2011 Ford F150 EcoBoost Fuel Economy Adventure Challenge

Discussion in 'Ford' started by xcel, May 2, 2011.

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    Congrats on your great choice of trucks! I'm jealous.:D The truck is amazingly easy to drive. Wayne will post a full expose' when we are finished. The main key is to watch the instantaneous fcd (Fuel Consumption Display). Try to keep it maxed out at 30mpg. The average mpg displays a horizontal bar across the fcd. So your goal is: "To raise the bar!"

    Do you use the truck for work to pull any loads?

    Good Luck and stay tuned here for the synapses.
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    Synopsis ? LOL :D
  3. xcel

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    Hi All:

    The ScanGauge-e Fuel Economy Adventure Challenge Contest guesstimates…
    • RichXKU - 30.07
    • Damionk - 32.54
    • Nighthawk – 31.09
    • Sledge – 32.01
    • Burrin – 37.40
    • SD3 Driver – 36.00
    • SentraSE-R – 32.30
    • EVUser – 33.33
    • GreatWit – 34.56
    • Npauli – 33.41
    • CPLTECH - 33.00
    • Die2self - 38.28 (I admire your optimism ;)
    • MillCityPrius - 30.57
    • ALS - 34.25
    • Linux Gold - 32.70
    • Randalert - 30.10
    • bethomas463 – 32.32
    • elw – 31.06
    • tpmjr2004 – 33.10
    • 96 Escort Wagon – 32.27
    • Airbalancer – 33.60
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    Can I pick 7L/100km:cool:
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    I think in 10 years, I have tow about 4-5 times and that was taking the son stuff to school each year

    But my box cap is full everyday and sometimes with ladders on top

    I found in the pass, comparing the 4.8L gmc and 5.3L the 5.3L was better mileage because the truck with 4.8L would down shift going up hills all the times and 5.3 would keep in 4 gear no problem

    I should really take one out for a drive
  6. xcel

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    Hi All:

    And then it began.

    I have to say that the guest auto journalists stepped up to meet the challenge goals like the true professional’s they are. All knew what the goals were when I asked them to join this ragtag team of CleanMPG members (30 mpg, > 150 mpg ppe and < 3-tanks to cross the Continent in a loaded out 2011 Ford F-150) and not only did they step up; each slammed a grand slam in their own right for all of our sakes.

    We setup the day 1 segments to give Jill Ciminillo a shot at the best numbers. ie, a downhill segment knowing what we faced ahead with weather data showing extremely high and unusual headwinds for well over 300-miles. To begin, we had Jill looking over my shoulder as I took the wheel of the 11 Ford F-150 for the “Escape from LA”…

    Day 1

    For the F-150’s maiden segment out of the heart of LA, a mountain range called the Sierra Nevada’s lay before us. With a climb from essentially sea level to over 4,000’ ASL, it was going to be a “real ... fun ... day”. I took the wheel for the initial segment and climb up and over the first of many mountain ranges ahead settling in at ~ 2,500' ASL after a tougher than expected drive. In addition to the climb out, we were headed into the teeth of unusually strong 20 to 30-mph headwinds which caused more than a few expletives to be released from said driver as we made our way slowly east. The segment and topped off tank in LA (over 36-gallons as most should have read by now) ended with a lousy 26.3 mpg. For better or worse, I turned the Ford F-150’s keys over to Jill for a descent to the desert floor … Along with those wicked 20 to 30 mph headwinds.

    After a quick stop, Jill began her stint and pointed the heavily loaded 11 F-150 into the same winds and gently accelerated the truck to slow highway speeds in an attempt to save the goals outlined earlier… With Jill driving to the to the desert floor near Needles, CA, and the tank was now holding at 28.6 mpg.

    Jill doing what she does best… That is driving but maybe a little slower than she may have driven in the past ;)

    We stopped hoping for a break from the incessant head winds when it was Mike Sirach’s turn behind the wheel. And hallelujah, as the afternoon turned into evening, the winds finally began to subside :) Unfortunately, a climb that began at essentially the desert floor was before Mike with Chris to follow… Mike drove the loaded 11 F-150 w/ EcoBoost to Kingman (~ 3,500’) finishing his segment at 26.7 mpg while the tank average slowly climbed to a whopping 26.5 mpg.

    The final segment belonged to the big guy Chris. The winds had dropped to essentially nill so the only thing he had to navigate was the climb and another unusual issue ahead. That being cold temperatures! From Kingman up to Flagstaff and on to William’s AZ, temps dropped through the 50’s, the 40’s, the 30’s with a final low of just 29 degrees… We are going to camp in this? With the climb from 3,500’ ASL to over 7,300 and a small segment down to William’s at ~ 6,800, his segment yielded a best for the day, 26.8 mpg and a tank average slowly climbing to a whopping 26.6 mpg for the days effort. At least we were all now close to the peak elevations for the entire drive across.

    After a camp setup in the dark, temps fell to an unheard of low of just 22 degrees. Thank goodness for the Eureka! camp gear we were accompanied by :eek:

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  7. xcel

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    Hi All:

    Day 2

    From Williams, AZ, temps were just above freezing as we broke camp to hit the road for a 470-mile drive to Santa Rosa, NM.

    Mike Sirach took the wheel for the first 60 + miles warming up the truck as he bounced around the 7,000’ elevation level finishing his segment with a net 300’ elevation climb to Flagstaff, NM at 31.9 mpg.

    2011 Ford F-150 with EcoBoost – Fuel Economy Adventure Challenge

    Leaving Flagstaff, NM with the Fiesta in tow.​

    Chris than grabbed the wheel and drove down to Winslow and back up to Gallup, NM w/ a net elevation loss of ~ 800’ at 31.8 mpg.

    From there, it was Bob’s turn to slog over 250 miles, landing in Santa Rosa, NM after a 2,000’ descent with a 32.9 mpg segment in low 30 degree temps to show for the effort. The tank average was sitting at 29.6 mpg.

  8. xcel

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    Hi All:

    Day 3

    Leaving Santa Rosa, it was who we are calling the “Ice Man’s” Show. And we finally received some tail winds! CGAutomotive’s Dave Hall took the wheel of the Ford F-150 w/ EcoBoost from start to finish pulling not only a best of the trip segment of 34.2 mpg but pulling the tank average up to 30.0 mpg with just 2-miles DTE still left to go. And oh boy you should have heard the cheer that was emitted from the mighty EcoBoost when we broke through that barrier with jut a touch over 1-gallon left from fuel starve and entering Amarillo, TX about 3 miles from our final destination and a net descent of over 1,000’.

    2011 Ford F-150 with EcoBoost – Fuel Economy Adventure Challenge

    Dave hall at the wheel of the mighty 11 Ford F-150 w/ EcoBoost!​

    And as we reported earlier, the Ford F-150 w/ EcoBoost’s actual tank average came in at 30.142 mpg after an eye-opening 1,085 miles. That EcoBoost sure can run when allowed to do so :)

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    Funny Rich! I hope my wife doesn't see this. She is a nursing educator and med term is a pet peeve.:biglol:
  10. xcel

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    Hi All:

    Day 4

    Dave “Ice Man” Hall took the wheel mighty Ford F-150 EcoBoost for a second straight day (when they are that good, you let them run, right ;)) in which he drove from Amarillo, TX to Oklahoma City, OK. And since we were getting close on time, we had Dave drive the F-150 right into the Oklahoma City Airport with all the city miles that it entails. The result? A wonderful 33.8 mpg over 257.1 miles :)

    So what is all of this about “Ice Man”? Because of Dave’s steel eye’d stare and stern demeanor, the consummate driving professional showed all of us his skill as he took instruction and moved the average ever higher with each mile traversed.


    Up next, a “Saboteur” takes the wheel…

  11. msirach

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    Funny Rich! I hope my wife doesn't see this. She is a nursing educator and med term is a pet peeve.:biglol:
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    10π, or 31.42 MPG rounded to the nearest hundredth :)
  13. xcel

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    Hi All:

    We are in TyBee Island Ga. so the guesses are over... And the numbers are fantastic :)

  14. sculptair

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    I'm new here at cleanmpg and wish I would have known about the F150 Ecoboost challenge. What a great idea!

    I can't wait to see the numbers from the trip. I'm so glad you guys missed I-40 being closed here in Arkansas due to flooding when you came through here. It would have really messed up the numbers having to take the detour.

    I have a 2009 F150 with the 4.6 liter 3 valve per cylinder six speed tranny. I wish I could be getting 30+ mpg like you guys got! Great job!

    I would have gladley donated one of my aerodynamic covers I have developed for the trip if I would have known about the challenge in time. It would have contributed to your overall mpg figure I am sure.

    I am presently testing an improvement in the design of the aerodynamic cover. I got 25.6 mpg on a test run of 200 miles I made today at 70 mph in ideal atmospheric conditions. My model F150 is rated at 20 mpg highway

    Last week I got 25.1 mpg and 25.67 mpg on two indentical runs.

    I would have loved to have been one of the lucky few who went on the Ecoboost challenge. Ford is a great company and their CEO, Alan Mulally, is the best. I wish he would consider running for President!


    Brett Herndon
    Little Rock, Arkansas
  15. xcel

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    Hi All:

    2011 Ford F-150 with EcoBoost – Fuel Economy Adventure Challenge – Tank 3

    That is CleanMPG's Brandon Daly filling the 11 F-150.​

    Here are the finals…

    Tank 1: (1071.6 miles * (100/98.7 from odometer study))/36.020 gallons filled = 30.142 mpg.
    Tank 2: (1,190.0 miles * (100/98.7 from odometer offset study))/35.308 gallons total filled = 34.147 mpg.
    Tank 3: (207.1 miles * (100/98.7 from odometer offset study))/6.155 gallons = 34.091 mpg.

    Total: (2,468.7 miles * (100/98.7 from odometer offset study))/77.483 gallons = 32.281 mpg

  16. sculptair

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    Congratulations! You guys did it. Outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Airbalancer

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    SO 7.29l/100km for the rest of the world :D
    Went to local Ford dealer, no ecoboost in town, no 6's in town no 2wd in town :confused:
  18. bestmapman

    bestmapman Fighting untruth and misinformation

    Great job and congrats to all.
  19. ALS

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    Outstanding guys. :Banane57:
  20. xcel

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    Hi All:

    Finally able to relax a bit and we are now getting our steady state speed numbers on our way from Savannah to Atlanta’s Hartsfield for everyone to fly out as Bob Winger and I take Brandon Daly to the Greyhound in Atlanta and than we begin the trek up towards Washington DC and the final push to Dearborn alone while hauling the Fiesta…

    So here are some steady state numbers in the 2011 Ford F-150 w/ EcoBoost. This truck is equipped with the 3.15 rear axle which certainly helps vs. the 3.7x that can be installed. We do not currently have 5 in the vehicle as Mike Sirach is currently on a plane destined for parts unknown (his flight was diverted and he missed connections). Even with four, the load is still in the bed which drops the mpg readings by maybe .5 mpg on the highway?

    2011 Ford F-150 w/ the 3.5L EcoBoost – Steady State MPG Study

    70-mph - 22.3 mpg (6th gear w/ TC lock)
    60-mph - 25.5 mpg (6th gear w/ TC lock)
    50-mph - 31.6 mpg (6th gear w/ TC lock)
    45-mph - 33.9 mpg (6th gear w/ TC lock)
    40-mph - 32.6 mpg (5th gear w/ TC lock)

    This was using CC on a relatively flat section of the Interstate +/- 20’ over approximately 5-miles. Winds are calm with a temperature range from 70 to 72 degrees F.

    The Fiesta drivers are currently performing (2) odometer studies, one w/ P&G and one without and the steady state at various speed FE numbers.

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