Kia Motors and CleanMPG unite for a Guinness record attempt

Discussion in 'In the News' started by msirach, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

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    Well, it sucks they deleted the post, but if it's mission accomplished I guess they want to do a big reveal.
  2. LadySpirit

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    Hi Guys: This is Wayne's mom. I talked to him yesterday when he got into the hotel. Both of the guys were absolutely exhausted because they drove all night. As you can see by the final video on Kia's site, they were really done in. He said they were scheduled to meet with Kia and Guiness the next day (Saturday) -- and that it would be a very hectic day. Guiness will want every "I" dotted and every "T" crossed. I suspect they are running ragged today. In addition, the computer he is using on the trip had some major problems and was hanging on by a thread. It may have bit the dust by now. Hang in there as I'm sure he'll give a final report just as soon as he is able. They were also scheduled for a full day with Kia on Sunday. He should be flying back home sometime on Monday. Hang in there, guys! :eek::)
  3. LadySpirit

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    Hi Guys: This is Wayne's mom again. I talked to Wayne to get some details. As I understand it, he said they are under an arm of silence by Kia until Guiness can verify all the documentation before any numbers can be revealed. Wayne and Chris believe they have a record. Guiness said it looks good, but until all the documentation, etc., has been reviewed, they cannot give out any final numbers. They even have to get all the pictures and videos in some kind of special order per the Guiness or Kia people's requirements. Wayne said they are working hard to get everything in order. Guiness was even with them this morning for the final tank fill so they could see exactly how the procedure was done, etc. The car was then taken over by Kia's handlers for clean-up and preparation for the press reveal either tomorrow, Sunday, or Monday(?). Right now, Wayne and Chris are in a mini-van headed for Alabama back to the plant where the next event is scheduled, which is the final numbers reveal, I hope. I asked him why the car was taken off the route map. He said Kia did that because they did not want anybody to know where the car was for fear of vandalism. You probably all know it is easy to zoom in on the satellite pictures to identify their location. In fact, I located them the other day when they were stopped at a McDonalds so I didn't interrupt them while they were driving. Amazing what the computers can do nowdays. He said both he and Chris enjoyed the trip immensely, that it is something we cannot even imagine. He said we will never be able to enjoy the beauty of such a trip when we're all just flying over this wonderful country of ours. Hang in there, guys, and be patient as Wayne and Chris will be back to you as soon as possible with more of their great story. :flag:
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    Thanks for the updates Mrs. Gerdes. I'm waiting, along with others, as patiently as I can. :woot:

    Bob Winger
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    Ouch! Bureaucratic red tape is interrupting a great story. I sure hope Wayne & Chris dotted enough i's and crossed enough ts!
  6. Gord

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    Thanks for update Wayne's mum
  7. KittyBoodles

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    Hey all, just confirming Wayne's mom's info. (This is Chris's wife for those who don't know me)


    Yes, the trip is over, and as for final numbers; we will all know more soon!
  8. ALS

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    Thanks for the updates ladies. :)
  9. Habs1

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    Just saw this on the Kia Motors Facebook page:

    "Our highly anticipated Guinness world record challenge, "The Optima Hybrid 48 US state drive", came to an end as the two drivers reached the last state, South Carolina. Did we set the Guinness world record? Let's wait for the final results, which will be announced on Septmeber 13th, at our Kia Georgia Manufacturing Plant. Meanwhile, please check out the detailed information of the drive at our Kia Optima drive."
  10. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

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    Incidentally, September 13th is also the reveal date for the Prius PHV. ;)
  11. Rokeby

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    Good point on the Prius PHV reveal.

    If KIA wants to be successful going head to head in the national media on that day,
    I'd guess that a record has been set. :woot:

    Pure speculation:
    I'm wondering if Wayne and Chris as free agents unattached to any particular car maker
    might not be driving a near identical route* with a different begin/end points in the near
    future in a brand spanking new Prius PHV. :D

    * would include the originally planned routing through New York and New England that
    was precluded this time around by the road closures dictated by TSs Irene and Lee.
  12. msirach

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    I doubt it. The PHV is not going to get the mpg that a regular prius will on a long trip due to the extra 200+ pounds of the batteries and beefed up equipment unless they can stop every 20 miles or so for 3 hours to charge.:D
  13. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

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    Or one could drive while the other rides behind it. :p
  14. DaveJ

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    Just saw this on the KIA facebook page....

    CONGRATULATIONS Wayne and Chris.....

    64.5 mpg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Welcome to the official Facebook home of the Kia Optima Hybrid 48-State Fuel Economy Drive!

    Congratulations to Kia Motors, Wayne Gerdes and Chris Bernius for setting a new Guinness World Record for fuel economy. Between the 26 August and 12 September 2011, the two elite fuel economy drivers guided a factory standard Kia Optima Hybrid 7,899 miles through all 48 mainland adjoining states of America and achieved 64.5mpg.

    Check out their daily blogs with photos and videos published throughout their three week drive, as well as the special event finish ceremony hosted at the state-of-the-art Kia manufacturing facility in West Point, Georgia.
  15. Habs1

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    Awesome!! Congratulations Wayne and Chris!!

  16. 2RR2NV

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    Wooot!!!!!!!!! Grats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. all_about_the_glide

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    That's bad ass execution in unforgiving conditions.
  18. ALS

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    Congratulations to Wayne and Chris on a job well done. :flag:
  19. KittyBoodles

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    :) Congrats!!
  20. Gord

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    Well done Wayne and Chris :Banane06:

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