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Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by tbaleno, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. dlfred1

    dlfred1 New Member

    Hi, just purchased a ScanGauge II and looking forward to using this tool to improve the performance of my 2004 Mazda Miata. Also interested in gaining knowledge from all the experience on this forum. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to join.
  2. tigerhonaker

    tigerhonaker Platinum Contributor

    Welcome to CMPG and I think you will find this an interesting Internet Site. :)

  3. Bookworm90

    Bookworm90 New Member

    I'm a new member of CleanMPG and am extremely excited to start hypermiling! I stumbled onto this site and a few others on hypermiling about two weeks ago and started reading all of the great MPG tips; I just had to try them. My commute is 100% city driving and is only 5.1 miles each way, so not a long time to warm the engine up (though in Florida, I think the engine is probably close to warm at crank). I'm actually in the process of actively searching for a more fuel efficient car for myself (I have my eye on a 2004 Corolla LE with 40k miles). But for now, I have a 2002 Subaru Forester. I took the roof rack cross bars off the top, pumped my tires up to 42psi (rated for 44, but owner's manual says 32) and have been practicing NICE-on whenever possible and shutting off completely at long lights. My previous six tanks have yielded an average of 19.8mpg 100% city, but for the last 123 miles of this most recent 288 mile fill-up (13.1 usgal), I tried these new methods. I calculate that for those last 123 miles, I must have averaged nearly 25.8mpg!! That's a 30%+ improvement!

    My wife drives a 2008 Honda Civic LX and we're going to try some techniques in that car too! Who knows, maybe we'll get over 45mpg without buying a Hybrid!
  4. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    Welcome to CleanMPG! Great job and keep up the good work!
  5. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    45 mpg would be easy. All you need is one car to get 22 mpg and the other to get 23 mpg. That would equal 45 mpg, right ?

    All kidding aside , welcome to cleanmpg. You are on the right track.
  6. Damensen

    Damensen Member

    Re : Welcome to CleanMPG

    Hi Clean MPG nation!

    I will strart whit the fact that i am a french canadian so i will do my best to be understand by you. First i'm in the 30's and i had always looking at my mpg but since five years i'm working at over 45 milles from my home and my mpg biggins to be an obsession. So, since 5 days i'm searching on the web some help to improve my mpg and i've found you. Now i'm riding an old saturn sl 1.9L 1999 stock with over 150 000 milles of life and i'm already made regulary 50 mpg with it but i know i can do better. I have a Chevrolet colorado 2.8L 2006 too and i made 27 mpg (not very good) but i'm not go to the work whit it. I search to learn from the experience from the members and maybe i'll found some quebecer who have already deal whith ower rough winters.

    Thanks for reading me
  7. Gord

    Gord Super Moderator Staff Member

    Bonjour et bienvenue sur CleanMPG.
    Vous êtes venus au bon endroit.
    Je suis en UK sorte s'il vous plaît excuser mon Français - tout le monde est très utile ici. On dirait que vous avez grand mpg.
    Avez-vous lu le CleanMPG Primer?

    I don't envy your winter - we've had 2 bad ones in a row but they were exceptional
  8. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Welcome to the site, Damensen! We have several Canadians on the boards. :)
  9. tigerhonaker

    tigerhonaker Platinum Contributor


    Welcome to CMPG :flag:

    I think you will really enjoy this Internet Site.

  10. Damensen

    Damensen Member

    Re : Welcome to CleanMPG

    Thanks every one for your welcome
  11. IT_Dude

    IT_Dude New Member


    I have 3 vehicles in my driveway:

    2003 Toyota Corolla S - My wife's daily driver
    1989 Buick Century - Free car and my daily driver
    2005 Ford F250 6.0 diesel - used maybe 3 times a month and for big trips. It was my daily driver until we got "Vera", the Century.

    I joined to see how I can squeeze a few more mpg's out of each.
  12. ksstathead

    ksstathead Moderator

    Welcome! See the link in my signature to get started.
  13. chebbie

    chebbie Member

    Hello all,

    I just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks for the information I've been able to get from this website over the last month. Some of the tips have helped me increase my mileage more than I thought I could have but I think I might have topped out without some advice.

    I recently bought a new 2013 Elantra GT (hatchback) Auto and am struggling because honestly, I have not driven an automatic car prior to this. I've been getting anywhere from 32 to 34 mpg by dividing the miles driven with the gallons used to fill up the tank (Which seems to differ anywhere from 1 to 3mpg from the digital readout). I drive up and down through some steep hills for my commute to work and also get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic when picking up my wife from downtown but reading what others have been getting, I feel like I should be able to get more off a modern car.

    I'm not doing anything special other than watching my speed, keeping myself in 6th as much as possible, coasting whenever I need to slow down. I've noticed the engine pulling me to a stop when I let off the gas (did some searching here to find out about DFCO) so instead of coasting, I try to keep a light foot on the gas whenever I am not wanting to slow down (DWL???)

    I'll be reposting this to the Hyundai section of the site to keep this more specific but I would appreciate any help.

    In comparison, I have been able to consistently get 38mpg from my 2000 Ford Focus Hatchback MT on the same roads but since I had a manual transmission, I did throw my car into neutral whenever I could but I did not have to worry about keeping my car in the 45 to 55 mph range. I would normally drive at 60 to 65miles per hour in the Focus. I am certain that there is more I can do. After all, I can't possibly get less mpg from a 12+ year old tech car can I?

  14. mcamphr

    mcamphr New Member


    I have a 01 Civic HX 5sp. Bought it about 6 months ago because my commute went from 7 miles one way to 70 miles one way. My first tankful came in around 37mpg and slowly made some improvements and kept track of my mileage by the tankful. The car wasn't aligned and almost 3 degrees off on each tire. New tires, struts, and stock rims. Added some racing disks - full covers on the wheels, a front airdam (lawn edging), semi synthetic motor oil, K and N air filter, and a consistent 40psi in the tires. My best tankful thus far has been 54.3 mpg on a long 500 mile trip- my average back and forth to work has been about 46mpg driving around 60mph. I am hoping to break 55mpg and would love to break 60mpg on next trip.

    Next upgrade is to invest in scangauge device. Any tips would be welcome as I move to break the 60mpg on my next long trip.
  15. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    mcamphr ,
    You have a great car and you are definitely on the right track !
  16. Windstrings

    Windstrings New Member

    Hello, been a prius chat member for years. I own 3 prius's. Contemplating a 4th as the pip... Maybe tesla in a couple years as the next car goes to my wife.

    I couldn't find how to locate the admin s.
    Looks like a very thorough site.

    When I registered it mentioned the Tapatalk app but I already have it installed and it doesn't find this forum no matter what I search for.

    I enjoy adventure as longs as it has to do with the woods or nature.
  17. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Welcome, Windstrings ! Love the Marty Feldman avatar.
  18. Hydrogen Tech

    Hydrogen Tech New Member

    Hi all:

    My name is Dan.

    Hydrogen Tech is focused on renewable energy and doing our part to amend the environment, providing innovative technology to create greater fuel efficiency as well as emission reductions.
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  19. potter

    potter New Member

    Hello everyone first post.

    Have been viewing site for a while looking for information and finally decided to join. Have never tried to hypermile, but learned a long time ago that speed cost when it comes to boats, cars and trucks.

    Began paying attention to avg/instant mpg guages after I got Buick and found I could get better mileage by using them to change driving habits. Same was true on F-150 with EcoBoost engine I got last year.

    Live in a rural area and mileage involves mostly highway miles. Replaced a Taurus with a lot of miles on it that still got 25 mpg with a C-Max in late October for my first hybrid. Also looked at Toyota Prius V and VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI. Broke all my rules in buying a new car at the start of a new model year and before I had seen Consumer Report review, but sometimes you do stupid things.

    Will be very interested in what Wayne finds on his trip to California for C-Max test. Also bought my C-Max at same dealer as rhwinger (Williamsburg Ford).

    HITNRUNXX New Member

    Hello Everyone!

    I will be filling out my profile with some of this info, but decided to stop in here and say hi first! :)

    I am in Oklahoma City. I purchased a 2011 Sonata about 6 months ago and have loved it. Coming from a 2002 Impala, the gas mileage was an amazing jump, and the extra features (bluetooth, etc) was nice also. One of the most interesting things, however, was how much having that "Average MPG" running all the time has changed my driving habits.

    I made a joke with someone when I said "I know I am getting old when I am less excited about getting the high score on a video game than getting the high score on my Average MPGs display..."

    Since then I have just tried to steadily increase my efficiency. I have lurked around the site some, especially lately when trying to see if my huge drop in mileage is from the cold weather or if something else might be wrong with my vehicle. Decided to finally just sign up. So Hi everyone!

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