EV Charging at Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois

Discussion in 'General' started by Ben_Nelson, Aug 28, 2011.

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    Hi everyone!

    I made it down to Chicago the other day to go check out Nissan's Leaf test drives.

    I heard a while back that there were EV Chargers at Soldier Field, but I really wasn't thinking about it. The Leaf test drives were at the Museum campus. The Field Museum the Aquarium, Planetarium, and Soldier Field are all right next to each other.

    Official parking signs for the Nissan Leaf event directed me to the Soldier Field parking ramp.

    After a couple of turns, right there, were four EV Charging Station parking spaces, complete with a wall mural, two double-chargers, and all the parking spaces painted green.

    I didn't have my Chargepoint card with me (as I was driving the gas vehicle, NOT the EV) but I would assume that the actual charging itself is free. They already got my $16 just for parking there, why pay extra for electric parking!?

    One the way back to my vehicle after the Leaf test drive, I shot a short video at the Soldier Field charging stations.

    See it at the link below.




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    do they allow ICE cars to park in those spots or do they tow them away?
  3. xcel

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    Hi Ben:

    Thank goodness they are there but how much did the institutions pay to have them installed? Chargepoint is expensive as hell and so is the Walgreen charging station announcements.

    As you and most everyone else did, you drove the gas car and there is the crux. They have to be cost effective (both the cars and the chargers) and they have to be available.

  4. herm

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