Hyundai/Kia almost outsell Toyota! Kia May Sales up An Awe Inspiring 53.4%

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    [​IMG] Best % increase of all manufacturers selling automobiles in the US!

    [fimg=left][/fimg]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - June 1, 2011

    Kia RIO hatch – This 1.6L GDI equipped hatch is going to pull monster EPA numbers (> 40 mpg highway) once released and you can bet it will add to Kia’s overall sales and production figures going forward mightily.

    Kia’s outstanding growth trend continued in May with the marque posting its best-ever monthly sales of 48,212 units – a 53.4-percent increase over May 2010, and a 2.4-percent increase over the previous record set last month. Kia’s year-to-date sales are up 44.8 percent over 2010, while the brand's U.S. market share climbed to an all-time high on the strength of May sales. The U.S. built Sorento was Kia's best-selling vehicle for the 17th consecutive month. Demand for the popular Soul urban passenger vehicle remained high in May, exceeding its previous best-ever sales total with 11,157 units sold.

    Byung Mo Ahn, Group President and CEO of KMA and Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia:
    Kia May Sales Highlights

    ModelMay-11May-10DSR % changeMay-11 YTDMay-10 YTDYTD DSR %


    The daily selling rate (DSR) is calculated with 24 days for May 2011 and 26 days for 2010. Year-to-date, the DSR is calculated with 126 days for 2011 and 2010. All percentages reflect DSR.​

    I wish I had this posted earlier as the sales results are almost unbelievable by comparison to a generally flat May sales for the rest of the industry! In fact, if you include Kia/Hyundai total sales, they were only 961 units behind Toyota/Lexus/Scion in May and would rank #4 of all manufacturers besting even Honda and Nissan with only the Big 3 standing in their way!

    Automobile Manufacturer's US Sales Rank - May 2011 vs. May 2010 and Totals
    1. GM down 1.2% to 221,192 vehicles sold
    2. Ford down 0.1% to 192,102 vehicles sold
    3. Chrysler up 10.1% to 115,363 vehicles sold
    4. Toyota down 33.4% to 108,387 vehicles sold
    5. Honda down 22.5% to 90,773 vehicles sold
    6. Nissan down 9.1% to 76,148 vehicles sold
    7. Hyundai up 20.7% to 59,214 vehicles sold
    8. Kia up 53.4% to 48,212 vehicles sold
    9. VW up 27.9% to 30,100 vehicles sold
    10. BMW up 19.7% to 26,452 vehicles sold
    11. MB up 5.9% to 20,306 vehicles sold
    12. Mazda down 20.9% to 17,875 vehicles sold
    13. Audi up 13.6 % to 10,457 vehicles sold
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    When will they start selling the Rio hatch?.. does the passenger seat fold?
  3. WriConsult

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    I had heard sometime this summer for both the Rio and the new Accent, but the above is now saying this fall. Personally, given the choice I'd go for the Accent 5-door over the Rio. There may be a pattern emerging of Hyundai vehicles having fewer problems than their otherwise similar Kia siblings.

    To me the biggest news in this story is that Hyundai/Kia is now outselling Honda! If not for the quake and tsunami Honda would likely still be ahead, but the sales numbers are what they are. The media mostly talk about how Hyundai has taken on Toyota, but IMO Honda is a more direct competitor. And as a longtime Honda loyalist and shareholder I watch Honda a lot more closely than I do Toyota.
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    Hyundai/Kia are relatively efficient and loaded with value, which is really Toyota territory.

    I don't think Honda is so much a direct competitor as getting hit in the crossfire.
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    I've always seen Hyundai's lineup as more closely aligning vs. Honda's than Toyota's class-wise, especially when you factor trucks into the equation.
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    Eh... so long as you stay out of their boat sized vehicles:p Don't get me wrong, I love the compact and mid-sized, but they have a LOT of room to improve on the Sedona when it comes to efficiency.

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