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Discussion in 'Kia' started by chilimac02, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Xringer

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    We are looking at the 2012 Kia Rio EX model and I'm wondering about the options.
    In the brochure I see a little info about $1,000 Convenience Package..

    Is the Eco package part of the EX's Convenience Package??
    And is the ISG included as part of Eco package?

    I saw a window sticker today that said the engine was Eco-Equipped.
    I wonder if that means it also had the ISG installed?
    When I looked down to the sticker's options list (and prices), there were mats etc.. Nothing about Eco..

    Has anyone here seen the ISG in action? How well does it work?
    Also wonder if there is any advantage MPG wise in the sedan, over the 5door hach model?

    I'm asking these questions, because the Kia salesman wasn't quite up to speed yet..

  2. xcel

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    Hi Rich:

    The ECO package is its own separate animal for $400 and I was told it will only be available on 2013 models. They will be released soon. Let me know if you see a 2012 with it incorporated. ISG is included within the ECO package.

    ISG shuts down at 0 mph and immediately starts up when you release the brake. It is a bit crude (like a standard starter) since it is not a mild hybrid starter/generator but simply a far more robust starter/generator and battery attached.

    The Kia Rio Sedan is lighter and more aerodynamic. It would be my choice but the Rio5 has more utility. Pricing was approximately the same with a $500 rebate on the Rio 5 a few months back.

    The EX's Convenience package includes the following additions:
    • 15" alloy wheels
    • UVO in-vehicle infotainment system
    • Rear-camera display
    • Auto-on/off headlights
    • Leather-wrapped steering wheel and gearshift knob
    • Outside mirrors w/ turn-signal indicators
    • Power-folding outside mirrors
    • Front fog lights
    • Dual illuminated visor vanity mirrors
    • Dual map lights
    • Soft-touch dash
    Consider the CleanMPG Previews the 2012 Kia Rio 5-Door Hatch write-up and follow back to the spec sheets for more on pricing, packages and options.

    I think you are really going to enjoy the Rio!

  3. MaxxMPG

    MaxxMPG Hasta Lavista AAA-Vee Von't Be Bach

    The "Eco equipped" note on the window sticker probably refers to Active Eco, or Eco Mode, or whatever Kia calls it. It is selectable by pushbutton on the dash, and it changes transmission shift points, throttle response and A/C compressor cycling to improve fuel economy.
  4. Xringer

    Xringer Older Member

    Yeah, I think it said Active-Eco on one of the stickers I looked at..
    We were doing a quickie test drive on an LX, just to get the feel of what the car is like.
    So, I really didn't look over every single button on the dash of the EX we saw.

    I guess the switch pod that I should have been looking at was on the lower left.
    Where the instrument light dimmer is located.. I saw the ISG switch there, on a youtube vid.

    I guess it's called A-Off for some reason..?.
    My wife likes the RIO, but I think we are going to wait for the 2013s to come out,
    since I want the car to have ISG feature. (We live in a high traffic area).

    She had a concern about rear visibility, due to the high rear deck.. Making her love the rear camera..
    So, I guess the $1000 convenience package is going to be boosted $1400 with ISG..

    I like the way you can jack up the drivers seat. Might be a good car for my tiny sister-in-law. ;)
    But, riding shot-gun, I felt like I was sitting down in a pit. No rolling down the window
    and hanging my elbow out the window..
    (I had the window down, so the big sticker wouldn't block vision to the right).
    Roomy enough for a 180 pound 6 footer in either front seat.. :)

    I'll have to ask the guy at Kia Motors to call be when he knows the ETA of the 2013s..
    Can't wait for my wife to take me for a test drive in a 2013.. :woot:

    Thanks for all your help guys!
  5. SentraSE-R

    SentraSE-R Pishtaco

    I have some reservations about Kia reliability. Last year I shopped for a used car for my son. one of the cars we considered was a 2006 Kia Spectra (Hyundai Elantra equivalent). The Kia had had a tough life. The rear seat back releases were both broken, both front seat belt tensioners were slow-responding, and the headlight plastic covers were faded yellow. Similar age Elantras did not show similar accelerated wear.

    We asked the Kia's history, and learned it came from Barstow or Baker in the Mojave Desert.
  6. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    In 2003 I bought a 2000 Spectra for my daughter. It had a lot of little dings and dents (city car) but everything worked and where else can you get a car with only 45K miles for only $3000 ? Fuel economy was not stellar , but some of that was due to the 18-year-old driver. Gearing was SHORT. She drove that car for five years. Lots of little things failed , including spark plug cables !? I was unimpressed, but I imagine new Hyundai/Kia's are MUCH better. And the warranty is outstanding.
  7. SentraSE-R

    SentraSE-R Pishtaco

    I have no reservations regarding Hyundais. We've owned 4 Elantras, beginning with a 1994, and they've been quite reliable. The main problems were 4 window regulators on the 1994, and 2 regulators on the 2000.
  8. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    No issues with my '02 Elantra.
  9. Xringer

    Xringer Older Member

    I almost did a Rio Road Trip this morning, to buy a my wife a Rio SX sedan, I got a real good quote on this one.

    I clicked on the Request Sale Price button and got an Email saying,
    "You can purchase this vehicle for as low as $14,035.00"

    Then, I asked them if the car had ISG, using the stock numer & VIN.
    No ISG, but "You can purchase this vehicle for as low as $14,035.00"..

    The pictures and specs on the page told me it was the SX, and quoted price looked real good!

    I guess it was too good. Before making the road trip, I asked about price one last time,
    listing the stock & VIN number once again. This morning, I got the bad news..
    I had made a mistake. I requested had a quote on a 'Base model'.?.
    Yeah, it has the word Base in the URL, but there isn't anything about Base on the page.

    The mistake that caught my eye, was "Body Style: 5Dr Hatchback".. NOT..

    I guess giving people phony quotes could get a lot of traffic into a dealership,
    and could even be illegal in some states..

    Oh well, maybe I'll just wait for the 2013 ISG models to get here.. Forget about getting a bargain on a 2012.
  10. MaxxMPG

    MaxxMPG Hasta Lavista AAA-Vee Von't Be Bach

    Try this link - Rio SX Dealer Inventory within 100 miles of 02184.

    Not all dealers are diligent about updating their inventory, and some show in stock here even though they could be anywhere from a boat in the Pacific to in port to heading across the country, to in the back lot. Don't expect the cars listed to be at the dealer, but it offers a list of the SX sedans, with in&out colors, options & MSRP, and dealer address and telephone.

    I used that search list to locate my sister's Optima Hybrid and it worked like a charm. They had the car buried in a remote lot and nobody knew it was there until they went looking for it. Lucky for us, because being in hiding meant it wasn't near the showroom for a walk-in to nab it.

    While you may be out of the market until summer when the 2013 ISGs arrive, save the link and then you can tweak it to search out only 2013s and eliminate the 2012 inventory. If you enjoy long road trips, you can expand the search to 200 mile radius and find the car just about anywhere in New England and the NY/NJ/PA area.
  11. Xringer

    Xringer Older Member

    I've been using that link to find Rios in the area. It's pretty good.
    But, at the nearby 'Herb Chambers Kia of Burlington', they have more than the one Rio listed.
    When we went there for the test drive, I saw several band new Rios on the lot that didn't
    even show up on the local dealer's (Herb Chambers) website.

    I guess you just have to keep your eyes open. When you see a new 2013 zoom by,
    head over to the dealer and see what's in stock.. ;)

    I just got a dealer email apologizing (web sales lady) for the bad quotes..
    It will be interesting to see how long that page stays up with all the error.
  12. 08EscapeHybrid

    08EscapeHybrid Moderator

    Errors on dealer sites are nothing new... I remember the dealer site saying my Escape had equipment that it didn't. I also remember seeing the following deal on a local dealer's website a few years ago, and no, they did not sell me a $39 truck... :(

  13. MaxxMPG

    MaxxMPG Hasta Lavista AAA-Vee Von't Be Bach

    Even more fun, find the car you want and then google the VIN.
    I did that when searching out a specific car and it was listed for sale at no less than four dealerships. And at one of them, it was marked "sold". My guess is the car got passed around like a half gallon of ice-cream at a fat farm, and the last one who got it sold it.
  14. Xringer

    Xringer Older Member

    I still have the newpaper ad showing my 2009 Escape, in Bluish silver!
    Later, I found out that 09 Escapes in Torch Red (like a Mustang) were very rare.

    After also most 3 years, I saw another one today!


    After looking at this picture again, I realize it's not even a picture of a 2009 model.. weird..
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  15. 08EscapeHybrid

    08EscapeHybrid Moderator

    I purchased my Escape from a dealer that has about a dozen dealerships in the area, and if you went to the website for each individual dealer, it was listed in their inventory.
  16. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    Well, so far I have had to replace the stereo head unit and one of the taillight assemblies. '11 Rio with 11k miles. Doesn't bode well.
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  19. Ophbalance

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    Mine went out in my 01 at 35,920 miles. And it started acting up again around 100k miles (and was 1/3 the reason we ditched for the Sedona). Ford made a poor decision with the design on that transmission from the get go.
  20. WriConsult

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    At 15k miles, the only problems I've had with my Hyundai were a squeaky footrest, and difficulty restarting after FASing when cold. Both problems seem to have gotten fixed at the 15k service last week.

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