New ScanGauge-e Leads CleanMPG EcoBoost Fuel Economy Challenge

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    [​IMG] New ScanGauge-e provides feedback for the beginner and experienced hypermilers alike.

    [FIMG=LEFT][/fimg]Mike Sirach - CleanMPG - April 28, 2011

    The New ScanGauge-e display.

    Mesa, AZ -- Linear Logic makers of ScanGauge II, the easiest to use fuel economy feedback device today, announced the release of the all new ScanGauge-e. For the initial launch Linear Logic is sponsoring the CleanMPG Fuel Economy Adventure Challenge.

    The EcoBoost Challenge will begin on April 30 in Los Angeles where a team of seven CleanMPG drivers and three guest journalists will set out on the cross country adventure. The ScanGauge-e will help the team attempt to achieve greater than 30mpg from the 22 mpg highway rated 2011 Ford F-150 with the 3.5L EcoBoost engine. This is Ford’s most powerful (365 HP and 420 lb.-ft. of torque) and most fuel efficient truck engine ever built.

    ScanGauge-e overview

    Following in the footsteps of the award winning ScanGauge II, the all new ScanGauge-e features more than 18 built-in digital gauges in the standard or metric format. In addition to dual gauges, the ScanGauge-e provides real time fuel economy feedback that is displayed in a unique to the industry graphical format. The recently achieved fuel economy display period can be adjusted to show from approximately 10 seconds to 5 minutes.

    Ron DeLong President of Linear Logic
    • OPEN LP/ClOSED LP - This indicates when the oxygen sensor is being used to control the mixture (closed-loop) and when it is not .

    • MAP or BST - This indicates the pressure in the intake manifold. It is reported in Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) by default but can be changed to kilo-pascals (KPA) if desired.

      If the engine is turbocharged or supercharged, you can set ScanGauge-e to calculate and display this gauge as Boost (BST) through the Advanced Setup parameters.

    • MPG/KPG/MPL/LHK/KPL - Instant fuel economy is updated about every 2 seconds at the NORMAL update rate . Small changes in throttle position or load while driving will show almost immediate changes in this gauge.

    • MPH/KPH - Speed in the units selected.

    • RPM - The RPM of the engine.

    • TPS - In some vehicles, a closed throttle will read 0 and full throttle will read 100. Other vehicles will have a higher value than 0 for a closed throttle and a full throttle value less than 100.

    • FWT/CWT - Water/Coolant temperature. A vehicle with a 50/50 mix of coolant and water will not boil over until about 265˚ F at sea level. This will be reduced at higher elevations.

    • AVG - This is the current average fuel economy and is updated about every 2 seconds (normal rate).

    • TFC - This is the total fuel cost for the current trip.

    • CPM - Cost of fuel per mile at this time.

    • VLT – Normal running battery voltage is between 13 and 15. When the engine is off it should be between 11 and 13. Voltages higher than 15 volts can damage batteries and electrical components. Voltages below 13 when the vehicle is running could indicate poor charging of the battery. Voltage below 11 when the engine is off could indicate a low battery charge or a shorted battery cell.

    • FIA/CIA – Temperature of the air going into the engine. At highway speeds, this will typically be a few degrees higher than the outside air temperature. At idle or low speed, it may be much higher in temperature than the outside temperature due to the low airflow into the engine and the high under-hood temperatures warming it up.

    • FPR – This is the fuel pressure from the fuel pump. Very few vehicles report this.

    • GPH/LPH – Fuel consumption rate in the selected units. This is sensitive to throttle, gear and loading changes.

    • IGN – Shows the amount of timing advance (or retard). The more advance there is (or less retard), the better for fuel economy and power. The limit is set by the octane of the fuel, the intake air temperature, and the load on the engine. A lower than normal amount of advance for similar temperature and speed could indicate too low an octane of fuel is being used.

    • LOD – This is a percentage of the maximum power available currently being generated. In some vehicles it is the maximum available at the present RPM.

    • DFC – This is the total fuel cost for all trips for the current day.

    • CO2 – This shows the amount of CO2 your vehicle has produced during the current trip.

    • TCO – This shows the total amount of CO2 your vehicle has produced durring the current day.
    Your Linear Logic Team

    Antonio, Andrea, James, Ron and Joey​

    Additional Commentary

    We have used the Scangauge-e for the past month prior to its release. Now that we are using it on the 2011 F-150 3.5L during the Fuel Economy Challenge, it has been an excellent tool for the beginner or advanced hypermiler.

    The final results in the Scangauge-e and Scangauge-II equipped Fiesta. 1.6L 120 hp and 5-speed stick.

    Total: 2671 miles, 42.089 gallons = 63.46 mpg.

    LocationMilesGallonsMPGElevation (feet)
    Gallup, NM64710.21957.70 - 4000 - 500 - 7350
    Amarillo, TX65910.01665.87350 - 5000 - 7000 - 5000 - 4500
    Carlisle, AR6138.94968.54500 - 5000 - 300
    Pooler, GA75211.90563.2300 - 1300 - 0
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    I'd miss having my other two xGauges ;).
  3. jeffdavis

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    Can this gauge be linked to a ScanGaugeII, thereby giving us 6 gauges plus the graph?
  4. aburk4

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    Yea, I was wondering the same thing. Piggybacking with the SGII?
  5. msirach

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    You will be seeing pics in the next few days.

    The answer is YES! We used a ScanGauge II and a ScanGauge-e paired together for the 400 mile drive from Phoenix yesterday on the F-150 EcoBoost.
  6. Damionk

    Damionk DWL Lover

    Is it limited to just displaying 2 gauges or can you still pull up 4?
  7. Nevyn

    Nevyn Well-Known Member

    Probably limited to 2, so that there's a differentiation between the "little" SGe and the "Big" SGII.
  8. FSUspectra

    FSUspectra Practicing true conservatism!

    Ah, another tool for our arsenal! Me likey! :D
  9. abcdpeterson

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    is there Pricing?
  10. gdsmit1

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    I want to know when they will start selling it.
  11. msirach

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    They are getting inventory built for the launch. It should be very soon.
  12. amann1

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  13. xcel

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    Hi All:

    Anyone for a little Fiesta w/ a ScanGauge-e ;)


  14. lxmike

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    Oh Myyyyyyyy
  15. xcel

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    Hi All:

    A little taste of Hollywood Blvd. with the 2011 Ford F150 w/ EcoBoost and the 2011 Fiesta SES Hatch ;)

    2011 F150 and Fiesta at 4 Lady Statue in Hollywood

    The 4 ladies are: Mae West, Dorothy Dandridge, Anna Mae Wong, Delores Del Rio.

    The Fiesta at speed with the ScanGauge-e leading the way ;)

    And more!​

  16. seftonm

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    And how do they manage to get such good pictures?


    I hear the driver let you have it for ruining the truck's aerodynamics :p
  17. msirach

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    It was a Kodak moment!:D Wayne couldn't help it.
  18. Oainac

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    The Scan Guage E look nice for the people who just want an iMPG and aMPG guage.
    Being able to "piggyback" the SGE to the SGII could be nice when you want some extra gauges.
  19. PaleMelanesian

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    Yes, the piggyback feature is excellent. We have currently displayed:

    mpg chart
    Instant mpg
    Average mpg


    LOD (% engine power being requested)
    TPS (throttle position sensor, or gas pedal position)
    GPH (gallon per hour)
    IGN (ignition timing, it helps to fine-tune the right foot even finer than the TPS shows)

    We just filled up the Fiesta in Gallup, NM.
    10.479 gallons
    647 miles
    61.8 mpg

    This is in a car rated 37 mpg highway. There's a lot available if you want it. The gear ratios are disappointing - 2600 rpm at 60 mph. The engine is adequate, not overpowered. Climbing up t0 7000 feet required its full output (80% load actually). The gears are ok for that situation. On flat ground is where it hurts - running too high for good mileage without bringing in Pulse and Glide. I would have put 4th gear where 5th is - it would require a downshift in the mountains but still give good numbers on the flat.
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    >> less than $99.95 - sign me up - when about will this ship - when will it be in the cleanmpg store ?

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