2010 Forester - SAHM?!?

Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by skduffy, May 9, 2011.

  1. skduffy

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    Hi all

    Tonight on the way home the car and I were very close to one. I started seeing that with a very small input on TPS, that I was able to maintain 40-55 on state highway(non-interstate). I remember reading about the SAHM on both the Prius II and the HCHII. But I was never able to see anything like that until tonight. The idle TPS is 12 and if I was able to maintain a value of between 13(Near impossible) - 16 or 17 (very repeatable), I noticed that I was getting expected values of mid to high 30's. Now the real fun begins, I started to finesse the gas pedal as work on the IGN values. What I saw was really astonishing is that as IGN moved into the mid 30+ to approximately 40-42, I would see a really impressive gain in instant MPG. I would like to try to repeat it again but this is what I saw:

    TPS, IGN Instant MPG
    13, 35 90+:banane58:
    14-16+, 40 65+

    The reallly cool thing about this technique or feeling, is that the car seems like it is willing to go into a high ign value from about 25mph. Now is this a technique or is it that I am starting to get it :).... Please send some comments my way....

    Now for the results:

    Segment 32.8mpg over 20 mi;) --- Imagine what it could be if I had paid attention to a few of the lights...

    Tank is up to 29.4 over 200miles :) not at the half mark yet.
  2. cswee1932

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    Those numbers are very good! Keep it up!

    Clifton Park can be a pain in the morning and evening, depending on when you're on the roads, after 6am everyone is on the road :) and anything after 3:45pm same story, except add red lights that never seem to be green!

    Keep it up!

  3. skduffy

    skduffy Well-Known Member

    The best part is that I am Northbound in the morning and southbound in the evening. I work in Saratoga. The only traffic that will affect me are SPAC concerts and the track. People that are traveling on Route 9 seem less in a rush and I can usually travel between 45-50 with out a problem. I was once given the high beam treatment for a good mile on Route 50.... The other car finally passed only to sit at a red light for 5 minutes. I wonder what the rush was....
  4. FSUspectra

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    That is an interesting find... cool! :D Have you been able to reproduce the numbers to verify?
  5. xcel

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    Hi Skduffy:

    Sounds like your Forester has some of the SAHM in it from your descriptions too :)


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