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Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by tigerhonaker, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. tigerhonaker

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    Well, someone has to be New here and it may as well be me.;)

    What am I looking for out of this Forum?:confused: Great Question.

    I guess in my case or situation it would be to add my Fellowship and Limited knowledge to CleanMPG. I personally really enjoy the Hybrid line of vehicles and like to read and write to others about them. It is (IMO) very interesting how the same size car can get, say 40 to 50 MPG and it's counter part may only really get, 30 to 40 MPG and yet the vehicles look identical. I also really like the fact that the (Most-Of-Them) Hybrids will run just fine on 87 Octane Fuel.

    I have a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid (HCH II) ordered and coming in (Fingers Crossed) by the end of this month. So I am looking forward to getting to drive it and see how well it does on FE.

    I have two Cats, Males, Max is the Ragdoll and then there is Tiger the Maine Coon. The other thing that I really enjoy is the Custom Home Theatre that is in our home.

    Well, thats it folks.:)

    BTW; I tried to input the person that referred me to this site, Tom Baleno and his name would not work. Also tried to Thomas Baleno and that did not work.Puzzled
  2. tbaleno

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    You have to enter the user name of that member. Aka. tbaleno (that would be me of course ;) )
  3. tigerhonaker

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    That figures, I didn't do that::mad: Only one I failed to try. Shucks !!!:rolleyes:

  4. Don

    Don Member

    You're my first post here, other than to introduce myself. Thanks for posting your pictures here. I saw it on the GH site, and thus here I am. How's the new ride? Best of luck,
  5. tigerhonaker

    tigerhonaker Platinum Contributor

    Hey Don;

    Did a Welcome to you over in the Introductions.
    Glad I'm your 1st Post here. I like being 1st. :cool:

    Here is my 1st impression as far as FE and the 1st drive from dealer to my home.

    "Click on Link Below for the Thread:"



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