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    Welcome to CleanMPG!
    What a great intro and I hope the aFCD (averaging Fuel Consumption Display) impact helps you drive other vehicles more fuel efficiently as well.

    And yes, cold weather will take your average and knock init into next week. Between 0 degrees and 70 degrees F, it is not uncommon to see a 30% falloff. Most due to much higher rolling resistance with less viscous fluids, higher air density and the need to run accessories (heat ;)) adds to the falloff.

    IHTH's and welcome again!

  2. leonco

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    Hello All,

    I'm new and just ordered the SGII. I wanted to see if I can improve my MPG on my car and my truck. (2003 Volvo C70 convertible, LT and a Ford F250 8 cylinder gas truck) I have done the basics for both, emptied dead weight, roll up windows and add extra LBS to tire pressure, etc. With the SGII I want to measure the actual mileage I'm getting. I tried the Garmin unit that comes with a code reader sender and MPG trip computer. Turns out it was not real time calculation of MPG but calculated based on my input. I put in 30PMG it told me I was getting 30MPG. Not real helpful.

    I would like to find out where is a good place to start to do the little and cheap things to increase MPG. Which forum is geared for the Newby to start in?

    I'm into old cars and want to be able to drive them without having to mortgage the house. For example, I read about the radiator blocker? I assume somehow this will improve my MPG by increasing my engine temp? Where do I start?

    Thanks guys for all the info and thanks for the great price on the SGII

  3. Rackster

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    Hello RA – Welcome to CleanMPG!!

    I’m certain that you will be able to improve your FE in either of your vehicles especially with the SGII feedback. These gauges really help you to learn some of the subtleties of your vehicle, normal commuting path, and spot performances. The place I started was to read up on the hypermiling techniques and the advanced hypermiling techniques. Food for thought on what to do or what is possible. I’m normally conservative, so I don’t dabble much in the Advanced techniques, but it’s a personal choice. Master the basics and graduate up is my suggestion.

    I had the Garmin on today along with my Ultragauge and noted that the MPHs between both were common. The dashboard posted a higher MPH (which up until today, was thinking it was the more accurate of the two based on speed trap posted numbers), so the Garmin at least got me to thinking some more. Also, the Garmin does provide you with acceleration, deceleration and avg speed data/scoring that does help you to learn how to drive more efficiently (rather than driving blind). So until you get your SGII, it can help to some degree.

    Have fun!

  4. nancyeve2

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    Just found out about this site minutes ago.

    Purchased a 2012 Prius plug-in after I totaled my 2005 Prius :( (adopted after parents passed away). I loved the 2005 and after I killed it, I knew I wanted another Prius. I come from a family of Prius drivers and my youngest sister told me to look into a plug-in.

    I love it, but it's a complex car and I'm still trying to figure it out. I'm averaging 60mpg, but I want more. I've been driving cautiously (and safely), attempting to get the best use of my EV functions. If anyone out there has any tips on driving the plug-in to get better mileage, or any other tips about the car, I'd love to hear them.

  5. wallet

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    Hello everybody, I am new on this forum and I own a bmw 530d, the average consumption is around 7.8l / 100 km, and has 100k km. The forum is very interesting for me because here I can discuss about the consumption, efficient driving and other topics.
  6. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    Welcome to CleanMPG , Wallet. We don't get a lot of BMW diesel owners here (North America). Does your car have the 3.0 liter six ? Manual or automatic transmission ?
  7. maxiefeh

    maxiefeh mike2006feh

    Hi, I'm mike from Towson, Maryland and I drive a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid. Thank you and Excel and all others who are contributors to this site. I will try to learn more to increase my MPG and I think I am already hypermiling (due to being retired on a very fixed income (cheap), and not in any hurry to get anywhere. Because I think I know where the road ultimately ends! How's that for a half full glass kind of a thought? Thanks again - mike
  8. maxiefeh

    maxiefeh mike2006feh

    Thank You tbaleno for the kind welcome and your info. I am a bit older, retired, semi-mobile, due to multiple sclerosis, fairly liberal, (but try to listen to all points of view) and the semi-proud owner of a 2006 ford escape hybrid. Ford really angered me by stopping production of this hybrid, ( reminds me of Chevy(General Motors); I am sure you remember the EV1, which Chevy bought back(would not renew their leases) and then crushed them). I do hold a grudge. I would love to own a Prius, but funds are an issue. Also, thanks to Excel for taking the time to deveop such a well designed and important site.

    mike aka maxiefeh
  9. Fabimura

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    I am new to this forum. I am very interested in maximizing mpg efficiency. Here is a recent experience that I am interested to get comments on.
    On 4/18/2013, from mid VA to Winchester, VA, for about 80 miles, I averaged 57.2 mpg. This was while driving on I-81 North over rolling hills, much of the time with the air conditioner on. I did not use cruise control and followed most of the way behind 18-wheelers. I did not gain the full drafting effect because I always followed the "2 second rule" of maintaining at least a 2 second distance between my car and the truck, but I definitely noticed a fuel efficiency benefit. Even though the speed limit was 70 mph, I followed trucks that were going about 65 on flat road and dropping to as low as 55 going up hills.
    I was driving a 2011 Ford Fiesta (1.6 L) with automatic dual clutch transmission and the “super fuel efficiency” (sfe) package, which means cruise control, steel rims, and reduced air resistance on the underside. I did not purchase the low rolling resistance tires because they were rated poor for wet roads, but I did inflate the tires about 10% higher than recommended (i.e., 35 psi instead of 32 psi).
    For the entire round trip of 1,800 miles from MA to NC via MD, I averaged 47.3 mpg as recorded from miles and gallons pumped and 47.6 according to the car’s own gauge. This includes some driving around Columbia, MD -- maybe 100 miles -- and the rest was highway driving.
    I am interested to know if others find a benefit from following trucks at the “safe” distance prescribed by the “2 second rule” and whether anyone knows how truck drivers feel about this practice.
  10. ALS

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    Welcome to the board Fabimura. I've played with drafting very little but I can tell you that the draft on larger trucks extends back to three seconds. Now the bad news it is never safe at two or even three seconds back to draft. No matter how much you think you are saving in fuel it is costing you far more in potential and actual damage to your vehicle.

    Running that close to a large semi is putting the front end of your car in crap storm of debris getting picked up by the trailers tires and thrown to the rear. Your bumper and grill area gets the worst of it with the windshield coming in second. I can walk through any parking lot and tell you just by looking at the bumpers, grills and windshields which cars are driven at high speeds on the highway. All you have to look at is the paint on the bumper, hood and microscopic stone chips across the windshield. The faster you are traveling the worse the damage to your front end.

    Like the story goes, how much is a new windshield, a new A/C Condenser, how about the cost of repainting the bumper and hood?
  11. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Fabimura , you have a good car for fuel efficiency. I will admit to doing a bit of 2-3 second drafting , and I could see the instant fuel economy on my Scangauge go up. But I knew it was unsafe and I chose not to do it for more than a minute or so. While it is very tempting , it's only a matter of time before something bad happens.
    I will also say that I have had my tires at or near the max sidewall pressure for years. This is the number that is molded into the sidewall of your tires. On my car the max is 44psi. Many other tires may even be rated at 51 psi.
  12. Macedo

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    Hello CleanMPG from Covington, GA

    After my ST1300a purchase in 2006, I had a want for another bike but something in the dual-sport area. My brother had a XL 250 back in the 70's but I felt something in that size range was a little small (pride), because I ride a 1300!

    I wanted to stay with Honda, but I looked at other bikes in the 650 range but the cost was more than I wanted to spend for what I think I want to do.

    While traveling to J'Ville FL, I set my Zumo 550 to shortest distance to take the back roads but found myself on a tour down a sandy dirt road, not a lot of fun with a loaded with a 750-800 pound, plus me; and think of trying to push it, I would have to call AAA to get me .

    So then my question to me was "What will you do with a DS bike, ride in the mud NOPE; rock climbing NOPE; dirt bike stuff NOPE; long distance adventure touring, NOPE; do I need a big DS bike NOPE; so what then?"

    I live in Covington, GA there are a few dirt roads of which my ST dare not ride; well I found and bought a 2008 CRF230L on cycletrader with 423 miles from a private owner, which included the Masterbuilt Motorcycle Carrier http://www.cabelas.com/product/Maste...h-All+Products Saturday 10/02/2010.

    Took it to the Honda shop for the 600 mile service, my insurance increased $48, tag $38, rode to my optical shop (25 miles round trip with some dirt road; to be used as a commuter bike), even got that first bicycle feeling.

    I'm looking forward to adding a windshield from TurboCity, and improving performance.

    The plan is to ride the "L" 5 days a week to work and the "ST" on Saturday.

    I can see a camping trip with my Kayak on top of my SUV, "L" on the back, all so I can paddle the river(s) and ride the trails.

    Let's Ride!
    Macedo "SoloWe"
    STeed > 'VGer4' (aka Vejur4)
    2006 ST1300A
    Lady "L" (aka Peanut Butter)
    2008 CRF230L
  13. alvaro84

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    Welcome, Macedo!

    Do you have a mileage log about the "L" as a commuter bike?
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2013
  14. nate.l

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    My name is Nathaniel. I am 25 years old and live in Mississippi. I have a 100 mile commute to work each day. I just started hypermiling for cost savings. Any tips for a 2002 Honda Civic LX would be great.
  15. Macedo

    Macedo New Member

    I can't help you with your request. My 2008 Honda CRF230L is a street legal dirt bike with a fuel capacity 2.3 gallons total; including 0.7 gallon reserve. For information, including reserve, I commute 25 miles round trip and got approximately 170 mile to a tank full of regular gas.
  16. Macedo

    Macedo New Member

    I do not have a mileage log but I can say that just to test on the amount of miles per tank full with a fuel capacity 2.3 gallons; including 0.7 gallon reserve. I received on that one test, including reserve, I commute 25 miles round trip and got approximately 170 mile to a tank full of regular gas.
  17. skyking

    skyking New Member

    Good morning all! I have a couple of different diesel vehicles with different purposes.
    We just got a 2003 5 speed Beetle TDI. My wife and I are both pumped about it. I replaced an aging 30 MPG Camry with this, but now we fight over who gets to drive it :D
    We agreed to a sensible rule of "longest commute gets it", and I am doing a 120 mile round trip up Mt. Rainier so it is mine.
    The other rig is a 1996 Dodge 2500 with the Cummins engine and auto transmission. It is driven mostly to pull a 5th wheel trailer, although it has a lifetime average of over 22 MPG when not towing. Best couple of tanks over 26 with it.
    Sadly my Mt. Rainier job will end soon and I will be underemployed for most of the winter months.
    Her commute is almost perfect for MPG, with over half of the 22 miles in the sweet 40~45 MPH average speed. The other half is a 60 MPH freeway that is probably averaging 55.
    We hope to push the aerodynamically challenged beetle up over 50 MPG . We chose it over the superior jetta for comfort.
  18. hondaman

    hondaman Passionate about MPG

    Pleased to find this site and all the info that is being shared here. "Hondaman" because of a former business I had in California - specifically doing Honda and Acura repair from the mid 80's until Oct. 2005 when I moved. I have 3 Hondas in the garage and most recently sold my 86 CRX HF and bought a 2000 HX with 188K on the odometer.
    My real passion with this car will be extracting all the MPG I can out of it. Once I can do this in Stock form, I hope to integrate HHO into the mix and further extend that gallon of petrol. I have sidelined the HHO equipment for the past 2 years until I had a OBD2 car that I could "doctor" the ECU signal inputs.
    Presently I am looking to learn all I can about the HX Lean Burn system by determining what parameters need to be met, having some method of knowing when it goes into Lean Burn mode, then monitoring the the MPG values that will result from that changeover. I was alive and fixing cars when Chrysler introduced their "Lean Burn" technology. I was fascinated by the concept of getting into AFR readings that would exceed the standard 14.7:1 . On this site or another one I have read of those values going as high as 18-24:1 WOW, I would guess this means stellite exhaust valves !
    I look forward to receiving and sharing information available on this site. Rob
  19. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    Another one from Tyler, TX, eh? Strange...would never have thought of E. Texas having a concentration of folks on this site (have one on here from Longview, as well) but welcome! Glad to see you here :)

    FWIW, what part of California are you from? I'm a native of the Bay Area, and my wife (whom I met here) is from the LA area...
  20. Onaroll

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    I used to post around here several years back, driving a silver '02 M5 CRV. Life has changed, and so have the cars. I'm now living in an urban neighbourhood that is walkable and bikeable - thus I rarely drive. And after a few years of occasionally coasting around my city in an '08 M5 Honda Fit, I find myself an expectant father and owner of a 2012 Kia Rondo with an automatic transmission.

    So I'm back for a refresher and to learn some techniques for the auto tranny.

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