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    Check back Monday afternoon - more pictures.

    A sports zine at the gym mentioned an inline skate marathon in the Austin, Texas suburb of Round Rock. Actually it's a little longer at 28 miles. As you can see, drafting is allowed (bluebonnets in the field - temperature 70F). :D After a week of wickedly teasing overcast skies, at the last minute I decided to take chances with the weather.

    Austin happens to be Marc's (mparrish) home, so why not meet and test drive our respective hybrids?

    Marc pulling up in his Prius - Chuck's Insight in the background

    Marc was entering in a race Sunday too - The Austin Statesman Capitol 10,000 (meter). He met me in a parking lot after picking up his race packet - then we drove each other's cars.

    No sooner than I drove with Marc out of the HEB grocery store parking lot, guess who was on my rear bumper? Must be Prius Envy. :D Soon we were in a residential area and I did some hypermiling, explaining what the Insight was doing. Then Marc took control. On one segment he maxed out at 150mph. I switched it to the metric mode and fuel consumption was 1.1 liters per 100km or 213mpg. :cool:

    We returned to the parking lot and it was my turn in the Prius. This is only the 2nd time I've driven one and I'm getting a little more comfortable, starting to understanding how to glide without the drag from regen braking, EV mode, forcing the ICE to come in....

    In some ways, these two cars are polar opposites. The Insight dashboard is easy to understand, but driving takes some work. The Prius drives effortlessly, but I still don't understand the MFD comfortably. I have flat highway commutes that is ideal for the Insight. Marc has shorter hilly commutes that fit the Prius perfectly.

    That hour went by all too fast. I went to my race pickup at the Chipolte restaurant in Round Rock. On the way I passed a guy in an identical silver Insight going the other way. The stay at the hotel was good except the TV wireless internet connection was horrendous!!!! The format was butchered - it was a herculian effort to read - posting was impossible.

    The Road Rash inline marathon was at Old Settler's Park in Round Rock. My ten-year old skates are relatively like a mid 70's Honda or Toyota compared to today's hybrids - big advances.

    Old Settlers Park in Round Rock (Austin) Texas - site of Road Rash inline skating marathon.
    Prius, Insight, windmill in the background.

    Oh, if I got into bearings before the Insight Marathon, would Team Insight soaked the bearings in gasoline and reapply them in synethic grease? :D The size of of the wheels has gone from 72mm to 110mm - large. They might be the only wheels that glide better than a set of P165/65/R13. :)

    Traveling the 210 miles to meet Marc I got 66.5mpg and blamed the hills. On the way back home, I went a little slower and drafted a pair of RVs. Also shut off the engine going down the frequent hills (Central Texas is Hill Country). Got
    86.2mpg going a little over 60 mph.

    An Illnois RV. It was passed by a neon green Scion xB - also from Illnois. The green alien picture made me think of this avitar. :D

    Ontario RV I drafted about 100 miles for an 86.2mpg run at about 60mph

    Yes, I was effectively in two behind these two RVs "in tow".​
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