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Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by Pawtuckett, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Pawtuckett

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    Hey everybody,

    I had my right rear tire fail on Friday (I was able to drive on it, but it's toast now; Part of the tread came off). So, since I have two other tires that are mostly dry rotted and ready to fail any day now, I'm just going to buy four new tires. I had another tire fail in the same position last month, but I think it was all just coincidental since the first failure was a nail hole that couldn't be plugged due to remaining tread and tire age.

    I've narrowed it down to the Kumho eco Solus HM KR22 and the Kumho ecowing KH30. My stock tire size is 175/65R14 and the eco Solus is available in that size, but the smallest size the ecowing comes in is 185/60R14.


    Will the wider tire bring down my FE? Does anyone have firsthand experience with either of these tires? I'm choosing between these tires vs. other LRR tires based on the price, so does anyone have any other recommendations for LRR tires that would be worth the increase in cost?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. CapriRacer

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    The difference in RR caused by the change in tire size is pretty small - and probably enough smaller than the difference between the 2 tires that it can ignored in your decision making.
  3. FSUspectra

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    Either one of those tires should fit your bill... the ecowings tend to be narrower in their tread widths across the board, so the 185 ecowing may be rather close to the 175 eco Solus. The Goodyear Fuel max tire is very highly praised here, so that should be one to consider as well, but for price point, you probably can't go wrong with either of the Kumhos
  4. Pawtuckett

    Pawtuckett Member

    Thanks guys.

    I special ordered the sco Solus HMs. Discount Tire is offering $100 prepaid visa card this Friday and Saturday for a set of four tires AND they'll price match :D

    We'll see how they do....
  5. xcel

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    Hi Pawtuckett:

    Any updates?

  6. F8L

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    I'm curious to see how these tires work out. None of them Priuschat members have used them yet and I'd like to see how they perform in the really world so I can add the info to my LRR tire thread.
  7. herm

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    Whats the link on that thread F8L?

    I like narrow over-inflated tires, less hydroplaning and less drag.. like a racing bicycle tire.. I'm a mild driver so I dont worry much about the lowered traction.
  8. F8L

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  9. F8L

    F8L Well-Known Member

    The Fuel Max tires are highly praised on Prius Chat as well. They have a high treadwear, low rolling resistance and they are pretty cheap. The Continental Contiprocontact are good as well. The super high treadwear on the Kumhos have me in a state of suspense. I want to hear real world reviews before I can recommend them. My last set of Kumhos were great until they developed flat spots. After 6 years I kind of expect something to go wrong. :)
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