Nissan to Deliver At Least 50 LEAFs This December

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    [​IMG] Fifty or Five?

    [FIMG=LEFT][/FIMG]Michael Walsh - NISSAN-LEAF - November 18, 2010

    Another version of delivery has been announced. Will it be fifty or will it be five delivered before January 1? --Ed.

    This holiday season will find at least 50 lucky Nissan LEAF owners in the United States, according to David Reuter in a interview with us. David is Nissan’s Senior Director of Corporate Communications for the Americas. Reuter went on to describe blogosphere rumors of only a tiny number of US deliveries in December (perhaps as few as one car per roll-out area) to us as “patently false”.

    Meanwhile, Mark Perry, Nissan North America’s Director for Product Planning and Advanced Technology, indicated this special group of LEAF owners will be hand selected by Nissan and notified individually to expect their cars. However, Perry was not prepared to say whether these special customers knew yet of their good fortune – “possibly not,” he responded when asked.

    Another clue of things to come came from Nissan Executive Vice President Carlos Tavares, who told those in attendance at a Nissan press conference taking place during the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show that the first LEAF deliveries in the US would take place in “early December”.

    So it would appear that Nissan is still on track for LEAF deliveries sometime this year, just as promised. Perhaps a few less than originally hoped for, but far more than a token number. But who are the mystery customers? Certainly nobody in my fairly large circle of LEAF acquaintances has any knowledge they’ll be one, or at least they’re not telling if they do. In fact, all the customers I know to have placed order in late August, and who rather expected to take delivery in December, have recently seen estimated delivery dates in January, 2011, according to the web-based accounts Nissan maintains for each.... [RM][/RM]
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    Hi Mike:

    Per our conversation and write-up in the LA Auto Show Press Event thread, Nissan PR people told me closer to 500 but we shall see.


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