July 22 , Vetter Challenge at Mid-Ohio Raceway

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    On 9 AM Friday morning, July 22, 2011: Vetter Fuel Economy Challengers will depart from the Mid- Ohio racetrack to see who can meet the Vetter goals of 100mpg at speeds of up to 70 mph into a 30 mph headwind with the ability to carry 4 bags of groceries while keeping up with the pace of the group.

    Craig asked me to post on the upcoming Vetter Challenge in Ohio: Craig Vetter, Alan Smith, Treven Baker and Fred Baker will be there as well as other superstar competitors with electric , diesel and gasoline powered motorcycles. Jack Macormick will be driving his diesel car along with the bikes. This gathering should be very interesting with the great variety of machines and the winner will be determined by the rider who meets the requirements above and does it at the lowest cost for the 110+ mile ride. I wish I could have made it out there but I will be rooting for my buddies Craig Vetter, Alan Smith, Treven Baker and Fred Hayes. Will the electric bikes be able to keep up and go the distance? Will the diesel bikes win again as occured in at the Carmel Vetter Challenge? While the gasoline bikes surprise with a breakout performance? We'll find oun on July 22.
    For more information on the event, the competitors and the efforts to achieve fuel independence from foreign oil check out Craig's website www.craigvetter.com
    all the best, Low& Slow
  2. xcel

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    Hi Low&Slow:

    If I can ride across the country at 100 + mpg, they should be able to do it as well. At least I hope they are riding vs. hauling their bikes out in a truck or towing a trailer with something we prefer not to even speak about if it is only carrying a few bikes?

  3. Right Lane Cruiser

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    It's the 70mph with a 30mph headwind bit that causes issues with achieving triple digit FE. :p
  4. xcel

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    Hi Sean:

    It is the 70-mph with a 30-mph side wind while crossing the country that causes issues with riding at all when a stalled wing is attached.

  5. Right Lane Cruiser

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    I hear you, Wayne -- just saying that they can get the mileage by just slowing down. You've already proven that.
  6. low&slow

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    Hi Wayne,
    As Sean said, its the Vetter Challenge conditions( relatively high speed, not getting passed, wind, and elevation changes ) that make achieving 100 mpg difficult. Craig's focus is to achieve higher efficiency in the machines rather than using driving techniques and reduced speed to up the fuel economy. Not to diminish your fabulous achievement of averaging 100 mpg on a cross-country trip, but what was the average speed? Speed and negative conditions are a part of the real world and the Vetter Challenge attempts to factor them into the competition.
    Some of the competitors are ridng their bikes to Mid-Ohio. Alan Smith rode this 250 Ninja from California to Virginia and then to Ohio for this event.
    I was wondering if you have ever conversed with Craig. It would be great if you , the grand master of hypermiling and Craig, a motorcycle designer/inventor legend put your talents together. Just a thought.
    Thank you, L&S
  7. low&slow

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    I just got Craig's email with the official results and they are :

    "#1 Max Perethian on his NX250 consumed $2.47... ($.0237 per mile) 152.88 mpg

    #2 Fred Hayes HDT Diesel consumed $2.68 in bio Diesel... ($.0257 per mile)
    143.53 mpg

    #3 Jack McCornack Diesel car consumed $3.14 Diesel... ($.0301 per mile) 127.38

    #4 Dale on Hayes HDT Diesel #2 consumed $3.23 in bio Diesel... ($.031 per mile)
    119.22 mpg

    #5 Alan Smith, 250 Ninja consumed $3.27 in pump gas... ($.0314 per mile) 115.9

    #6 Craig Vetter, Honda 250 scooter $3.57 in pump gas...($.0343 per mile) 109.57

    #7 Ted Visscher F650 GS consumed $5.30 in pump gas... ($.0509 per mile) 73.64

    #8 Tim Yow KLR 650 consumed $5.62 in pump gas... ($.0539 per mile) 69.57 mpg

    #9 Charly Perethian Honda CB400T twin consumed $8.59 in pump gas... ($.0824 per
    mile) 45.47 mpg

    The Electric Challenge:

    I never expected the electric bikes to complete the complete ride. All three
    electric bikes entered stopped and turned around at the first break, 38 miles
    into the ride where they recharged at an RV park. As far as I know, they all
    returned on their own power. "

    Pretty awesome ! Congratulations to Craig and all the Vetter Challenge competitors , they all did outstanding efforts.

    all the best L&S
  8. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Those numbers were achieved at 70mph??? :eek:

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