Consumer Action; The Future of Hybrids

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    Consumer Action
    The Future of Hybrids
    By Aleksandra Todorova Published: March 23, 2006

    BETH CLARK JOSEPH, a 41-year-old physics professor at Ithaca College, bought her 2003 Toyota Prius for its environmental benefits. "I'm one of those people who wants to save the world," she says. A hybrid car, with its low gas emissions, she says is a step in the right direction. Equally exciting is the technology itself. "[Hybrids] use friction from breaking to help charge a battery. When I heard that, it was just too clever."

    It was the gadget geek in 39-year-old software engineer Aaron Shakocius from San Antonio, Texas, that steered him towards a 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid last October. With the displays showing him his miles per gallon used on each trip, he says, "I don't think about being in a hurry, I think about maximizing that fuel economy. It's kind of like a computer game."

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