A 20% More Fuel Efficient Dreamliner takes to the Skies

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    Hi Charlie:

    It was for sure. Something like $2k per RT ticket when i looked it up.

    From the front page story on the Dreamliner to Japan (June 2016 - Destination Japan on the Dramliner!), here are the Jet fuel economy stats for the trip back:

    It is great to be back on U.S. soil but I will miss Japan. A beautiful country and people.

    Here is the cockpit of the most efficient commercial jet in the sky. That being the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.


    The United Airlines crew stated the plane consumed ~ 110,000 lbs of fuel for the 5,450 mile flight between Narita-Tokyo (NRT) and Los Angeles Intl. (LAX). With a density of ~ 6.7 lb/gal, this equates to .33 mpg and with a compliment of 250 souls on board - max cap is 254, the MPGe per person comes to 83.0 mpg. Not bad for an average speed of 575 mph. ;)

    I spoke with one of the pilots on the way through cystoms and he said he loves flying the 787 over every other jet.

    His words:
    The humidification system and smooth ride at 39k+ ft. really do make for a great flight.

    Thanks for the ride United Airlines in your fantastic Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. It surely was a dream. Just wish I had a Boeing hat to highlight it properly! :)

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