Hypermiling tricks for an older fullsize gas truck?

Discussion in '4x4's, SUV's and P/U Trucks' started by carrmann, May 19, 2011.

  1. Del Snow

    Del Snow Senior Member

    I have a 1995 Dakota w/V-6 engine standard trans and am getting 20 mpg consistently. Been driving this truck for 6 years.
  2. carrmann

    carrmann Well-Known Member

    nice man!

    still seein 16.3mpg on the truck after driving in a lot of stop/go, accel/decel today plus being well over 90* out lol. so not too bad.

    planning on doing a oil change and seafoam treatment soon. i hope to see at least 1mpg from that.
  3. carrmann

    carrmann Well-Known Member

    so after a full tank of fuel, with lots of stop go from back/forth to work mixed with lots of stop signs i managed to pull 15.21mpg with it. 487.5miles, 32.06 gallons. last tank wasnt filled well either, so it may have not been 'full/topped off' and may have actually gotten better.

    hard to judge with such a large tank sadly.

    going to do a full seafoam treatment now, and see if it helps any!
  4. herm

    herm Well-Known Member

    why would decarbonizing increase your mpg?.. perhaps if you are getting pinging.. if you are not getting pinging advance the timing a couple of degrees (if its possible in your truck, dang modern cars) and see if it pings under load on a hot day, if it does mix a bit of E85 into your gas until it goes away. This used to be real effective when you could buy regular gasoline, mixing-in a bit of E85 really boosted the octane and leaned out the engine a bit.

    I tune my truck this way, I can tell right away when I buy a tank of 7-11 gas that it was a bad idea.

    Heating the intake air by rerouting it past the exhaust pipes will decrease the density, this should be beneficial for light load hwy cruises but would decrease your mpg in city driving. I have been keeping an eye on a muffler cutout exhaust valve for just that purpose.. used by kids to bypass mufflers on demand from the cabin... should be usable for plain air also.
  5. carrmann

    carrmann Well-Known Member

    dont know of any way to increase the timing (has a full control computer) so that wont work.

    its helped in the past. no pinging as best I can tell tho. its been about 3 years since I last seafoamed it (picked up 1mpg avg last time I did it.. but that has gone away with time).
  6. carrmann

    carrmann Well-Known Member

    still maintaining about 15mpg! Cant seem to really get over that unless i do all 50-60mph driving without traffic. If i get to go at night, with no traffic at apprx 55 I see around 16.5-17mpg!

    sadly I have to sell the truck soon! Its been a great vehicle for me considering I paid $600 for it almost 4 years ago, and have put less than 1k into it including tires.

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