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    Warming up to hybrids
    For The Tribune

    Originally published March 24, 2006

    When Joplin-area farmer Dale Fossen climbed into his new Honda Accord hybrid two weeks ago and drove from Great Falls to the family farm, he wasn't sure the car was working properly.

    "It felt like the engine was missing; the engine is so quiet you can't hear it running, and the weird part is when you pull up to a stoplight it shuts down," Fossen said. "You can't hear it start back up; I couldn't tell."

    When Fossen accelerated out on the highway, however, any apprehension disappeared as the hybrid climbed hills and cruised easily at and above the speed limit.

    Fossen is one of a growing number of consumers nationwide who, for various reasons, are choosing to spend a little more to buy a hybrid. While hybrids aren't for everyone, manufacturers are responding to demand by introducing more models each year.

    Hybrids represented just 1.2 percent of all vehicles sold in the United States in 2005, but their increasing popularity has car manufacturers scrambling to produce enough to meet the growing demand.
    J.D. Power has predicted that by 2007 more than 400,000 hybrid vehicles will be sold in the United States, and consumers will have a choice of up to 35 hybrid models by 2011.

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