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Discussion in 'Nissan' started by ickibar123, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. ickibar123

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    Nissan has their new electric car coming out and they have this event called the Drive Electric Tour. Has anybody gone to one of these?
    There are a total of 23 events where consumers can test drive the Leaf and learn a lot about it.
    You first sign in and get a yellow wrist band and then when your group is up you can start the tour thru a few enclosed structure where a tour guide shows you some of the technology of the car.

    After these exhibits you can go on a test drive, and after that there is at least 1 car opened up so that you can mess with the controls and computer all you want (and look under the hood all you want as well!).

    The car is a lot of fun to drive! Tons of torque at low speeds. I didn't have a chance to go on the highway with it.

    What many people don't know is that you also can have the chance to win a Leaf. You make a 30 second movie on why you deserve to get the leaf and then Nissan posts this on their website. The person who recorded their video has to get others to vote on their video, and the person with the most number of votes wins an electric car!

    Here is the link to the events thru December, I think you have to register and log in to see all the events, which go thru the end of March:
    Daniel's Nissan Drive Electric Tour Leaf Video

    Also, could you look at my video and plz plz vote if you want to? I really want a go at winning this
    Daniel's Nissan Drive Electric Tour Leaf Video

    It is kind of a crummy video, it was on the spot and doesn't truly show what my projects would be for the car.

    For instance, I would (try to) add cameras in the blindspots and connect them to the computer that refreshes the computer screen in the center of the dashboard, customized alarm system, hb4h train horns (under the hood so no additional air drag-->, gain 'root' access to the computer, ecetera!

    With gaining 'root' access to the computer, mods and tweaks might be able to be made to the drivetrain, such as a larger battery pack and changing motor behavior. Very cool stuff for an engineering student like myself.

    Cheers! And thank you for reading

    Oh and I made some videos while at the event of the car's controls, which include showing how much energy the heater takes, headlights, how quiet the windshield wipers are, ecetera. --> click on "Date Added" to see the Nissan vids listed.
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    Hmm, you joined just to post this?

    I'd encourage you to stick around and learn how to save some fuel.
  3. rfruth

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    I voted, the train horn should get their attention :rolleyes:
  4. ickibar123

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    Yes I've visited this site many a time. I tell ya, don't buy those cheap HHO kits made from Mason jars, they don't make hardly any Hydrogen-Hydrogen-Oxygen and it didn't increase my MPGs one bit in my Civic. Just made my alternator whine because of the load.

    Electric cars + solar panels ftw.
    Seriously. I will promote this car like crazy if I get it.
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    Kind of read like spam to me.
  6. ickibar123

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    @rfruth, thanks for voting! I really appreciate it.

    And, these aren't any redneck train horns, they are the HB4H imitation train horns;

    Oh and if anybody has any questions about the Leaf, i've been hunting info on it for some time so feel free to ask.
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    This is a one stop shop. :D CleanMPG review of the 2011 Nissan Leaf
  8. chughes372

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    @Ickibar123: I voted for you, told my friends about it and I sincerely hope you win! We need your kind of engineering to promote this vehicle and to improve it.
    Am I the first 1 to vote for him!!?
  9. Chuck

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    Innocent question: Why is your IP address IDENTICAL to Ickibar123? Next-of-kin in the same house?
  10. Chuck

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