Road Trip-CA NV UT CO WY us 50 nv, i 70 to estes park, stanley hotel

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    Road trip from home near Sacramento, CA to Estes Park, CO. :bananajump:The Solectria would take months and the rental car is very cheap (IMO) so the EV and HAH can wait at home with the house sitter.

    Any ride reports for US 50 across NV and I-70 in the UT/CO area. Will leave early tomorrow (7th) and estimate Estes Park about 2100 MDT on 8th. This won't be a 45-50 mph super hypermiling drive. But will take advantage of DWL up all the grades and downhill glides when ever possible. Tire pressure will be set at the best mpg mark and the AC will pulse off as much as temps allow.

    Hope there is a Sonata or Optima available. If so I'm expecting to do well above epa. I swear they have a SHM sweet spot for mpg vs time. Have returned above 40 mpg doing the above at psl, but not on this route. AC is going to be in big demand (family along) as the heat continues across the west. Route is going to cover about 2400 coming and going and whatever extra happens in the Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park, Estes Area.

    Will update as internet connection permit. No smart phone onboard. Could fly to Denver and drive from there but that isn't any fun. :p

  2. xcel

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    Hi EVuser:

    Highway 50 has been called "The Loneliest Road in America" for a reason. In my few miles on it and quite a few on US 6 across NV, you could park the car in the middle of the road and you "might" have to move it 30-minutes later ;)

    Please do take it easy out there and bring plenty of water and top off just in case.

    And enjoy the drive. I still have great memories of NV desolation and you are not going to get much further out than Hwy 50 :)

    A Transcontinental Cross-Country Challenge

    OR78 through the Oregon Desert.

    And a few of these ;)

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  3. EVuser

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    :(No Sonata or Optima available. My regular customer rep said they have sold/sent most of them back to the corporation to fill the dealer shortages. He hasn't seen one at Sacramento airport in a week or so.

    Have a new Malibu with 9800 miles. Will make do. Very crowded, glad I'm not in the back seat. But the XM radio is still active, will miss the Sonata's bluetooth link to the phone and music on the phone.

    I've got plenty of water. But the high desert temps (80-85) are going to be down right cold compared to the 100-104 we have had here since Saturday. I'll see if I can get a pic out there on the lonely road.

    Fueled up, SG2, and Navi are set.
  4. FSUspectra

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    Enjoy your trip, and be safe. Ooh, and we want pictures! (at least I do!) :D
  5. aaronl

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    I did a road trip from California to Colorado on US-50 and I-70 about a year ago. We did the US-50 stretch overnight and rarely saw other vehicles. There are a few towns along US-50, and some have 24 hour gas stations (in particular, I remember Ely, NV and Delta, UT).

    The stretch of I-70 through Utah is beautiful. When planning the trip, I would have preferred to avoid interstates entirely, but the scenery is so amazing that it's a great road to take.

    On the way back we took US-93, NV-375, and US-6 across Nevada. These seemed just as desolate as 50. One stretch had well over 100 miles between gas stations. We did the return trip by day and actually got to see the desert along these roads.
  6. EVuser

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    Returned early yesterday (7-14). Good trip and some fine hypermiling opportunities. US50 in NV is a very nice drive, smooth and scenic. Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park was beautiful and proved a real challenge to the ecotec.

    Will go through the gas log and see how I did and post a picture or two if I can figure out how to get them on the site. :flag:
  7. EVuser

    EVuser Well-Known Member

    Can't believe how busy I've been since getting home.

    Pictures are still sort of "stuck" in the camera. Bought a new Nikon and the files are so big they overwhelm my 10+ year old processor and usb 2.0. 32gb to sort through. I see some more of the kids inheritance getting spent. SD card is bigger than the free space on this drive.

    2011 Malibu, Budget rental, auto 6 spd, ac, working xm and not much in extras.

    MPG numbers based upon manual calculations and tank fill-ups to the same level as best I could do. WX was quite variable with many rain stretches. Brutal 10-20mph constant headwind on return across NV ruined my hope for a 550-600 mile tank. At 524.3 miles I put in 2.02 gallons in Fernley, NV fearing a "flame out" on I-80 prior to making my planned stop in Sparks. Tank is spec'd at 16.3 gallons, I put in 14.1 in Sparks and was filled full.
    Drove 2657 mi; overall mpg 35.418
    Best segment 172.8 mi@41.46 (Sparks to home)
    Worst segment 175 mi@25.14 (driving in Rocky Mountain National Park)
    Longest tank 507.4 mi with FCD showing 83 remaining, mpg 34.75 (Sparks NV to Delta, UT with a stop at Great Basin National Park and a drive up the mountain road to 10,000 feet)
    Herber City,Ut had the lowest price fuel @ $3.359, highest Delta,UT @ $3.629, average cost $3.559. Fuel was higher at home by 7 cents than when I left and in fairness to Delta it was $3.659 at SMF airport where I filled prior to returning the car but it was only1.1 gallons.

    The car made 3 trips over the Trail Ridge Road which tops out at 12183 feet. Traffic was heavy at times and the Ecotec when left to manage itself climbs at about 12-19 mpg at 35-45 mph. When manually keep it 6th gear and using WOT it mantained about 23-25 mpg on same grade and altitude. Getting into 6th requires about 45 mph but it would hold it lower once achieved. Engine didn't seem to lug at all and SG2 water temp reading remained unchanged. Much nicer sounding in 6th or 5th than the 3rd gear buzz bomb climb it would do in "D" auto.

    Had some fantastic fun downhill NICE opportunities. I think the longest coast was over 8 miles and many could have been better but for speed limits, curves and the need to brake for traffic.

    The car has a seriously impaired trunk when it comes to getting anything of size through the opening. Even my airline "carry-on" luggage didn't like to go in. Had to borrow a smaller cooler to make the trip and turn it on its side to get it in. Cargo weight for the trip was 175#, plus 2 adult passengers 92% of the time and 4 adults at the park 8%. I figure the mpg was about 5-6 mpg higher with + air pressure in the tires and moderate use of some hypermiling. Really liked the Hankook tires, very quiet.

    Will try to post a couple of pictures in the mountains.:flag:
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  8. xcel

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    Hi EVuser:

    Great overview of the current gen Malibu and it sounds as if you netted about 33 t o34 mpg from the old girl?

    Now about those pics ;)

  9. EVuser

    EVuser Well-Known Member

    Overall mpg was 35.418 and 35.378 mpg top off to top off on 2,617.0 miles at the same pump.

    As for the pictures. Work in progress. Way to many choices, so time to just do it. Will have to see if I can get one of my computers to process a file or two down in size. :eek:

    BTW the 2011 Mailbu rental was picked up at SMF and when all was said and done cost me $174.00 total for the 8 days. No wear on our Honda or fast food on the carpets. :) Gas came to $279.07.
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