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Discussion in 'Ford Hybrids' started by SD3_Driver, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. SD3_Driver

    SD3_Driver Well-Known Member

    "Too soon junior".. unshedule 90 mile trip with a lot of hwy miles.. bye bye 800 mile tank... :(
  2. SentraSE-R

    SentraSE-R Pishtaco

    I'm surprised you keep your tire pressures so low. 50 mpg in the San Juan area traffic is very impressive!
  3. SD3_Driver

    SD3_Driver Well-Known Member

    Low??????? I keep em @38 PS I cause the roads down here are crap, and I paid $1500 to get a new front axel for the SRT4 running on 42psi... checked yesterday and were @37psi but I will go up to 40psi this week...:D:D:Banane37:
  4. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi SD3 Driver:

    The HCH-II is far better built than an SRT4. You are far more likely to pinch a tire and ruin a rim than ever break an axle.

    Welcome to the care free ways of owning a Honda ;)

  5. SD3_Driver

    SD3_Driver Well-Known Member

    Well, the axel broke because of wheel hop and all that stuff related to high torque engines... but the other pieces of the suspension were affected by the combo of bad, really bad road conditions and wheels high pSi. and also that it was design as a "sport" "hard" suspension, so with the road conds it was facing, it was a matter of time.... but everything is OK now and I'm having fun driving both :D
  6. SD3_Driver

    SD3_Driver Well-Known Member

    Another in 739 miles, 14.75 gals 50.10 mpgs... surprising, never went under 52mpgs as per the SGII but the final numbers were 2 mpgs under...
  7. SD3_Driver

    SD3_Driver Well-Known Member

    Hmmm, anyone having problems with keeping the tires PS I????? Last fill up was also a good time to get that PS I up to 40, but after only 14 days are down to 37 ( don't know if it makes a diff. but I did try nitrogen instead of an air compressor)... I did notice a difference so I knew something was not right and was surpirsed with that loss in two weeks. From a 57avg. the first week to about a 52 last week and the glides were a bit shorter than usual... checked for leaks and found none so I'm a bit confused :confused::confused:... oh, I forgot, the tires are Michelin Energy...
  8. lolder

    lolder Well-Known Member

  9. SD3_Driver

    SD3_Driver Well-Known Member

    Well, time to get those tires psi up again, up to 40 again and there were down to 31... maybe that nitrogen was not a good idea at all :( also checked the tread wear and all tires are @ 9/32 from oem 10/32 that means 1/32 loss for every 4,000 miles or 32,000 miles of tread life... i'm going for at least 50,000 miles...:)
  10. SD3_Driver

    SD3_Driver Well-Known Member

    Last tank was the first one over 800 miles (803) with less than 16 gals consumed for 50.7 mpgs. I was a bit surprised because I was getting 58-62 avg. mpgs per the scangaugeII and the tank ended 10 mpgs below.... seems like the scangauge is over reporting by almost 20% and car FCD by 7%...:mad::mad: at least got that 800 tank out of the way, now looking for 850 and 900...

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