k rpm. I don't P&G so to speak. But I do load drive a lot and use what I call bleeding the throttle off and on, which means very fine throttle control. I do some distance drafting as I am not a big fan of the close-in stuff. I am not a brake pedal rider but still drive like I have them. The brake pedal is there and I use it! Not as much as the so called normal drivers would however. I also ride ridge some. Mostly in the rain. I'm also a maintenance freak when it comes to my cars. I like them clean and in good shape!

    About my self:

    My name is Jeff Townsley. I’m 46 year old and live in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. I work for a company in Tulsa that sells, Boilers, Pumps and a lot of there support systems and parts. I'm inside sales, counter sales, tech support, start up and warranty.

    Over all I have had one hell of a good time in my life. I was raised in a home with pure love for automobiles and motorcycles. Motor sports were always in the home. I learned to drive at a very young age of 6 years old in a 1967 Fiat 850 Coupe. My father was a very good teacher. He taught me all he could. Including driving for MPG! I talk with him now days about MPG driving and he just laughs. He tells me he had to save gas, oil, tires and such so he could auto-cross, hill climb or rally on the weekends. After all, we were poor. After all, that’s why there were Fiat's and Corvair's in the drive way and not Porsche's and Ferrari's.

    I tend to look at driving for mpg more as a motor sport than a greenie thing. I'm not an environmentalist type at all. There is also the, “I'm tired of big oil and the Middle East” component. Does it save me a lot of money? Not really. Does it make my cars last longer? Not really. Can it be fun? You bet!



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