$20K gift for which new car?

Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by schuylkill, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. schuylkill

    schuylkill Well-Known Member

    I wonder when pricing will be available for the new Civics? Is there a resource for such things or is it through the factory? Also I see that an Elantra coupe is coming. I read that it would be unveiled at the NY show on April 22 but that was changed to the new Accent and the coupe will be later. The coupe MT could possibly get better mpg than the sedan if it is lighter and all else is the same. The salesperson I spoke with confirmed that a coupe is coming (he hadn't heard about it but checked it out for me) but when is still speculation.
  2. SD3_Driver

    SD3_Driver Well-Known Member

    If you can get an 11 Elantra, go for it either m/t or a/t... i will go for the Cruze Eco 'cause both Hyundais ( Elantra and Sonata hybrid) will be down here by the end of the year and i can't wait that long.. but the Elantra is my #1 choice for that price range..
  3. tedjohnson

    tedjohnson Well-Known Member

    I'd take the Prius , if you can find one. Mine gets 60 mpg summers, 54 winters with 4 snows. LMPG 57....
  4. Nevyn

    Nevyn Well-Known Member

    Are we all too scared of the DCT in the Fiesta to mention it? :) As for the area you're driving in, long commutes, and Elantras, I'll offer this: I've got an Elantra Auto, but it's a 2004. I got 40.4 MPG over 68 miles this morning, driving down 309 to 100 and then catching 78 for a few miles. That new Elantra should be wicked sick, even with the auto. My 04 is rated 21/29 by the new EPA; I'm getting 29/40. What would I do in one RATED 29/40? I'm guessing you'd see 35/50 or more if you hang out here for a while.
  5. SentraSE-R

    SentraSE-R Pishtaco

    What Nevyn said, except ours is a 2006 AT Elantra. Our Elantra has the same EPA estimates, and gets the same highway trip results as Nevyn gets. 40/29 is 138% of EPA, typical hypermiler results with an AT. 138% of a 40 mpg EPA estimate is 55 mpg, reasonably achievable with the automatic Elantra on highway trips.

    My MT Scion xB has a 28 mpg EPA combined estimate, and I've averaged 47 mpg with it over 19,000 miles - 167% of EPA. I can reasonably expect to average about 62 mpg with a manual Elantra - 167% of its 37 mpg combined estimated FE.

    My boxy xB isn't a good highway machine with its buzzy bee gearing and barn door aerodynamics, but it averages 41-44 mpg on highway trips - roughly 140% of its EPA highway rating.

    I would expect to get 55 mpg on your 3 season commute in a 2011 Elantra, for $16,000. A Prius would set you back an additional 50% or $8000 in initial purchase price - not a sensible investment, considering 60 mpg is about all you can expect on highway drives with a Prius.
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  6. featherfoot

    featherfoot Well-Known Member

    i'd buy a 69 GTO, drive it sparingly and in a few years sell it for $30,000. the money you spend on gas would more than be compensated for the rise in value of the car....
  7. SentraSE-R

    SentraSE-R Pishtaco

    The OP has a 160 mile daily commute. Get real.
  8. schuylkill

    schuylkill Well-Known Member

    I am waiting on the Elantra GLS manual transmissions to be produced, the latest run is scheduled to begin sometime this month at the Alabama plant according to an email I received from Hyundai customer support. I have an agreement on a price of $16,396 for the GLS with the popular package (air conditioning and 16" steel wheels.) It is frustrating that they are not available.

    In the meanwhile the 2012 Focus is showing up and the base S model with a stick lists for $16,895. or thereabouts so it can probably be had for a similar price to the Elantra. The ride is nicer than the Elantras but not by much. You don't get rear disc brakes or the upgraded wheel size and some other creature features but essentially comparable except for the warranty and EPA of 38 mpg.
    The SE model with the mpg package comes in around $18,100 I think it is. The base model is not readily available either. I am hoping to test drive an S this weekend if I can find one in the area, one is showing in inventory in Kutztown.
  9. WriConsult

    WriConsult Super Moderator

    Missed the original discussion, just chiming in now ... if I were in the market for a sub-$20k car with top hwy FE because I have a long commute, and don't care whether it's a sedan or a hatch, I'd look at either the Elantra or the Focus. Having just bought an Hyundai (though an Elantra Touring, a far cry from the mpg of the new Elantra sedan) I'm impressed with what I've seen of people's ability to extract good mpg out of them.

    Personally I couldn't trust the Cruze Eco until it's been out a couple years, because of GM's track record. I'm more confident in Ford and Hyundai's ability to pull off reliable first-year models.

    I'm a big Honda fan. I REALLY like the Insight and consider it an underrated car, but I would agree with others' concerns about longevity of the Insight's batteries under the distances you'll be driving. The Insight's smaller pack is probably more highly stressed than that of the HCH, and those have had more than their share of problems.

    I'm not too impressed with forthcoming redesigned Civic, though I'm sure it's a fine car. I was hoping for better MPG in MT form, but it's still close to the MT Focus.

    I would NOT express similar concerns about a Prius. They're totally dependable. But although prior to the Japan disasters you could get a new Prius for under $22k -- and until this winter's gas price spikes used ones were going for really excellent prices too -- that's all changed now. Used Priuses often selling for more than new, and new ones are going for MSRP or higher. So right now I couldn't recommend a Prius -- new or used -- just strictly for budgetary reasons.
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  10. schuylkill

    schuylkill Well-Known Member

    Well my 2012 Elantra 6MT has finally arrived at the dealer. It has an auto-dimming mirror option (not by choice) which along with the new year price increase brings the MSRP to $17,550. and I am paying $16,925. plus tax and tags. I won't be picking it up until Saturday due to logistics, the dealer is near where I work which isn't near where I live. I'll follow up with this at the Hyundai forum once I get it home. Halleluiah!
  11. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Congrats!!! You'll really enjoy this car, I think. :D

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