New to the community, i have many questions!! Hah.

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    -Hello carman and welcome!

    Jumping back a couple topics there are two oils I recommend. The first being mobil 1 and the second is a less heard of RLI, (renewable lube incorporated) they are found on They are both synthetic however RLI uses a percentage of soy oil. I currently have it in my car and love it. The good thing about synthetic vs. conventional is
    1) it pours perfectly down to the -45 degree range,
    2) the oil change interval can be pushed up to 10,000 to 15,000 miles (preferably with a used oil analysis so you call tell how the oil is doing).
    3) since synthetics flow better there is less resistance and in theory giving you better gas mileage.

    I would suggest you go down to a 0 winter weight (the first number that is followed with a "w" if you check out you will learn all sorts of nifty information about oil. No matter what winter weight oil you have in your car it's too think at start-up and by going with a zero winter weight it takes a shorter time to reach proper viscosity therefore protecting your engine quicker and longer.

    Don't mess with the top number though if your car takes a 30 weight at the top end don't go down to a 20 weight, bad things will happen in the long run. Also make sure you use "API SN" oil. The API just came out with a new rating, API SM will do you fine (I don't think RLI has gotten up to the SN rating however if you buy an oil off the shelf make sure to get SN all the prices for oil are going up because of the new rating but there is still a lot of SM on the shelf so you might as well get all the new snazzy additive that they're charging you for.

    Going back to RLI it's a touch pricy 11ish bucks a quart, however they are a "mom and pop" oil company, they're oil is mixed in smaller batches ensuring a more precise mixture of additives, also when you call them up even the receptionist is excited about oil. Finally they are based in a small town outside of Akron, OH (Hartville, OH). All in all their oil is awesome.

    Sorry to go on this rant, I love oil.

    again welcome carman!
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    thanks for the welcome.

    i myself am a fan of AMSOIL. I remember years ago I put it in my dakota r/t pickup, swapping from same weight mobil 1 synthetic, and isntantly picked up an avg of 2mpg. Plus with a 25k or 1 year change interval, its hard not to like it lol.

    of course with my car being under warranty I have to change the oil at the recommended interval WITH documentation as I dont want to void my 10yr warranty lol.
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    new fill up with the car. low fuel light was on (first time seeing it). first 'pop was at 14.05 gallons, which would have been about 42mpg. I 'massaged' and fought with it and got another 1.55 gallons in it (I think the pump was being tempermental??). so I ended up with ~38.7mpg with the car. the 'avg' tripometer said 39.8. So... it was pretty close but not exact by any means. That may also be because I really fought with it to get the extra fuel in.

    so very happy with the mileage! Car is at 1100miles now. We are seeing a little better FE now that we are used to driving it.

    most of that driving is in crappy traffic situations. stop, speed up, slow down, red light, stop signs, accidents and more. Im pretty confident we can get over 40mpg with it in a more FE friendly situation. Driving it about 30 miles tonight with very low traffic and still hitting stop lights the FE chart display showed almost all 50mpg with 2 or 3 bars in the 45-48mpg range.

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    How sweet it is! That's 15.6 gallons, which is in the low $60 range at current gas prices. Considering the average car is delivering only half the mpg your Sonata is delivering, you can figure you saved as much money as you spent filling up. So the car put $60+ back in your pocket, instead of sending it to OPEC.
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    my math was off slightly lol. i checked what i logged in my phone, total fuel added was 15.55 gallons so I squeezed about 1.50 gallons into it :).

    pretty dang happy with the car! drives nice, quiet, great sound system, and for us Great gas mileage. I would love to see us get over 40mpg. wish there was interstate and less traffic near us, oh well!

    still have yet to get the car above 65mph.. which on flat land the instant fuel gauge was pegged with CC on at 50mpg.

    my goal is to get 17mpg in the truck. Dunno if I will though, we will see!
  6. carrmann

    carrmann Well-Known Member

    new best tank for us. 656 miles, 15.863 gallons. so 41.35mpg apprx. woo :). i added .8 gallons after the pump clicked (inititially) off at a slow fill speed. then clicked it off a few more times. the 'avg mpg' readout only showed 40.2mpg

    hopin to see better as it continues to break in! time for an oil change from the factory oil too... so hopefullly better mileage will result as well!
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    Nice. And topping off a bit helps reduce trips to the garage, which cuts the fuel wasted refueling.
  8. carrmann

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    only got about 39.55mpg this tank with the car... but the wife let the car idle multiple times (for extended periods) which def. hurt the gas mileage lol
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    we've seen a steep drop in the fuel mileage. I think the last tank was right around 34.6mpg, on scren avg showed as 39.5mpg.

    is it possible it needs an oil change already? its at 3400 miles, manual suggests 7500mile oil changes. im considering what oil to put in as well. looking at the 0w-20 synethetic but there is a lot of different brands :-(

    another factor; in my head at least... is it's a LOT hotter out here now. The heat index for the better part of a week has been 110*, and avg temps for that whole tank full have been well over 90*.
  10. FSUspectra

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    Does the HSH have an oil life monitor of some sort? I'd just go by that. You shouldn't need an oil change yet, though. When you do, I would go by what's in the manual, but I imagine 0W20 is acceptable, if not preferred. If this is the case, any major brand 0W20 will do. I'm sure the preference here is Mobil 1, but no reason not to go with Quaker State Ultimate Durability, Pennzoil Platinum or Ultra, etc... it's just a price preference from there on imo.
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    if it does im not sure where it is... im assuming it just has a oil light that pops when its time for a change.

    lowest number it shows in manual is 5w20. not sure what the API service SM is tho, never heard of that. is that the new oil categorization mentioned earlier in this thread?

    any ideas on the fuel mileage?
  12. FSUspectra

    FSUspectra Practicing true conservatism!

    Yes, API service SM is minimum, or oldest, lubrication/additive standard that you can use in your car. SN came out recently, and can also be used. Pretty much any oil you find on the shelf out there is SM or SN (except for that Accel crap WM and gas stations sometimes sell). You can safely use 0W20 as well, but 5W20 is also acceptable, as the first number is really only relevant to colder temps (we're talking freezing and below) and the oil's pumpability. There is minimal, if any, difference between 0W20 and 5W20 at starting temps of 70ish or above.

    Fuel mileage... A/C use? Warmer temps can also make the tires "stickier" since the road surface is hotter and the tires may be warmer. Drop in tire pressure? Heat can also have an affect on the output and consumption of the battery pack, so maybe the engine is running more to keep up the SOC.
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    ok cool, i havent really been paying attention to oil for a while now.. probably have seen it but never noticed.

    probably a lil more a/c use yes. not much though.. tire pressure is good I checked it a few days ago and bumped it back up to 44 (was at 42).

    i guess its just the heat.. but ouch, 5mpg drop hurts lol
  14. carrmann

    carrmann Well-Known Member

    is it possible humidty plays a factor as well?? its been extremely humid for the past 1-2 weeks (around 80-90% i'd say).

    drove it tonight, with relatively good conditions (about 80* out) and no traffic to speak of. Holding speed on flat ground at 55mph, it wouldnt maintain the avg mpg of 37... it started dropping slowly by .1 every minute or so. even tho the inst mpg showed it pegged at 50mpg.

    I'm wondering if something is wrong with the car :-/
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