2011 NY International Auto Show

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    [​IMG] The Big Apple turns its sights to automobile journalists and enthusiasts the world over!

    [fimg=left]http://www.cleanmpg.com/photos/data/501/Javits_Center_News.jpg[/fimg]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - April 20, 2011

    According to New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) managers, the year was 1900 when the first North American Auto Exhibition occurred. And now over one hundred years later, it continues its longstanding tradition of being a world class Auto Show for both a national and world stage.

    Given that metro New York is one of the nation's largest markets for new car and truck sales, the Show is said to be one of the most important automotive events in the world.

    Candida Roamanelli, Show Director of the NYIAS and VP of the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association:
    In addition, over the last decade, the NYIAS has boosted the number of new vehicle announcements and increased media attention to new levels never before experienced in New York.

    While it may not be the most important Auto Show stage in the world, its stock is certainly rising as manufacturers the world over now see the NYIAS as another world renown venue to release their latest and greatest wares. The “Buzz” of which has a direct link to future sales and more importantly, the future bottom line.

    In addition to its place as one of the world's greatest public shows, NYIAS has expanded with new industry forums, award ceremonies; more than two dozen auto manufacturer press conferences and pre and post Press Event day(s) parties. Why else would anyone drive over 800-miles to attend an event anyway :D

    The NYIAS like the major shows in LA, Detroit and Chicago preceding the Auto Shoe season offers virtually every make and model of vehicle sold in the U.S. under one roof providing media and consumers alike a unique opportunity to see everything the auto industry has to offer. From the most efficient BEVs to million dollar exotics, the NYIAS has something for everyone. From what we have seen so far, the 2011 NYIAS does that and more with each new auto manufacturer and supplier venue visited.
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    Hi All:

    Lexus NYIAS Pre-launch party.

    2013 LF-Gh Concept Party

    Speaking with Lexus Ming-Jou and Bill Kwong close with glasses to the right.

    The Star of the Show!


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    Hi All:

    Ford’s 2011 NYIAS Pre-launch party last night…


    The Band Called "Train" live!


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    Hi All:

    A few shots before we begin getting into the show itself :)

    2011 NYIAS

    Empire State Building shrouded in Clouds.

    Mater and Lightning McQueen :)

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    Hi All:

    To start, The NY Automobile Dealers Association introduced a special guest, American Red Cross Divisional Vice President, Alice O'Rourke who honored 11 Auto manufacturers from Asia, North America and Europe for raising over $30-million in Japanese Disaster Relief Funds in less than one month’s time. To date, total donations have exceeded $100-million and is currently being used to assist cleanup, providing shelter and even to purchase individual household equipment necessary for a modern society to function.

    To donate to the Red Cross Japan disaster relief efforts, the following will guide you through the process: Red Cross – Japanese Disaster Relief Donation.

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    Hi All:

    Next up came Honda's release of the third gen 2012 Civics’ and the much anticipated 2012 Civic Hybrid.

    Honda and its all-new 9th gen Civic at the 2011 NYIAS

    Third Generation 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid at the 2011 NYIAS

    I personally am looking to three of the models including the all-new HF, Natural Gas (formally the GX) and HCH-III but it may be a while before we get to drive anything other than the std. Civic LX/EX at the 2011 MAMA Spring Rally in Elkhart Lake, WI late next month.

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    Hi All:

    Chris and I essentially covered what Ford was going to release last night with the release of the 2013 Ford Taurus. While the 3.5L EcoBoost in this refreshed sedan offers little, the announcement of the 2.0L EcoBoost spoke volumes :)

    2013 Ford Taurus Comin' At Ya... With available 2.0L EcoBoost

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    Hi All:

    And the last installment for the night as I have a 920 mile drive ahead of me and have to leave in just minutes :(

    2011 NYIAS - New 2012 Nissan Versa Promises Much More_FE For a Similar Buck

    By Saturday, hopefully we can knock out the Chevrolet, Subaru, Scion and VW presentations. Chris will be at the World Car of the Year, Kia and Mazda for their releases as well.

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    World Car of the Year Awards

    Green Car of the Year -
    BMW 320d
    Chevrolet Volt
    Nissan Leaf

    Winner: Chevrolet Volt
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    Notes from Day One
    (... as transcribed before the events begin on day two)

    @7:15am - Opening Press Breakfast - With guest speaker Carlos Tavares - Chairman of Nissan Americas. Nissan has a new subcompact coming this year (the new Versa), and the Leaf is on track to be available nationwide in the coming year.
    Also noted - To date, the auto industry has donated some $30 million to the relief effort in Japan.

    Notes from Honda:
    - Out of seven segments in which Honda competes in retail sales, the Honda vehicle is the best seller in five of them.
    - Honda sales are up 20% thru March (first quarter)
    - Honda is very proud of its new 2012 Civic, and the introduced the press to the five new models.
    • HF - Delivers 41mpg highway - "the highest highway mileage of any automatic transmission gas engine compact." Tires on the HF on the platform were Bridgestone Ecopia EP20, and the wheels are those of the current HCH-II.
    • EX-L - Will offer a new Intelligent Information Display that merges infotainment, vehicle information, and personal electronics (including USB, iThingies, etc).
    • Hybrid - EPA numbers will be 44/44/44 (city/highway/combined). The new battery pack appears to be smaller than before, and there is more rear seat room, but the rear seats still do not fold.
    • GX - The natural gas version of the Civic promises a 7% increase in fuel economy, and the news is that Honda will be expanding retail sales.
    • Si - Coupe or Sedan, the Si gets a 2.4L iVTEC engine with 201hp and a lot more torque, 6MT, and the suite of improvements brought to the entire Civic lineup.

    Personalization is the focus of the new Civic, and pricing will range from $15605 (DX coupe) to $24050 (hybrid sedan).

    The Fit EV is said to go on sale in early 2012 in southern California.
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    More Notes from Day One

    Notes from Ford:
    First up at the mic is Mark Fields, followed by Derrick Kuscak, delivering the good news from Ford.
    - 12 new Ford vehicles lead their segment in fuel economy.
    - In the 2009-2010 model years, Ford brought us 30 new or significantly revised engines.
    - For the 2011-2013 model year range, we will see 30 more new or significantly revised engines.
    - Consumer perception of Ford as a "green" company is up 63% since 2006.
    - Ford's entire portfolio of vehicles has been replaced or refreshed in less than three years.

    Notes from Hyundai:
    On display under the spotlights and before the cameras - The Sonata hybrid, the Elantra, the Veloster, and the 2012 Accent 5 door.

    The new telematics technology to be offered by Hyundai - named BlueLink - was introduced to the press, and it will become available in Hyundai vehicles beginning with the 2012 model year.

    Hyundai Motor America President and CEO John Krafcik introduced an interesting new program that will be added to The Hyundai Assurance suite of consumer protection programs beginning in May.

    This newest addition - The Trade-In Value Guarantee

    Mr. Krafcik said that this guarantee allows Hyundai to tell sales prospects that Hyundai vehicles offer "More car for your money today. And more money for your car later."

    The Accent on the show floor has a 1.6L GDI four cylinder engine. It arrives in dealerships this summer.
    Fuel economy is stated be "over 40 highway". There is quite a bit of cargo room (and it's covered as well), and the split folding rear seats are effortless to operate. Seating is comfortable and the tall wide door openings make entry exit easy - Even for those of us who are 6'3" and more.

    My take - If Hyundai brings the Accent in with the same aggressive pricing strategy used on the Elantra and Sonata, the Accent is going to cause a lot of sleepless nights for the competition.

    Notes from Chevrolet:
    The big reveal for Chevrolet is the 2013 Malibu. The details will be covered in a separate article in the next day or so, but the good news is that the first Malibu to reach the showrooms (in early calendar year 2012) will be the Eco model. The Malibu Eco will use the same eAssist we read about over the last year, where it was unveiled for the Buick Lacrosse and Regal.

    The Malibu Eco is expected to offer an EPA rating of 26/38. And a short time after this initial introduction, the LS/LT/LTZ versions of the Malibu arrive, powered by a 2.5L DI Ecotec (the 2.5L is the 2.4L stroked 3mm), with a competitive 190hp. EPA fuel economy is listed as "TBD" for the 2.5L, and for the sake of the success of the Malibu in today's marketplace, we can hope TBD doesn't stand for Terrible Bad Dismal. The drag coefficient of the Nu 'Bu is 0.28, and the 6T40 automatic has been revised with a wider span of gear ratios and tall overdrive. Weight is not specified, but the platform-mate Regal is no lightweight.
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    Notes from Day Two


    The presentation included some of the good news of Kia's recent sales success. They just had their best quarter in company history. Year to date sales are up 36.6% - progress that is well ahead of the industry average. Sportage sales are up 258%, and the SX Turbo is just getting to dealers in volume. The Optima hybrid will be on sale in the "next few weeks".

    Speaking of Optima, it has just earned five stars under the new (much stricter) NHTSA crash standards. And starting this Autumn, the Optima will join the Sorento on the assembly lines in West Point, GA. That's right, the Optima will be "Made in USA", and Kia says that this will add 10k new jobs between the factory and all supporting supplier infrastructure.

    New Reveals

    There were three new small vehicles to unveil at the show.

    1 - All new Rio5 5 door hatchback - "Straight from the Geneva Auto Show" and soon to be found on the boulevards and avenues near you. The next Rio5 will feature a 1.6L GDI four cylinder engine rated at 138hp. Fuel economy is expected to be 30 city and 40 highway.

    2 - All new Rio Sedan (world premier for the the new sedan) - A four door sedan with the same powertrain as the Rio5.

    Powertrain advances incorporated into Rio and Rio5 to improve fuel economy:
    • 1.6L GDI "Gamma III" engine is all aluminum and is 19 pounds lighter then the current generation engine.
    • Decoupling of the alternator when charging is not needed (ie; "smart alternator")
    • Dual CVVT
    • Six speed manual and six speed automatic transmissions.
    • "ISG" - Idle Stop & Go, as they say. No details discussed on the show floor, but hearing this announcement makes it official. Kia will in fact be offering Idle Stop on the next Rio.

    Additional facts & figures on the new Rio and Rio5.
    - They are 85% recyclable.
    - Optional 17 inch aluminum wheels are available in a two tone finish.
    - Projector beam headlights.
    - Every Kia vehicle introduced since the Soul has earned an IIHS Best Pick, and Kia is confident that the Rio will continue this winning streak.
    - Four wheel disc brakes are standard.
    - Both sedan and hatch have six airbags standard, and feature Kia's "Safety Halo" technology of special structural members made of high strength steel surrounding the passenger area in the floorpan, B-pillar and roof crossmembers.

    Options to personalize your new Rio or Rio5:
    - LED daytime running lights complement projector beam headlights.
    - Keyless ignition.
    - Backup camera.
    - UVO by Microsoft infotainment interface software.

    The bottom line (literally) for the Rio: Base price for the entry level Rio (body configuration not specified) will start at under $13000.

    3 - Updated Soul - A four door hatchback with versatile passenger and cargo space, and now even better fuel economy.

    The message shared during the presentation of the updated Soul is that Kia listens to critics and customers. After only two months on sale, Kia had already made 18 running changes to refine the Soul. With that attention to the needs/wishes/demands of buyers and owners, Kia introduced the MCR (mid-cycle refresh) of the Soul.

    The eye candy - The new Soul features LED DRLs and tail lights, and new projector beam headlights. Bumper fascias are tweaked front and rear. It gains pseudo-vents on the trailing edges of the front fenders (as seen on the Optima),

    The good news - The new Soul is more than just another facelift. There was also some heart surgery as well. Now both manuals and automatics are six speeds, and the 1.6L engine will be rated at 34mpg highway. The 2.0L engine increases from 142 to 160 horsepower and will also see an increase in fuel economy.

    Price - They aren't quoting price yet, other than to say that it will be an "exceptionally strong value".
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    The Afternoon of Day Two


    The Minagi concept, highlighting the styling theme of "Soul of Motion" will translate loosely into production as the next CX5, and it will incorporate SkyActiv.

    The new SkyActiv...
    ...From a marketing perspective.

    Senior VP Robert Davis gave the audience the background of SkyActive. The idea - Some automakers look to battery power (EV) for reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions. Others look to hybrid power. But Mazda believes that there is still more to be done with the internal combustion engine. Their approach is a suite of powertrain enhancements, encompassing both engine and transmission technologies, that they are collectively calling SkyActiv. Included are Idle Stop and a form of electric assist (a sort of IMA or eAssist). The results are said to be impressive, and promise to offer "Zoom-Zoom Green-Green" - a responsive and fun car with excellent fuel efficiency.

    Working as a system, these enhancements offer:
    "Diesel fuel economy from a gas engine, and hybrid fuel economy from a diesel".
    "B-segment fuel economy from C-segment passenger cars"

    Until the CX5 arrives, we can look forward to a new Mazda3 this Fall. And it will come equipped with SkyActiv. How effective is the new SkyActiv? Mazda is saying we can expect 40mpg highway. Compared to the current Mazda3, this is a dramatic improvement.

    Laura Soave was on hand to introduce the latest addition to your local Fiat showroom - the new 500c.
    The cloth top will be available in four colors, and opens and closes quickly. The top assembly will also temporarily shift the folded cloth to allow access to the cargo area, so there is no loss of interior space in the 500c and no difficulty in gaining access to the luggage compartment.

    One other fun factoid revealed is that Fiat will be introducing EcoDrive to North American drivers. EcoDrive is nothing new to CleanMPG'ers, but its timing is perfect in light of current fuel prices. It allows drivers access to driving/route parameters, transferred via SneakerNet with data copied from car to USB thumb drive outside and then from USB thumb drive to personal computer inside. With the data collected, drivers can analyze their driving and the route, and even challenge others to compare and improve their fuel economy. We can only speculate on the adoption and acceptance of the EcoDrive technology in the US, where passenger cars are judged on the number of rows of seating, cup holders, and optional engine horsepower.
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    Wow, lots of great news:
    - A Malibu Eco that gets better mpg than the new Civic in MT form! :rolleyes:Honda continues to FAIL us.
    - A Fit EV coming to SoCal?! WTF? Wow, first I'd heard of that!
    - Better mpg for the Kia Soul. Good! The Soul's a great little wagon, but the larger engine's mpg is mediocre and for now you have to stick to the rare base model to get the efficient 1.6L.
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