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Discussion in 'Hyundai' started by schuylkill, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. svensmor

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    best round trip commute ever today 48.3 shattering the old record of 47.7.Caught 85% percent of the lights and had a sixth of a tank of fuel.have had the car for 2 months now and have yet to use the ac.I really wish i could have got this car without ac and cruise control.Both of these high mpg commutes have been the ones right before i fill up im thinking the weight of the fuel makes a the car only complaint are a few mor eye of a needle size paint bubbles have appeared but paints still under warranty and this will be remedied by dealer.
  2. strick3963

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    I have a question for anyone with an automatic. I've been shifting between D and N up to about 40 mph. I usually rev match if I'm around 30 mph or higher.

    Anyway, I do a lot of Interstate driving and am wanting to get better numbers at highway speeds. Do you guys shift in and out of Neutral on the Interstate and in what situations should I be doing it? Do you always need to rev match? I live inbetween Pittsburgh and Columbus on I-70, so I have some major hills, some rolling hills and some flat spots.
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    I shift between D and N on the highway on longer downhill sections of road where I want to gain a little speed. I will lose speed up the hill, down to the minimum speed limit and then will use N for gaining speed without throttle. The fuel cut in the Elantra is pretty aggressive, so it is useful for keep the speed under 55-60 on long or steep downhills, and you can experiment to see which (D with fuel cut or N) gets you to the bottom of the hill without exceeding the speed limit, or 60mph, whichever is lower. My best guess is that the rolling hills are best for NICE-on while the major hills will allow fuel cut (leave lever in D) to avoid gaining too much speed.

    On flat road, DWL is probably the best bet in an A/T car. I lock the gauge in at about 8-9% throttle position and hold it there. Depending on speed and wind, that returns anywhere from 44-58mpg steady state.

    I never rev match (the torque converter smooths out the transition), and it engages smoothly.
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    +1, been doing the same things and but no scangauge so just doing the best i can. my problem is i have too much city driving and USAF base driving that just kills my mileage. I'm getting better on base and not losing as much, but still.

    I never rev match. this tranny shift like butta!! soo smooth don't even notice it half the time. i just wish i had a gauge to see how fast the fuel cut comes on in D and how quick it goes out. there's time when i'll pop it back into D, watch the revs hit around 2k, nothing happens... coasting almost as fast as when in "N". and then, to keep it above 1500rpms, i'l manually shift down. don't know if that is really helping since i only have 2 maybe 3 spots i can do that on my commute. of course, i'm still learning. and hoping that Santa gives me a gauge of SOME type. :)
  5. strick3963

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    Thanks for the responses guys!

    Maxx, I just got an Ultraguage and I notice that when in N it goes to 116 to 125 mpg and when coasting in D on the same stretch, I can only get 67 to 74 mpg. Therefore, I've been trying to get it in N as fast as possible.

    The only time I switched to N on the Interstate was when getting off an Offramp shifting at around 50 mph. The engine made a slight noise to drop rpms and I was just unsure if I was doin any damage to the engine or tranny. Thanks for the reassurance that it isn't doing anything.

    My commute is a city part of I70 where the speed limit is 55, so I can use TPS and try to keep it under 10%.

    One question on calibrating the Ultraguage. I only have a few 2 to 3 miles straight roads to calibrate, do I just use the Elantra's odometer to set or do I need to go by the milemarkers?
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  6. FSUspectra

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    The odometer in the Elantras are usually off by a few percent, and mile markers can be notoriously inaccurate. I would drive a route drawn by Google maps or similar and use the calculated mileage on that route to calibrate. Or if you have a GPS unit that can tell you miles driven, that should work as well.
  7. strick3963

    strick3963 Active Member

    Thanks, Brandon. I can get access to a GPS unit, so that should do the trick.
  8. SentraSE-R

    SentraSE-R Pishtaco

    I've used high speed AT P&G (coasting NICE-on) to some benefit. I pulse to 60-65 mph and coast to 50 mph, traffic permitting. To re-engage the transmission, I shift to D, watch the rpms match to 2500, and drop to 2000-2200 rpm. Then I accelerate on the next pulse. Last Spring, I rented an AT Kia Rio and averaged 43.7 mpg with it over 3600 miles with 3 people & our luggage. I'd have averaged 45 mpg if not for 2 days fighting 45 mph crosswinds in SD. My last 2 tanks were both >49 mpg.
  9. schuylkill

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    Haven't chimed in for awhile, not much to say. My mpg's are down and I assume it's the lower temperatures. I'm trying out Toyota's synthetic oil and the start up is quieter in colder temps. Since the accident my trunk light is coming on intermittently when I open with the FOB, I think it is always working when opened from the cabin but not sure. I need to take it back to the shop because I must slam the lid to close it now (since the accident), a simple adjustment they say... annoying. So I'll mention that when I go and see if they will check it out or if they want me to take it to the dealer. I really like the electric steering. The trunk's access opening is limiting, I really prefer a hatch, would have liked to try a Prius but the price was right on the stick Elantra. It's a nice cruiser for my commute, glad that I tried it so far, hope it holds up now that it was rear ended. I really appreciate how it took the impact, REALLY appreciate it, that could have been nasty. Happy New Year to everyone, I'm enjoying the week off from work and mostly putzing around the house, doing some reading and watching old movies.
  10. Right Lane Cruiser

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    How much down is your mileage? I assume you've had the alignment checked?

    Here's hoping you have the car back to completely "as new" condition soon!
  11. schuylkill

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    I paid $80 for an alignment after the accident so I assume it was done correctly, I haven't noticed a handling problem and the tire wear seems okay so far. I was around 47.5 mpg in the summer and now I'm probably around 42.5 mpg though I haven't done any exact calculations. The trip to work this morning the start up temp was 9 deg., I stopped for a fill and my mpg was close to 38 mpg, haven't entered the tank yet. There was some wind but I don't know speed or direction. When I first got the car back after the accident I was thinking something wasn't right because of the mpg I was getting but then the temp went into the 50s and I was up to 48 mpg commutes, hitting low 50s at times. So I think it is the temperature.

    What is considered an average hit for winter in the northeast?
  12. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    That looks about right for the temps. I'm not sure what the average hit is but you can spot check the daily grind threads for some idea, and take a look at tank averages in graphs for more. My mileage tends to vary by a pretty large margin simply because I ride the bleeding edge of what is possible during warm months and winter takes a big chunk out of that due mostly to rolling resistance.

    Have a look below:



    The Elantra graph has lots of pre-hypermiler data in it but I've driven it very little over the last few years (since I got the Insight).
  13. PaleMelanesian

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    Take a look at my graph, especially the last three years - red, yellow and blue. Before that I was still learning. January hurts the worst, being the coldest month.

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