0-60 in 6.2, 39mpg

Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by mtxjohn, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. mtxjohn

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    Hey guys,

    I've trolled this site and many others finally decided to sign up so i can get my name on the MPG board. I'm getting 150% of EPA on a 2002 Acura RSX-S. For those who aren't familiar thats a gas powered, 200HP, NA 2.0 liter very similar to whats in the current civic SI. The "new" combined FE is 24mpg and Im getting 36-38 regularly with over 37MPG averaged the past 8,000 miles. I started looking into hypermiling as I was getting 26mpg with fuel at over 4.00 a gallon for premium and my 70+ mile daily commute I wanted to lower operating costs. Now its just a competition with myself to see how well I can do. I've learned a lot along the way and hoping to learn more and maybe inspire a few individuals along the way. Personally I dont really wish to push my views on others-but with gasoline-the crappy thing is when everyone is stupid and uses a lot of gas it costs ME more money per gallon and that really grinds my gears. I'm so glad sites like this exist to educate people. I'm always looking for new ways to increase FE (safely) and open to suggestions from those who have proven their success. I really like the fuelly site to track MPG from real-world people and it cracks me up when some guy getting a whopping 30MPG in a corolla makes "tips" for better FE but I guess with the internet you have to pick and choose who to believe.
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    Welcome to CleanMPG!
  3. pretendtobenormal

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    Excellent job! Further proof that a skilled driver can indeed get awesome FE numbers from a sporty and swift car...

    I used to own an 8th gen Civic Si and i could regularly get 38-45MPG tanks in the summer, it was hard work but definitely possible.
  4. deleond2

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    With some more effort I bet you would be able to get 40mpg, maybe even 45mpg. If you dont have a scan guage already, go get one ASAP. It really helped me correct some of my driving habits.

    Even thought that person has a corolla and is only getting 30mpg, they may still have some good ideas. When I try to talk to people about fuel economy, they usually dismiss what I have to say because I own a truck. Even though I do drive a truck, I have learned alot about hypermiling and its methods. 21mpg may not seem like much, but when you see my truck is rated 14city 19hwy, 21 isnt so bad. I have learned the error in my ways, and that I dont need a truck. When I get a smaller more efficient auto, my efforts will result in a bigger pay-off.
  5. JusBringIt

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    These two situations are a bit different. Choosing a particular car doesn't mean you know squat about fuel economy. If someone drives a corolla and gets 30mpg, unless they're 100% bumper to bumper city and trips are below 5 miles, there's not much to be said here. Though there's a slight possibility they may know something, they are definitely not using what they know to get those numbers.

    People who dismiss what you have to say about fuel economy because you own a truck are not really aware that driving habits can affect fuel economy and would probably take tips from the guy that gets 30mpg in his corolla. I would consider that average mpg for such a car unless the situation is as I stated above.

    Just as an example, Wayne ran 61mpg in the Corolla S. I'm not saying everybody can run out there and get that number, however, simple change in driving habits can earn you an average fuel economy equivalent to your pre-'08 highway rating.
  6. deleond2

    deleond2 Well-Known Member

    I know it is not the same situation, my point is just dont be quick to dismiss someones advice (Whether it is the guy in the corolla or me in the truck).
  7. ksstathead

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    Welcome to Cleanmpg!

    Some do need knowledge to get 30 in Corolla. My commute is 1.5 miles. So 50 in my Prius makes me very happy. And my consumption is less than even Wayne Gerdes. I grant you would find ways to reduce your miles when/as you can. Please don't assume my mediocre mpg necessarily means I lack knowledge or effort.

    Good luck improving further!
  8. VegasDude

    VegasDude I remember you from the last light

    During my Civic years I dreamed of an RSX-S. Later, I ended up with a V6 Altima; I wanted a little more size. I'm guessing you have the 6-speed? A manual trans is probably the best feature of a non-hybrid for the eco-minded as it makes FAS and DFCO alot easier, especially if you have an engine kill switch.

    Any sort of realtime feedback with help you. I resisted getting a ScanGauge since I have an inbuit mileage computer that tells me the average MPG since it was last reset. Over a few months it has helped me find the sweet spots; best gear changes, best way to tackle hills, where to cut the engine, etc. I've seen a huge improvement over my first hypermiling try, which at the time was an almost unbelieveable (to me) 35.5 MPG. Today, if my round trip commute is less than 50 MPG, I'm disappointed.

    That would have been impossible without that MPG readout. I would only be see the effectiveness of new techniques at each fill-up.
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    Welcome to the club.
  10. Seraph

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    You've trolled here? I think you mean to say lurk. Trolling a forum/person is purposely trying to get someone angry while you sit back and laff, an example would be:

    "loool loosers you tree hugin hippys stop savin fuel and drivin slow. I overtake at 100 mph and there ain't a thing u ken do abt it"

    Lurking is when you just visit a forum but not participate in it, what i like to do =D
  11. LinuxGold

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    I often lurk when I have nothing to report. =)

    Keep myself motivated to hypermile in my HypermilerX


  12. SentraSE-R

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    Welcome, mtxjohn. You're doing an impressive mpg job. I averaged 38 mpg in my '02 SE-R (2.5L Sentra, 22 mpg '08 EPA combined rating) for 20,000 miles.
  13. some_other_dave

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    Dude, those are some nice numbers! And I've always been fond of the RSX; I look at it as my car's bigger meaner sibling. :)

    Welcome aboard. With luck, you'll learn enough to push the numbers even higher, but I am impressed with what you've done so far.

  14. goldie

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    Welcome to the site! It's a great place to learn!

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